Thursday, May 15, 2008


TODAY'S excellent story in the Daily Post about the Lib Dim 'dirty tricks' campaign for Leader, tells only half the story.
Post readers will now know that the Boot estate report, which roundly condemned Councillor Kemp's previous activities on the estate, was anonymously posted to every member of the Lib Dem group on the eve of Monday's Leadership election.
The report contained enough damaging material on Kemp to successfully do him in, before a single vote had even been cast by Lib Dim councillors.
"Cllr Kemp said he was in no doubt the mailshot had come from within the Lib-Dems to undermine his challenge, as the labels used were virtually identical to those usually used by the party," the Post recounts.
Tsk, tsk.
Whatever next...
  • But who could have been behind such a disgraceful tactic?
  • Who could have descended to such gutter tactics against a member of their own Lib Dim Party?
  • And who stood to gain most from Councillor Kemp's challenge being torpedoed?
These are all interesting questions....
But there can obviously be no truth whatsoever in the astonishing reports that Council Leader Warren Bradley had, by complete co-incidence, asked chief executive Colin Hilton for a copy of the report just a few days before the Leadership ballot.
Nor can there be any truth whatsoever in the extraordinary report that Colin CoverUp dutifully supplied the Fireman with a copy of the Boot Estate report in double quick time.
For that would mean that:
  • a) CoverUp had knowingly conspired with Bradley against Kemp.
  • b) And that Bradley's description of the mystery mailing as 'crass' in today's Post was an example of gross hypocrisy from the city's Leader.
And there remain more questions about the incident of the Boot Estate report.
1) Since it would obviously be absolutely unthinkable for the upstanding Bradley (soon to appear before the Standards Board) to be the mystery mailer - what other purpose could he have had for the report? Bed-time reading?
2) How long will it now take Uncle Joe to get his hands on a copy?
3) Will CoverUp still refuse to give him a copy?
4) And if Bradley did not mail out the report, who on earth within the Lib Dims did?
Any suggestion that the city's first citizen, Councillor Paul Clark, Lord Mayor and a practising barrister, was a willing accomplice, would, of course, be so far-fetched and ludicrous as to be absolutely unthinkable.

Monday, May 12, 2008

LIB DEM LEADERSHIP RESULT: "Infamy, infamy - they've all got it in for me!" Ooooooooh, what a Carry On!

So here's the result:
Bungling Fireman - 26 votes
Hypocrite Kemp - 13 votes
Paul Clein - 7 votes
Almost half the Lib Dem group of 46 councillors refused to vote for the bloke who has been their Leader for the last two miserable years.
Hardly a vote of confidence in Bradley's Carry On leadership then.
(Maybe it will end up being one of them there Pilchard victories? ed)
No wonder Labour were rubbing their hands with glee at the apparent blind stupidity (you promised never ever to use that phrase ever, ever again, so help you God, eds) of the Lib Dim group.
As sure as eggs is eggs, Bradley is for the high jump from the Standards Board when it finally gets its act together and starts moving a bit quicker than a snail in quick-setting concrete.
What a Carry On this will all be in Capital of Culture year.
Bradley is banking, however, on the opening of Liverpool One and the McCartney concert bringing him some much needed summer joy and respite.
We suspect that Grovenor will be moving heaven and earth to keep a distance from the discredited regime.
And Macca will continue to marginalise the city council and Culture Company from any involvement at Anfield (won by Labour on May 1st, eds).
This won't stop gullible journalists from the craven Echo and CityTalks-but-no-one-listens giving Bradley the opportunity to stand in front of something stupid and say: "What a fantastic day this is for Liverpool! Ten years ago we were...etc, etc."
More discerning scribes - such as those now working on a Radio 4 investigation into the missing milions and especially the role played by the Rottweiller's Liverpool Direct Limited, Chas Cole and the smiling assassin - may take a slightly more rigorous perpective.
We live in hope.
But then there is the trial of Counclllor Hurst in late July, which should also be worth a seat in the public gallery.
And so on and so forth.
Meanwhile the old nag Clucas, who refused at the last minute in the paddock, has reserved the right to stand in any future Lib Dem leadership contest.
(She's a wily old filly, isn't she? eds)
And the Leader-in-waiting, the Arch Hypocrite Kemp will be busily working behind the scenes in the next few months to try and win friends and influence people and shore up more support amongst the Lib Dims.
By which stage Uncle Joe should have his hands on the Boot Estate report.
Meanwhile God knows what Paul Clein will do - he's capable of anything.
And a substantial rump of Lib Dims, led by the ga-ga Sir Trevor will be wringing their hands in despair as the Fireman tries to bluff his way out of the Standards Board.
  • Bradley's first test will come this week when he announces his new Cabinet and reveals whether he has kept a place for the Storeyteller.He was promising anyone who would listen in the last week that he would be sacking the Storeyteller. We shall see.
No wonder Labour were grinning like cats that got the cream after tonight's result.

