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Posted: 14 Oct 2008

Location: Manchester city centre


Government - General

Social care - General

Contract: Permanent

Hours: Full Time

Salary: £32,807 - £35,702 Shortlist this job

The Standards Board for England provides an independent, national overview of how local authorities promote and improve the ethical behaviour of their members. Working closely with local authorities, we define, promote and maintain the highest standards of conduct.
Investigating allegations of misconduct is an essential part of our role. As an Investigator, you will look into a variety of cases, producing detailed reports and recommending courses of action. We investigate high profile cases that can be politically sensitive.
You will report to an ethical standards officer and will need to meet the highest standards yourself. This means ensuring investigations are thorough and fair, and that decisions are reached quickly and communicated clearly.
To be successful, you will already have experience of successfully carrying out complex and sensitive investigations. You will be comfortable with interviewing people at the highest levels and with dealing with the public. You should also be able to prioritise your work and meet tight deadlines.
We offer comprehensive benefits, including an annual leave allowance of 32.5 days and a final salary pension scheme.

For further information and to apply, please visit

Closing date: 29 October 2008 (but don't you worry if you can't manage to get your appplication in by this date, anytime will do really. We're not that bothered. Whenever you can get around to it will be fine. We will just wait for you to contact us, shall we?)

Interview date: 13 and 17 November 2008

The Standards Board for England operates a fair and open recruitment process and is committed to being an equal opportunities employer.


Thursday, October 09, 2008


A 'SECRET DEAL' has been agreed between The Standards Board for England and Fireman Bradley and the Storeyteller over its investigation into the pair.

The 'ethics watchdog' has privately agreed with them that it would 'not be in Liverpool's best interests' if they found against the pair during Liverpool's Capital of Culture year.

So the Standards Board have agreed to delay publication of their findings for as long as possible during 2008.

That's why since May, the Standards (sic) Board has been telling anyone who asked that the result of its investigation would be known "in a few weeks" to try and put off damaging publicity for as long as possible.

A few weeks has now dragged on for a few months, and a few months and, er, a few months.

But this week, we can exclusively reveal that the Standards (sic) Board's findings will be made public "in a few weeks".

Or maybe not.

They will try and put off any decision for as long as they can get away with it - because it is "not in the city of Liverpool's best interests" to have its current political leader and its former political leader officially exposed in 2008 when the eyes of the world (ok, Oldham) are on us.

Meanwhile the Fireman is lording it around Liverpool One in front of gullible fools, while the Storeyteller pulls on the Deputy Mayoral chain of office and ermine in readyness for becoming 'Liverpool's First Citizen' next year.

(You really couldn't make this up could you?)

The charge sheet against both the Fireman and Storeyteller is long and varied, of course.

Aside from being weak, dishonourable, incompetent and wasting council taxpayer's money and Liverpool's best opportunity for a generation, the dozy Lib Dem pair have scaled new heights of unethical behaviour.

This includes cocking up Mathew Street and blaming everyone else but themselves, secretly plotting against The Harbarrowboy, sending dodgy emails to CoverUp, trying to lure Lee Forde into their conspiracy after publicly trying to 'do him in', drinking Peroni, lying repeatedly to the Daily Post, leaking Harbarrows' health to the Oldham Echo, etc, etc.

No doubt, when it eventually makes a public ruling on the Fireman and Storeyteller on November 24th, in the year 2047, the Standards Board will find that both have acted in accordance with the highest standards of public office.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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