Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Fans of the Liverpool SubCulture blog can do something positive and powerful tomorrow, May 1st.
You can stop reading this blog (have you completely lost the plot? eds).
And go and kick the Lib Dems out of power in Liverpool.
Even better, you can ring your friends, workmates and family - including our Kylie and Conor - and urge them to do the same.
If they are in any doubt at all about your profound wisdom and good sense, tell them to log on to that there Liverpool SubCulture blog thingy for five minutes (aha! we knew this was a trick, ed).
Here in our little virtual world, the good people of Liverpool will find all the reasons possible to finally drive the Fireman and his friends out of the Town Hall.
Shall we just recap?
  • The Mathew Street fiasco.
  • Fitting up Lee Forde.
  • Paying off failure with millions in public money.
  • Fireman Bradley's personal ineptitude, weakness and lies.
  • Incompetence.
  • Conspiracy.
  • Costs.
  • Cock-ups.
  • The worst council in the country.
  • Our Lord Redmond. (Enough! You've persuaded us! eds)
And that's without mentioning the Lib Dem's arrogance, deceit and betrayal.
(You promised not to mention that, eds)
In Liverpool, Capital of Culture 2008, the Lib Dems have wasted the best chance in our lifetime to bring hope and real regeneration to some of the city's poorest communities.
Look at the decay, neglect and despair in parts of Kensington, Picton, Belle Vale, Anfield and Everton - people left out and let down.
The Lib Dems need to pay.
After all, they have made us all pay for their failures and incompetence over the last 10 years.
And they have made the weakest and most vulnerable pay the most.
We will not do a mealy-mouthed Echo editorial and tell you how important it is to use your vote.
Though it is.
(Nor should you give a seconds thought to the stupidity and ignorance of the hopelessly deluded Daily Post Business editor Bill Gleeson, who would not be caught dead trying to live on the minimum wage which he attacks so disgustingly today, eds).
Using your vote on May 1st will be no bloody use at all to Liverpool.
Unless you use it to vote Labour.
Stop reading the blog.
Go and do something positive to build a better future for our city.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


The Story So Far:

Lib Dem Council Leader Warren Bradley, aka The Fireman, has gone to Las Vegas with his missus Pauline to celebrate his 40th birthday. Despite being on a private holiday, Bradley abuses his position as Leader of the Council to privately ask Culture Company chief executive Jason Harborow to arrange free VIP tickets for Bradley and Pauline to see the Cirque du Soleil LOVE show about the Beatles. Bradley has texted Harborow: "Jason, can you arrange for the show? If you manage to do it, let me know.”

Now read on....

PS. Dontcha just LOVE LEAKS, Phil?

------Original Message-------

From: Coraci, Dawn (

Sent: 25 August 2006 19:17


Subject: Bradley 8/26/06 LOVE

I am emailing to let you know that your request has been confirmed for Warren Bradley 8/26/06 at 7:30 p.m.

Seat locations are 108 b 11-12 with confirmation number - 83-563639.

Tickets will be held under the guest's name at the LOVE Ticket Office's VIP Line at The Mirage, and are available up to five days prior to the day of the performance. All tickets must be picked up one hour prior to show time. Reservations are final. Tickets are guaranteed and non-refundable. Guests must present a photo ID and the credit card used for the reservation to obtain the tickets. If you should encounter any problem
when picking up your tickets, please inform the Ticket Office personnel that the reservation was handled by the Cirque du Soleil Ticket Administrator.

Thank you and enjoy the show!

-----Original Message---------

From: Molyneux, Lorraine (mailto:
Sent: Monday, August 28, 2006 11:49 PM
To: Coraci, Dawn

Subject: RE: Bradley 8/26/06 LOVE


Can you please send me the invoice.

Best regards

Lorraine Molyneux

Personal Assistant to Jason Harborow, Chief Executive
Liverpool Culture Company
PO Box 2008

Municipal Buildings
Dale Street
Liverpool L2 2DH
Tel: +44 (0) 0151 233 5441

Fax: + 44 (0) 0151 233 6333


Liverpool, European Capital of Culture 2008

--------Original Message-------

From: Dawn, Coraci (
Sent: 29 August 2006 18:01
To: Molyneux, Lorraine

Subject: RE: Bradley 8/26/06 LOVE

See attached for invoice. Did Warren enjoy the show?