What a Carry On!

LIB DEM LEADERSHIP RESULT: Oh what a carry-on! Bungling Bradley blunders on!!!!

STOP PRESS: Labour supporters were jubilant tonight after the Lib Dims voted to carry on cocking it up - with the Fireman in charge.
Blundering Badly romped home in the first ballot with 26 votes in favour of his continuing as Leader of the city council.

our supporters broke out the champagne and back-slapped the bewildered Lib Dims in joyful celebration.
Now the Fireman and the Storeyteller can look forward to months of turmoil, civil war and chaos as the Standards Board investigate allegations that both brought their office into disrepute.

And Bradley took a leaf from the impressive and dynamic John Major's little grey book by immediately promising to 'get back to basics'.
More follows, after we crack open a bottle!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

CHEERS! Leader-in-waiting Richard Kemp provide an insight into how he will celebrate victory on Monday...

Lib Dim Leader-in-waiting Richard Kemp has provided a fascinating glimpse into how he will celebrate victory on Monday.
Kemp, who looks increasingly likely to defeat Fireman Bradley in the battle to be Leader of Liverpool city council, is determined to set a good example to our citizens.
He has already made it clear to Lib Dim colleagues that he intends to develop long-term strategies (and he has got tons of strategies, ed) against teenage obesity, under-age drinking and anti-social behaviour.
And he has pledged to personally launch a new crusade to clean up the city centre's streets so that families can enjoy them.
Interesting then, that in the Local Government Association’s First magazine, Cllr Kemp, has written about his own personal activities with refreshing frankness.
Here is one fascinating extract: “Life at a Lib-Dem conference is gruelling. We start meetings from 8am and finish drinking at 7am! "We train and drink, we talk and drink, we pass resolutions and drink, we sometimes drink and pass resolutions – which is not thought to be in the right order. But we do work hard!”
How reassuring it is to know that our great city is going to be in the hands of such a fine, responsible and upstanding leader.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

LIVERPOOL SUBCULTURE EXCLUSIVE: After 10 years in power, Lib Dem Leader-in-waiting, Richard Kemp confesses all....

Here is some plain speaking from Cllr Richard Kemp, Lib Dim Leader-in-waiting.

(Taken from his speech at

Thank you very much indeed for inviting me here today.
I was delighted to hear so many people laughing before, I actually come from the city of Liverpool, I am sure that many of you have been there.
We have a saying in Liverpool which means that we actually like comedians.
We have a saying that 'the good comedians get on the clubs, the very good comedians like Arthur Askie, Jimmy Tarbuck and Ken Dodd get on the telly - but the real comedians get on the council'.
I have been a councillor for a long, long time in different parts of Liverpool, and that means some of the most deprived parts of the country.
They didn’t go wrong because people failed to be involved, they didn’t go wrong because there wasn’t a sense of community down the Dingle or in Granby.
They went wrong because people like me fundamentally failed the people in those areas.
They failed in the type of policies that they promoted, the planning policies, the housing policies which split communities up.
And they failed because they allowed a difference in delivery between rich areas and poor areas.
So in the context of Liverpool we allowed things to happen in Liverpool 8 which is a working class area, which we would never allowed to happen in Liverpool 18 which is a middle class area.…

...the fundamental challenge must be to convert the rhetoric of people like me - and I can do rhetoric because we have big mouths in Liverpool, we can do that quite well - but we need to convert the rhetoric into reality, in Liverpool 8, in Balshall Health and Sparkbrook, in Hackney, in places like that.
For too long people like me have messed around with the lives of people like you.

