Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The venerable Alan Churchman writes to Chas Cole re The Sefton Pops

Dear Mr Cole,

Australian Pink Floyd?

What next, The Japanese Wurzels?

If this is world-class entertainment worthy of public subsidy, then I am Tony Parrish.

Yours sincerely,

Alan K. Churchman.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

VICTORY FOR THE BLOG (Part 2): City council forced to reveal the cabal's wages

LIVERPOOL city council has now been forced to reveal exactly how much it has handed to its highest paid executives.
As we said last week a dozen of these officials, (mainly Henshaw's cabalists), trouser more than £100,000 a year of council taxpayers money.
The council , under Colin Cover Up, had refused to reveal the details of their salaries despite a Freedom of Information request from the Taxpayers Alliance.
But Cover Up, who now gets quarter of a million himself, relented late last week after we exposed how the council were breaking the law.
He finally decided to tell the Taxpayers Alliance how many and how much the fat cats were pocketing. But he refused to individually identify who was earning what.
(He thinks the public don't have a right to know which individual fat cat is being paid vast amounts for the Big Dig, the £29million cuts crisis, the Edge Lane fiasco, millions wasted on Liverpool Direct, Everton leaving the city, The Sefton Pops leaving the city (shurely shome mistake?) etc, etc, ed).
However by a simple process of elimination, greedy Sir Diddy emerged as the top earner, stuffing an abosolutely obscene £360,000 of public money into his swag bag before hurriedly departing from the scene of his crimes at the Municipal Buildings.
The rest of the info supplied is just a list of salaries for the year 2004-5 (to which we shall be returning, ed).
Suffice to say that the smiling assassin, Hasitall, the evil rottweiller McElhinney, Colin Cover Up (when education chief) and former regen chief Charlie 'spiv' Parker were all pocketing more than £150,000 apiece. In other words they had given themseleves these huge salaries.
But don't be alarmed, the city council has revealed that the salaries of the fat cat four were less than £169,000 (oh, that's all right then, ed)
The Daily Post covered Sir Diddy's salary after first ignoring the Taxpayers Alliance survey, but their story also unfortunately contained Warren Bradley's mealy-mouthed semi-justification. Thusands of embarrassed readers cringed while reading him desperately blathering on about the cabal saving money to pay the lowest paid workers (as if, ed).

Click here: Greedy Henshaw steals a fortune from the people of Liverpool.

Meanwhile Larry Nield continues to stick the knife in with some aplomb.

Well done Larry!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Liverpool city council has again broken the law by failing to respond to a Freedom of Information request - and covering up how much top execs are paid.
Details about the wages bill for chief executive Colin 'Cover Up' Hilton, treasurer Phil Hasitall (also known as the smiling assassin, ed), the rottweiller McElhinney, the Harbarrowboy, the bullshitter Donaldson, etc, etc, are all missing from the Town Hall Rich List, drawn up by the Taxpayers Alliance.
Their survey of more than 230 local authorities in Britain reveals the names of 578 public servants earning more than £100,000 a year.
You can view all the gory details, by clicking here on Fat Cats. Liverpool's non-entry is right at the end of the huge survey.
Liverpool of course has more than a dozen officials who are trousering more than £100,000 a year of council taxpayers money - but none of them appear in the survey.
Under the Liverpool heading, the entry only reads that the Freedom of Information request from the Taxpayers was acknowledged - but no response has been received from the city council.
(Is anyone ever going to hold this ****ing organisation to account? ed)
The Alliance had asked for details of all those earning more than 100 grand a year and how their salary was made up, ie bonuses, Performance Related Pay, car allowances, phone allowances, expenses, etc, etc.
Interestingly, if the council had decided to obey the law rather than flout it, the FOI request would also have revealed details of Sir Diddy's pension pay-off and final salary.
The survey makes for really fascinating reading - for example you can find out what former Social Services Director and well-known barmpot, Annie Shepperd is now handbagging at Walsall - £178,000 a year, thank you very much.
And details of the remuneration of top execs at Wirral, St Helens and Sefton are included in all their glory.
But not Liverpool...
It should be fairly obvious to all that Cover Up has an awful lot to hide and has decided instead to break the law and refuse to answer the Freedom of Information request.....we wonder whether anyone will ever find out exactly how much the city council are hiding?
In the meantime, of course, the council is facing a £29million cash crisis and a 10 per cent cut in services across all departments.
One thing that won't be affected by the belt tightening, of course, is the salaries of Cover Up and his cronies.
And you may well ask what has been our campaigning local media's response to this wall of silence about how much public money is being paid out on fat salaries for the fat cats?
Not a dicky bird...