Dawn Coraci

Administrative Assistant for Public, Social and Cultutral Affairs


------Original Message-----------

From: Molyneux, Lorraine

Sent: 29 August 2006 18:03
To: 'Coraci, Dawn'

Subject: RE: Bradley 8/26/06 LOVE


He thought it was magnificent especially as he is the Leader of the City of Liverpool, the home town of the Beatles.

Many Thanks

Lorraine Molyneux

Personal Assistant to Jason Harborow, Chief Executive
Liverpool Culture Company

PO Box 2008
Municipal Buildings

Dale Street
Liverpool L2 2DH

Tel: +44 (0) 0151 233 5441

Editor's Note: Loyal readers of Liverpool subCulture will recall that Bradley never reported his visit to the LOVE show, never had any official meetings with Cirque du Soleil officials, never declared his freebie, never paid for his own, or his wife's tickets - and never did anything to enable the people of Liverpool to enjoy the same privileges which he enjoyed in seeing the show. Chief Executive Colin CoverUp has so far failed to investigate Bradley's abuse of his position as Leader of the Council - or his abuse of council taxpayer's money. The freebies for Councillor Bradley and his missus cost between $102-$165 each.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


The 45 minute show at St Georges Hall, which opened Capital of Culture 2008, cost an astonishing £4.5million.
That's the shocking tab which will now have to be picked up by Liverpool's council tax payers.
It works out, by our calculations, at about £112,500 per minute (£4,500,000 divided by 40).
Or £118 for every man, woman and child in the audience! (£4,500,000 divided by 38,000)
The show, which police estimated drew 38,000 people in front of Lime Street, featured Ringo as the special guest star with his 'Liverpool 08 - I Left You" dirge.
Other highlights included:

  • some non-Liverpool bearded bloke providing the commentary
  • quite a lot of people standing on roofs pretending to be playing guitars
  • a parade of 'C' list celebs, including the Lib Dem Lord Mayor and Our Lord Redmond, who came on and waved at the crowd
  • and the quip from one bloke in the audience as he was showered with paper confetti: "that's my council tax money".
Loyal readers will also recall our exclusive photo of Colin CoverUp and the Harbarrowboy having a free drink together at the after-show private party for the great and the good.
The £4.5 million cost is double the amount which was forecast - no surprise given the appalling incompetence of the Culture Company, overseen by the worst council in the country.
The cost escalated after Fireman Bradley told CoC chiefs:"The show must go on - whatever the cost."
He warned them that he would not tolerate a repeat of the Mathew Street fiasco.
Culture Company bosses, including the holidaying Kris Donaldson and Our Lord Redmond, have been desperate to try and keep the final cost covered up.
To no avail.
We expect them to do everything possible to avoid answering a potential Freedom of Information question, clearly and directly.
Never mind truthfully.
But we would encourage our loyal readers to ask that question.
Meanwhile our Lib Dem run city council is £62million in debt, closing old folks homes, leisure and sport centres, raising charges and increasing the council tax by the maximum allowed - almost double the rate of inflation.
  • No 38 in a Liverpool SubCulture series 'Stories you won't read in the craven Echo'.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fireman Bradley's mum writes to the craven Echo about his private life being damaged....

WHAT are we to make now of Fireman Bradley's Mathew Street complaints about his private life being damaged?
You will recall how the Fireman choked back tears as he complained to journalists how he and his family had been personally affected by all the negative publicity surrounding the Mathew Street fiasco.
(Taunts in the street about freebies to Las Vegas, mega pay-offs, official inquiries, worst council in the country, etc, etc. This was as scapegoated Lee Forde was left out in the cold outside the Town Hall! eds)
Now Bradley's mum has written a tear-jerking letter to the Echo complaining about how she never gets to see her lad.
Apparently, he doesn't get home until very late at night and never sees his poor missus, Pauline.
Bradley's mum Pam, who was previously viewed as a shrewd political operator, whinged about all this in her extraordinarily embarrassing public missive to craven Echo editor Alistair Mackrey.
Strange then, that Bradley has managed to persuade wife Pauline to emerge from the shadows and stand as a Lib Dem candidate on May 1st.
Hardly likely to protect his family's privacy we would have thought.
Perhaps he and Pauline plan to meet in future over the hustings?
There is also further evidence that Bradley's no doubt wholly genuine desire to protect his family does not extend to all publicity opportunities - but only when it suits.
Otherwise, the Fireman would surely not have agreed to this photo opportunity taken by self-styled PR guru Carolyn Hughes, which shows him posing apparently happily with Pauline at Christmas....