Thank you.
How refreshingly direct, Councillor Kemp. Best if you sod off then and stop messing with peoples lives. Hypocrite.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Our esteemed correspondent, Prof Chucklebutty has penned the following open letter to Lib Dem turncoat Nadia Stewart. We are happy to reproduce his missive below. The good professor speaks for us all - The Tonys.

Nadia Stewart.

My last word on the subject and at Mrs Chucklebutty's insistence.

You have a unique opportunity to redeem yourself from current opinion and make us all eat humble pie. It is certain you will never be elected as a councillor again, there will be no loyalty towards you from your lib dem friends, even less so if Wally is kicked out on his arse next week. I don’t know the truth of what went on between you and the Labour party or your relationship with Joe Anderson but it is you that are now the pariah.

The Lib Dems have used you and now as a result of your decision you will be seen as responsible for the decision going ahead to close the two care centres supporting the most vulnerable people imaginable. That decision is based on a Lib-Dem lie and really due to cost-cutting, as a result of financial incompetence on the grandest of scales. The money wasted on crackpot schemes and paying off self-serving idiots and failures alone could have kept these places open for another couple of years.

So why not do something about it? Why not tell the Lib Dems that although you may not be able to work with Labour, that in all conscience you cannot support a party that is willing to sacrifice the care of such a desperately vulnerable group. And tell them that unless they reverse that decision, you will have no choice but to resign the whip and return to the Independent benches.

If they refuse, and they would rather give £2.5 million to Paul McCartney Productions than care for elderly Liverpool Citizens with Alzheimer’s and pay off the likes of Harbarow and the other failures with hundreds of thousands of pounds to go away, you will know the calibre of the people you have joined. You will know what comes first with the liverpool Lib Dem leadership.

What comes first for you? If you find that they care less about sick and frail elderly Liverpool citizens who have paid taxes to this city all their lives and instead care more about hiding their own incompetence and paying off failure and this sickens you - as it should with your family background - then you must surely leave them in their moral cesspit.

You are not responsible for whatever happens afterwards as a result of a hung council or any alliance between groups. You could even join up with Radford, at least he has some policies that reflect a social conscience.

But whatever the result, it is not your burden to carry. The people can decide again in 2010 as clearly as they did last week.

But you have so far prevented the will of the electorate being realised.

If you do not act, the burden you must carry and one of many decisions for which you will be held responsible or blamed is when the doors of Leighton Dene and Boaler St close for the last time.

The Andy Warhol saying about 15 minutes of fame has been applied to you in several newspaper articles. You have the chance for another hour of fame at least.

It could be your finest hour - a chance to show the people that you have the honour and integrity lacking in the Liverpool Lib Dem leadership.

Go ‘ed, girl, do it, show us all.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


The runners and riders are now limbering up in the paddock for the Liverpool Lib Dem Leadership Sweepstakes, 2008.
With a world record £62million debt as prize money and a world wide television audience stretching as far as Anfield in the north and Speke in the south, this year's race is expected to attract tens of eager punters.
With famous hurdles such as The Standards Board of England and Wales, Capital of Culture and General Incompetence providing formidable tests, this year's race is sure to be packed with exciting thrills and spills.
But with the going officially classed as 'the worst ever', it will be no surprise if any of the current contenders ever pass the winning post.
So, without further ado, we present our exclusive and in-depth Liverpool Subculture guide to all the declared runners and riders. And some not so declared.

Foolish Fireman, ridden by W. Bradley. Last year's winner has suffered a remarkable lack of form and has never really showed the promise forecast by his trainer, S.Toreyteller. FF has unseated his young rider several times already this year, most notably warming up in the paddock in front of a global audience for the Mathew Street stakes. Jockey Bradley is now said to be prone to Perroni, as a result. Likewise, the Fireman has never really recovered from the Mathew St setback, despite trips abroad to Las Vegas and Cannes. Temperamental and likely to veer off course at the slightest opportunity. Has been noticed foaming at the mouth recently. Did not get on with stablemate The Harbarrowboy, who disappeared to sunnier climes after winning The Pay-off Stakes. The 10-year-old Fireman is badly handicapped. Likely to be put out to stud if he falls here. Our advice: May be worth a flutter for old times sake, if you have any money left once you have paid your council tax. 2-1