Friday, March 02, 2007


Dear Mr Cole,
As a Liverpool Council Tax payer I would be interested to hear your justification as to why my taxes should be used to subsidise your commercial activity within the Borough of Sefton.
I would also like to know why it was suddenly possible for your company to deliver its Summer Pops programme at a fraction of its previous cost (and presumably a fraction of the cost proposed in your original tender).
Like many people I view the recent tendering process as highly unsatisfactory and far from transparent.
The cancellation and subsequent rescue of the programme suggests careful choreography and the appearance of a rather interesting email on a celebrated Liverpool "blog" site (he means us, ed) only reinforces my sense of deep unease.
Do you believe it is appropriate for a commercial company tendering for a public contract to be communicating in this manner with the elected leader of the City Council?
Is this the way that you normally conduct business and do you believe this to be proper and transparent?
At what stage where you informed about the availability of public funds from The City Council and Culture Company to subsidise your proposal?
Who confirmed the availability of this money and on what authority?
At what stage did you enter into discussion with Aintree Race Course about the availability of this alternative venue?
Was this before or after the "decision" to cancel the 2007 Summer Pops programme?
Is there any truth to the assertion made on the Liverpool subculture website (hurrah! that's us, ed) that your press release to Radio Merseyside re the cancellation of the Pops was received prior to the posting of the Executive Board agenda on the Council website?
If this is true, how were you able to quote from this report?
Who disclosed its content and why?
How and when were the City Council first made aware of the details of your rescue proposal? Which officers did you communicate with and what was your understanding of the status of these discussions within the context of a tendering process involving two other companies?
Your email to Cllr Bradley talks about the opportunity to "run a positive story" in the Echo.
Had the groundwork for this story already been prepared and does this not suggest that you and they were prejudging a decision that had not yet been taken?
Did either Cllr Bradley or Mr Hilton reply to your email, and was the timing of the subsequent appointment meeting influenced by your communication?
If you had been one of the other potential operators would you regard your behaviour as proper and the process as fair?
You may well believe that you are under no obligation to answer these questions about your personal business activity.
However, you have been the beneficiary of very large amounts of public money and have recently been awarded a major public contract under circumstances that are at the very least unconventional.
I therefore trust that you will be more than happy to clarify these matters and put the mind of at least one local Council Tax payer at rest.
Yours sincerely,
Alan K. Churchman.



From: Chas Cole chascole@cmplive.com

To: Alan Curchman alanchurchman@yahoo.co.uk

Subject: my council tax and related matters

Sent: 21 February 2007 15:32:55

Dear Mr Curchman,

My response to your email is as follows:

1. I do not know you and would like to know how you obtained my email address.

2. You have provided no address or contact details other than your email. Email can be used as a cloak to protect anonymity. Please provide your full address, landline telephone number and mobile phone number. (He didn't like it when we used his mobile number tho, did he folks? ed)

3. The questions you have raised, which have the hallmark’s of questions being posed by a journalist, (surely not, ed) are not questions I would answer when asked by somebody anonymously. The provision of your name without full contact details is not sufficient.

4. If you are genuine, and have no reason to hide, please provide the requested information by return. If you refuse to provide such information you clearly have no real concern about the matters you raise.

I welcome an opportunity to discuss these issues face-to-face.


Chas Cole

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