We can only observe that if the people of Liverpool have any sense at all, Bradley will get a lot more time to spend with his family after May 1st.

Friday, April 18, 2008


HERE (in Southport - 22 miles away)?

Or HERE (in Stoneycroft)?

Majesty's Constabulary are today investigating where Lib Dem 'Local Champion' Dave Irving lives - Stoneycroft or 22 miles away in Southport.

(Good question, eds)
Because if Councillor Irving, a former police officer, lives in Southport he will be guilty of breaking election law by standing as his party's candidate for Knotty Ash in the local elections on May 1st.
The Local Government Act says anyone standing for election should have either lived in Liverpool for 12 months, or work in the city.
Lib Dem Irving, who chairs the city council’s powerful Planning Committee, is not employed in Liverpool. He is now retired. So that option is out.
A detailed report, which has been handed to police, contains statements and photographs allegedly showing Irving living at 7 Dunbar Road, Birkdale in the borough of Sefton.
The photographs apparently show Irving leaving the house in Birkdale in the morning, where his car had allegedly been left outside overnight.
In others, he is shown walking the family dog!
(Not the rottweiller McElhinney, eds)
According to land registry checks, the imposing semi in up-market Birkdale is owned by Irving and his wife, Yvonne.
Irving is also alleged to have an ex-directory phone number in his name at the Birkdale address.
But at the same time, Irvine has registered on the Liverpool city council electoral roll as living at 96 Moscow Drive, Stoneycroft, Liverpool L13.
This means he can stand in elections in Liverpool.
In fact, his son
Phillip, who lives at this address, is registered as the sole owner of the property.
Neighbours in Moscow Drive insist Irving senior does not live there, according to the report.
(He says, they says, who knows? ed)
Police must now decide whether Lib Dem Irving has broken the law and attempted to mislead voters in Knotty Ash by claiming he lives in Liverpool - when, in fact, he lives in Southport.

If so, he could be prosecuted for corruption under the Representation of the People Act, 1983.
He would be liable to be jailed and/or fined and disqualified from public office for up to five years.
It would also mean that important decisions which Irving has taken as Chair of the city council’s Planning Committee could now face legal challenges in the High Court.
That could cost council taxpayers a fortune in massive legal bills – which the city would have to pick up.

Ironically Lib Dem election leaflets in Knotty Ash portray Irvine, who has been a councillor for ten years, as their ‘local champion’.

So, we think we should be told, before May 1st - where do you really live Dave?
  • No 56 in the Liverpool Subculture series 'Stories you won't be reading in the Echo'.

Monday, April 14, 2008





Panic-stricken Lib Dims have today handed over £1.9million to millionaire ex-Beatle Paul McCartney after he delivered an ultimatum.

A furious Macca threatened to pull out of his planned gig at Anfield in June, unless the Culture Company handed over total organisation of the event to his own production company.
He demanded the cash was transferred by the close of business today, after 18 fruitless and frustrating months of trying to deal with the Culture Company.
Macca's patience finally ran out on Friday when the ultimatum was delivered to the Fun Palace at Millennnium House - sparking scenes of mass panic and headless chickens as the bureaucratic suits were forced to gather for a series of top-level meetings.

Macca told the Culture Co they had until today to agree to hand over the event lock, stock and barrell - or the concert would never happen.
Colin CoverUp then decided to leap into action (well, he got slowly to his feet and decided to politely ask a minion to send off a carrier pigeon to ask various penpushers what he should do, eds)
The upshot was that the Lib Dims decided to hand over the dosh - even though they are already £62 million in the red and are busily sacking staff, closing old people's homes, leisure and sports centres and increasing charges for anything that moves.
Macca is still waiving his £300,000 appearance fee and handing it over to LIPA - but that still takes the total cost to council taxpayers to an extra £2.25million.
On paper.
The final cost will be millions more of course - all heavily disguised by the smiling assassin, Hasitall.
And remember the Harbarrowboy originally promised the Macca gig would be 'cost neutral'.
Then, that it would cost just £1.2million.
Now CoverUp and the Fireman Bradley are desperately trying to persuade safety experts to find space at Anfield to fit in another 10-15,000 extra seats for the gig.
So that they can then sell the extra tickets to plug the bulging gap in the city's coffers.
But safety experts have so far refused to give the go-ahead. If they refuse, watch out for more cuts in services and the city's Culture year being severely curtailed still further.
Meanwhile all the bollocks about global TV rights and DVDs and corporate hospitality coining it for the city, have all proved groundless.
The tree killing media, at the craven Echo and Daily Post will hail this as a fantastic boost for the city - Macca is coming! It's Official! An extra 15,000 tickets go on sale for gig of the century!
Not a single member of the Liverpool meeja has got anywhere near asking a single relevant question about the spiralling out of control cost of this event.
The total cost will forevever remain a mystery.
Meanwhile we bet Macca doesn't play this at Anfield:

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

ANOTHER LEAKED EMAIL: 'This could hurt us politically,' says Fireman Bradley "so keep quiet about the Royal Court"

------Original Message------

From: Warren email
To: /*Executive Members
Sent: Jan 5, 2007 22:47

Subject: Royal Court

Dear All,

Following the discussions at the joint members today, I have met with Colin and informed him of the strength of feeling.

I have asked Colin to go away and discuss with Michael Kenworthy the process that has to beundertaken to terminate the licence that RCLL presently have.

I feel I have to write to all EM's as we will ultimately have to make the decision.

Colin and I will also meet with Jason Harborow to discuss a way forward, initial ideas are that Louise Hughes who manages the Neptune, when open, maybe could manage the Royal Court, and programme the calendar for 2007/08?

The facility would exist for the Comedy Club to continue on a franchise basis, and they would provide us with the required dates to deliver the comedy programme. Louise would then build a programme when the theatre is dark.

It must be understood that this could hurt us politically!

I will do all I can to prevent political damage, but before I give the final OK to Colin, I need total commitment from all EM's that this is the course of action we all want to undertake.

If the decision is to follow this course of action, Monday at the latest, can I ask all to be silent on the decision both with the press and other members/officers, I will then undertake to work with the Officers to cultivate RCLL in believing this is the best way forward for them.

Can you please let me know as soon as possible what your view is?



Warren Bradley
Leader of Liverpool City Council
Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

______________________________________________________________________> DISCLAIMER:> >>> >>The information in this e-mail is confidential and may be read, copied or> >>used only by the intended recipient(s). If you have received it in error> >>please contact the sender immediately by returning the e-mail or by > >>telephoning> >>a number contained in the body of the e-mail then and please delete the> > e-mail> >>without disclosing its contents elsewhere. No responsibility is accepted> >>for loss or damage arising from viruses or changes made to this message> > after> >>it was sent. The views contained in this email are those of the author> > and> >>not necessarily those of the author?s employer or service provider.> >>> >>This email has been automatically scanned for viruses and malicious > >>content> >>by MessageLabs for your protection


Monday, April 07, 2008

Who do we want to run our city? Certainly not a Party which doesn't even know what day it is!


NUMBER 1: How to shoot yourself in the foot.

The first salvoes have been fired in the local election battle...and predictably the Lib Dims have already shot themselves in the foot!
'Who do you want to run our city?' asks the first Lib Dim leaflet of the campaign, under the impressive banner headline............

Now we know that Fireman Bradley's Lib Dims are so incompetent that they don't normally know what day it is.
But what year...........?
The first Lib Dim city-wide leaflet carries the usual mix of scaremongering nonsense - Labour will apparently be putting up your council tax by a smidgeon above a BILLION per cent!
Or was it a TRILLION?
This Lib Dim claim to financial rectitude and superiority is particularly hard to take of course, given how freely they have frittered away millions of pounds of council taxpayers money on pay-offs to their fat cat friends, bureaucratic bunglers and cashing-in consultants.
To say nothing of the fireman's freebies in Las Vegas.
We wonder whether the outrageous claims and activities of some Lib Dim candidates will ever be exposed?
Of course, we might just have to show the way....

