Saturday, January 10, 2009

UNELECTED, UNACCOUNTABLE, UNPALATABLE - The new Leader of Liverpool greets the Prime Minister.

OUR Lord Redmond, denied a knighthood in the New Year's Honours, was hanging on the Prime Minister's coat-tails during his visit to Liverpool.

The self-appointed Tribune of the People was never far from Gordon's side whether at Lime Street, the Echo Arena, new Museum of Liverpool, or even on the River when the PM went for a sail.

Whenever Gordon swept into view, there was the lagubrious Redmond at his side, making him chuckle with tales of Scouse weddings, Scouse anniversaries, and how much public money he had frittered away on '08.

Redmond's ego had successfully managed to shove Fireman Bradley out of the way early doors. The Lib Dem leader was later overheard bitterly complaining about being out manouevred from the Oldham Echo's photos.

Nor was there any room for the city's first citizen, Labour councillor Steve Rotherham, who would normally have accompanied the PM on such civic engagements.

Nor was there any room for Labour's elected leader in Liverpool, Joe Anderson.

Nor was there any room for any of Liverpool's Labour MPs.

Instead the Prime Minister's escort was the mastermind behind....Brookside.

What a boost for Liverpool in 2009.

Redmond had turned up to greet Gordon the day after attending a special '08 'Official Thank You' to the staff at the Fun Palace, who have kept the show on the road while the Harbarrowboy, Redmond, CoverUp and Bradley, etc, combined to cock everything up.

Redmond was so busy taking credit for everything and slapping himself on the back at this 'do', as the totally smitten Culture Secretary Andy Burnham looked on admiringly, that he actually forgot, thank the staff.

Our Lord had to be reminded by an underling to do the honours at the end of his lengthy speech about all his great triumphs during the past year.

Let us not forget that Redmond was first given a bunk up onto the '08 gravy train by his mate, the evil Sir Diddy Henshaw, who appointed him to the Culture Board.

Redmond then sat on his hands for two years as Robbing Archer got to work (sic), the Harbarrowboy topped up his tan and Mathew Street was cancelled.

In the resulting fall-out, our Lord seized his chance while the Fireman's attention was diverted.

Desperate to get Culture, Redmond and Bryan Gray from the North West Development Agency, did a deal to take over the reins of 2008, in return for a Government bail-out.

Wisely, the Government later refused the bail-out.

By the time the penny had dropped with the Fireman, Redmond had his feet under the desk and his picture in the papers.

Easy as pie.

So. This is the monster which the Lib Dems have now created - a multi-millionaire dealer in Scouse stereotypes; an unelected, unaccountable, resident of Tarporley (not Frodsham), who insists on being called 'Professor'; who can spend public money willy nilly while affecting a thick Scouse accent; who now, astonishingly has been doled out more public money to launch his Cultural Collective - a rag, tag and bobtail collection of his mates and sycophants to succeed the unmourned Culture Company.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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