Flo Clueless. Dependable old nag. A familiar filly who is fast becoming a regular at this event. Once notably fleet of foot and able to literally dance around the course - she was a particular favourite at the Irish Centre sweepstakes - she has now become a bit of a plodder. According to most commentators, she was lucky to survive a stewards inquiry into the recent Irish meeting and somehow escaped censure, after being accused of trying to rig the race. An unspectacular performer, she is likely to finish the course without any unfortunate mishaps. However, she will struggle to succeed ahead of her younger rivals on this surface - she is more used to the richer European turf and is carrying extra weight. Her backers tend to over-rate her abilities and she has done little to impress in the last four years. Last time out, finished a long way behind the leaders. This is probably her last chance to be first past the winning post. Our advice: 100-1 outsider. Not a hope in hell.

Education Boy, ridden by the only woman jockey in the race, Pam Clein. Hugely erratic performer, has been pulled up several times already this year and is well known for his tendency to refuse at some fences. Has had a good schooling, is technically accomplished and very experienced but lacks any credible support from punters, who dislike his wayward temperament. His jockey is even less popular, with the pair being effectively ostracised by other runners and riders. A free spirit who will go his own way unless he can be strictly disciplined. Wears blinkers. Victory for him would be very unpopular amongst his own racing fraternity. May even switch stables if he fails to romp home first here. Our advice: Only if you are desperate. 12-1.

Arch Hypocrite, ridden by Richard Kemp. Mean and gangly stallion, who once forged a doomed partnership with the notorious banned jockey, Sir Diddy. The only grey in the race, he is now returning from lucrative exile in the south where he has been out at stud and a show horse. Carries more baggage than any other rider in the race. His Boots are packed full of lead weights which will slow him down and prevent him surmounting many of the course hurdles. Has a habit of leaving a lot of shit behind him. Has never ridden the Liverpool race before. He also has a confusing tendency to look one way while running in another direction. Likes to preen himself in front of spectators in the paddock. Fond of loud whinnying, stamping his hooves, swishing his tail and flaring his nostrils, which has made him a favourite with impressionable punters. Backed by seasoned punters Sir Trevor Jones and Roger Johnson and may carry the backing of the establishment - he is the strongest rival to the Foolish Fireman. Our advice: Could go the distance - but don't give him any of your money, you won't get it back! 5-4

The Wavertree Lurch, ridden by C.Eldridge. Young rank outsider who may be persuaded to run if it looks as though the Fireman is faltering. Unknown quantity, unlikely to stay the course. Our advice: Waste of money. 250-1

Saturday, May 03, 2008


The Lib Dems have cheated the people of Liverpool.
That is the only conclusion to be drawn from the cynical, grubby little deal that Fireman Bradley cobbled together with 'Independent' Nadia Stewart to save his neck.
The Fireman and Stupid Stewart have shown utter contempt for the views of voters in Liverpool who voted 40 per cent for Labour and only 33 per cent Lib Dem.
(Interesting that the Lib Dems have conveniently forgotten their passionate belief in Proportional Representation, eds)
People in Liverpool overwhelmingly voted for change on May 1st - chucking the Lib Dems out in five wards.
Just seven votes denied Labour another victory in County ward and 35 votes denied Labour another victory in Knotty Ash.
Interestingly, even the craven Echo now appears to be unable to stomach the Lib Dem's sickening contempt for democracy.
We suspect that the Fireman will have cause to regret his polling night stunt - hatched, as one of our commentators has already pointed out, weeks ago.
Bradley and Stewart have arrogantly refused to listen to the voice of the people.
Stewart must now accept the full consequences of her actions.
It is she who will be held personally reponsible for every Lib Dem decision made from now on.
As Colin CoverUp cancels his order for a super-dooper new shredding machine, Bradley faces Lib Dem leadership challenges from a party that is rapidly crumbling around his ears.
His close colleague, Fireman Hurst, stands trial in July for breaking election law.
Bradley and the Storeyteller will face the full censure of the Standards Board soon after.
And then there are events, dear boy, events.
It ain't going to get any better for the Lib Dems.
The May 1st result showed they are doomed to defeat.
The only question is exactly when.
It could be within weeks.
Or months.
But it will certainly be in 2010.
That will be too late for many of us.
In two years, the Lib Dems can only do more damage and bring more disgrace to the people of Liverpool.
But rest assured.
We will be doing all we can to continue to expose them.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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