Saturday, April 05, 2008


The mess surrounding the Paul McCartney concert at Anfield is even worse than we first feared.
As one of our commentators has already pointed out Macca’s appearance fee is £300,000 - which he is donating to LIPA.
Fair enough.
But far more obscure talents have already done far better at raking in the dosh than the millionaire ex-Beatle.
At the last count, and before Macca has even plucked a chord, the fees paid to consultants have so far reached more than half a million quid!
The army of get-rich-quick consultants includes ex-BBC producer Lorna Dickinson, who, astonishingly, was hired specifically for the McCartney gig way back in July 2006!
She has spent the last two years exciting the CoC dimwits by parroting breathtaking broadcasting blarney about global DVD and TV rights.
Dickinson, who commutes from London, conjured up visions of:

  • Arabs in the souk sitting in their tents watching their new Sony TV’s and marvelling at the new Liverpool.
  • The lads in Afghanistan would be pausing from lobbing stuff at the Taliban, to express their profound astonishment at the transformation which the Lib Dims had achieved.
  • Barack Obama would be booking a satellite link to Anfield so he could address the crowds gathered on the Kop to congratulate them on the regeneration they had achieved.

That was her story anyway.
The Lib Dim fells for all this of course and kept on signing her invoices.
The Harbarrowboy and Donald Bullshitter believed that they needed someone like Dickenson with “TV experience” – despite already paying ex-Beeb reporter, Paul ‘Randy’ Newman £75,000 a year for failing to communicate anything as CoC Director of Communications.
Dickinson’s first contribution to the planning for the Macca concert was indeed unforgettable – it was she who came up with the now infamous Salthouse Dock ‘stun the fish’ scheme.
She was promoting this bonkers idea for months, giving rise to strong suspicions that she had shares in a Grimsby fishmongers.
She wooed the na├»ve and impressionable Lib Dims - Storeyteller, the Fireman and Berni Turnip in particular - with tales of sensational camera angles; world-class river frontages illuminated behind Macca’s left shoulder; Oprah Winfrey outside the Town Hall talking to the Leader who had masterminded this global event; CNN, NBC, Al Jazeera and billions of satellite trucks turning up to film the Lib Dims who had made it all happen.
The Salthouse Dock scheme then went deservedly down the drain – taking £250,000 of council taxpayers money with it.
Dickinson has since been sensibly taking a back seat role – ie, buggering off to 'high-level' very important meetings - while still pocketing her, wait for it, £100,000-a-year consultancy fees.
The truth is no-one has any idea what she has actually done, except attend interminable planning meetings, go off to talk to more people and heap huge loads of bullshit all over the 3rd floor of the Fun Palace.
So, after almost two years, what has been the result?
No global DVD rights – Macca wouldn’t allow it.
No global TV audience.
And no 'cost neutral' scenario. The Lib Dim council have overspent by £2.5million already.
It is still unclear with less than two months to go, what the BBC are actually going to broadcast. The Beeb haven’t revealed their plans (no trailers or hype so far, eds) because they still don’t know who is appearing!

The genius Elvis Costello will be joining his mate Macca (good move, eds), but as for the rest of the international, world-class, global, solar system, Milky Way, superstar line-up, no-one has a clue.
There was talk by Donald Bullshitter – who has officially forbidden any mention of ‘cancellation’ a la Mathew Street - of Beyonce and Justin Timberlake and Muse and the Foo Fighters.
But none have materialised.
Our Lord Redmond is now talking about a simultaneous tele-cast event at the Arena.
All kinds of star names are still being bandied about, while the problems increase, the number of consultants rises, the budget goes out of control and the costs soar.
Meanwhile the Lib Dims are closing old people’s homes and slashing £62 million from council services.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Macca's concert is already £2.5million in the red and will cost council taxpayers a fortune - while Lib Dims make old folks pay!

Paul McCartney's Anfield concert is to cost council taxpayers double what was forecast - while services to the public are being slashed by £62 million.

The final bill to put on the Macca show - the Liverpool Sound - is anyone's guess with almost two months still to go and the Culture Company trying to keep a lid on every last detail.

Chickens are wandering around without any heads inside the Millennium House Fun Palace and everyone involved has been sworn to secrecy.

But we can reveal that council chiefs had been banking on the gig costing the city just £1.2million - even though the Harbarrowboy originally promised it would be"cost neutral."

Editor's Note: This is an accounting term which basically means: "I am trying to pull the wool over your eyes becaus I have no idea, so I am going to try and blag my way around this one and hope that I will be off-ski with a huge pay-off before the chickens come home to roost."

The £1.2 million cost to the city council was calculated once sales from tickets (now costing between £334-£288 on t'internet) and income from the BBC and other suppliers, souvenir-sellers and merchandisers etc had all been taken into account.

The actual bill to council taxpayers so far is, however, £2.5million - double what was forecast.

And given the financial mismanagement for which the Culture Company is famed, the final tab that council tax payers will have to pick up is likely to be at least FOUR times that original figure.

Meanwhile the Lib Dim council is closing two old folks care homes at Leighton Dene and Boaler Street as part of a £20 million package of cuts to the caring services alone.

Other services are being slashed and charges increased while the Lib Dims frantically try to plug the £62 million gap created by the spendthrift and stupid Culture Company. A sorry state of affairs which the Lib Dims of course allowed to happen, through their weakness and incompetence.

Liverpool subculture comment:

Paul McCartney's concert may well be fantastic and may well create a huge amount of positive publicity for Liverpool - God knows the city needs it after the chaos caused by the Lib Dims.

And frankly, four months into Liverpool's year as European Capital of Culture, it is about the only event so far which will attract global attention and enthuse local people.


Paul McCartney's concert will not keep open two old folks homes which the Lib Dims are closing, nor sweep the streets of dog muck, nor give the jobless new skills and training opportunities opportunities. Nor will it make life for the city's pensioners any better.

For one brief day, it will make a lot of people happy - and that is a good thing.

But will it bring any lasting benefit to Liverpool?

The McCartney concert is part of the bread and circuses roadshow which the Lib Dim council want to cover-up their legendary shortcomings.

We are not being killjoys, but let no-one forget:

W have the worst council in the country.

It is £62 million in the red.

It is closing old people's home and slashing services.

And it has paid out a fortune to incompetents and crooks.

As the bloke on the No 38 bus said to us only the other day:

"Did you see that on the blog? This bloody council is spending at least £2.5million of our hard-earned council tax money on a multi-millionaire global superstar, who may be a terribly nice guy who has always done his bit for the city with LIPA and all that, and who thankfully has just got shut of his horrible shrew of a gold-digging missus, couldn't stand her - a complete nutter obviously, and he seems a generally all-round good egg even though he is apparently a bit tight with the readies and is normally the last to get a round in I've heard, but then musically, of course, happens to be a bit of a once-in-a-lifetime-genius who has made some fantastic stuff and still appears able to turn it on big style even though he must be getting on in years, mind you he doesn't look so bad for his age, altho i expect he must be spending a small fortune on moisturisers and stuff and his new bird doesn't look half bad does she? I say good on him, you only live once, but then you've got to live and let live - or live and let die which of course was the title of one of his best numbers when Linda was still alive, amazing how the press have suddenly rehabilitated her now that she's gone when they were forever sticking the knife into her as a carrot munching headcase when she was alive, but anyway he's alright is Macca, but then he doesn't have to live here does he with that numsbskull the Fireman in charge and Colin trying to cover everything up and the Lib Dims killing each other in the public prints and the craven Echo burying its head in the sand and hoping it will all go away and services getting worse and have you been down Kenny lately? Fucking disgrace the way things have been left to slide there.....continued Page 94

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


There is one huge unresolved mystery about Kevin Firth's resignation letter.

It concerns the email which Fireman Bradley, then Cabinet member for Leisure, sent to his Lib Dim colleague Firth on November 14th, 2002.

Firth reproduced the email for our edification in his resignation letter, after carefully saving it for more than five years.

Here it is:

From: 'Bradley Warren' <>

To: 'Firth Kevin' <

Sent: Thursday November 14th, 2002 7.22 PM

"You have just confirmed to me that you are a complete and utter t-, and you have never lived in the real world, get a life and you might just realise that rosy little cup that you drink out of will eventually crack, this is when all the people will see what I saw a long time ago. How you can represent people from this city or anywhere else is a joke and I am absolutely convinced your little gravy train will come to an abrupt halt as you hit the buffers of life, and see what life actually brings once you raise your head above the parapit."

Councillor Warren Bradley

Executive Member for Leisure, Culture and Tourism

Church Ward

Liverpool city council

Leaving aside the horribly mixed metaphors, we can't help wondering how the Fireman will react when he eventually hits the buffers of life. Can we expect a gracious public apology to all those he has hurt? We doubt so, somehow.

But what is the missing word in the email?

The t- that even the irate Fireman felt compelled to omit? (We are still a family blog, so we have left one suggestion out, eds)

Suggestions on a postcard please - but this is hardly the language one would expect. Is it?

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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