Thursday, December 28, 2006



Special Award Certificates are on their way to the lucky winners, as we speak....



The smiling assassin Phil Halsall for threatening Tony Parrish with the Information Commissioner (he quaked in his boots! ed). TP had published 'personal information' about Halsall on the evil cabal blog - ie, that Halsall's son Liam had appeared with his band 'Abe' at the Summer Pops thanks to Halsall's mate, millionaire pop promoter Chas Cole, etc, etc. Readers will remember that Halsall was the hypocritical Henshaw lackey who published Storey and Finnegan's emails!

Other 'hypocrite' nominations:

Councillor Richard Marbrow. For being Inspector Clueless.

Colin 'Cover Up' Hilton, for turning a blind eye to the cabal's corruption over Liverpool Direct, The 08 Place, The Summer Pops, Harbarrowboy lobbying for Chas Cole, etc, etc.

The entire Lib Dem group (with the honourable exception of Councillor Jan Clein) for paying tribute and thanks to Henshaw on his belated retirement. (I bet they regret it now, ed)

Councillor Richard Kemp - for calling for the censorship of the evil cabal blog and supporting Henshaw, while having the brass neck to still describe himself as a liberal.



Boris Johnson (for being the most attractive blonde of them all)

Other nominations:

McElhinney's close colleague and friend, Sarah Parr (obviously)

McElhinney's close colleague and friend, Louise Gray (obviously)

McElhinney's close colleague and friend, (and dupe, ed) (obviously), Councillor Marilyn Fielding

McElhinney's Head of Human Resources, Colette Hannay (obviously)



Jane Kennedy MP for saying about Henshaw:"He is a man in whom I have no confidence and for whom I have no respect".

Other nominations:

Joe Anderson about Robbing Archer's Australian 'cultural' appointments: "The only Australian missing is Skippy the bush kangaroo."

Mike Storey to Matt Finnegan: "Don't worry, whatever happens, we won't let you down."

Matt Finnegan's attack on Henshaw and the city council: "I was suspended 18 months ago after obeying the wishes of the elected Leader of the Council. My only ‘offence’ was to obey democracy. For that, I have been subjected to a campaign of appalling has been a vicious, shameful little episode in the city council’s history. "

Warren Bradley: "Every allegation on the evil cabal blog was, of course, 100 per cent true."

Henshaw's repeated question to senior council officers: "How do you think I am doing?"

4) SHORTLIVED FRONT PAGE AWARD (sponsored by The Echo)


Henshaw and Storey

The Cabinet

The Harbarrowboy, Bradley and Henshaw

The Harbarrowboy and the American bullshitter, Kris Donaldson

The Culture Company apologists...

NUS President Jack Straw, the young Henshaw (who is still desperately trying to hide the fact that he got his degree at a mere Polytechnic) and some obscure stuffed shirt.

Macca and Heather
5) Greatest contribution to Information Technology

The winner is: (obviously)

The liverpoolevilcabal blog

Highly commended:

Councillor Joe Anderson for exposing the Liverpool Direct scandal of McElhinney's astronomical computer charges

Booby prize: Colin 'Cover Up' for stupidly sending the wrong email to Labour councillor Rose Bailey

Not nominated by anyone: Liverpool Direct


The joint winners (and extremely clear winners obviously, ed) a

Henshaw and McElhinney


Robbing Archer



The winner is:

The picture of Halsall's son Liam (pictured in stripy shirt second left) and his band 'Abe' with Status Quo at the Summer Pops. This was the picture which when it appeared on the blog, infuriated and worried Halsall so much that he was described by one council observer as 'a dead man walking'.

This was the picture of Robbing Archer and Greedy Henshaw that brought the funniest captions from readers on the evil cabal blog.

And we just like this one.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

BANNED AGAIN! Culture Company spin chief gives blog order of the boot!

CULTURE company spin king Paul Newman (also known as 'the invisible man', ed) has banned the blog again!
The move follows the city council's ban on the liverpoolevilcabal blog earlier this year, which badly backfired when it created huge national interest.
Not one to learn from such past mistakes, Newman has now ordered his news staff, under threat of disciplinary action, to stop sending us Culture Company press releases.
So while Newman is perfectly content to keep the Daily Mail, Express, Star, Sun and other national journals of ill-repute fed with Culture Company bollocks (which they all blissfully ignore anyway, ed) he has drawn the line at the Liverpool subculture blog.
"He doesn't like what you are saying about the company," explained one insider, "so he says that from now on you can get your information from elsewhere. We have been told we will be suspended if we send stuff out to you."
Quite how Newman justifies this selective distribution of public information (surely you mean Culture Company mallarkey? ed) is anyone's guess.
Perhaps a friendly councillor might have the temerity or the bottle to ask him the question. After all Newman is a public servant, publicly accountable, spending public money on public information. Or not, as the case may be.
Newman, the Director Of Communications, (we're not kidding, ed) has distinguished himself at the Culture Company by being indistinguishable from the wallpaper and by his willingness to say 'yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir' to anyone who cares to listen.
The loud critiscism of the Culture Company's failure to communicate anything decent, has been deafening. But Newman has so far escaped all responsibility. (Probably because no-one knows he exists or what he does, ed)
Apparently, our Christmas quiz was the source of much unhappiness inside the Fun Palace at Millennium House (and we thought this was the season to be jolly, ed) together with our affectionate and oft-repeated nickname for Jason the Harbarrowboy.
News officer Mike Doran had originally put us on the Culture Company's email list (thanks Mike, ed) but then the alarm was raised when Newman saw our site.
We were instantly removed from the list and told never to darken the Culture Company's doorstep ever again.
So as a result, we are going to slink off into a corner, lick our wounds and start to praise the Harbarrowboy and all who sail with him aboard the Titanic. Either that or we will be forced to cease production of this site entirely.
Only kidding. (He's had a few too many sherries with his mince pies folks, ed)
But you will be glad to learn that we do still have some loyal and kind friends amongst those who the Culture Company has deemed suitable to receive its words of wisdom.
They are happily forwarding on to us every press release, as soon as it is issued by Newman's loyal staff. So no harm done.
Not that we pay much attention to what is written, but, you will understand, its the principle of the thing, isn't it?
For when did official censorship become one of the Culture Company's 08 responsibilities?

Thursday, November 30, 2006


1) Who said: "McElhinney should be banged up in Walton jail"

Was it:

a) Councillor Warren Bradley
b) Councillor Mike Storey
c) Matt Finnegan
d) Mrs McElhinney
e) All of the above

(We have included two pictures of Walton so we can all see what McElhinney is missing, ed)

2) How many times did former chief executive, Sir Diddy announce his early retirement in March 2005, before he changed his mind?

a) Just the once to the Daily Post
b) Twice - both times to the Daily Post
c) Three times - twice to the Daily Post and once to the Liverpool Echo
d) He never announced his early retirement at all, that was all made up by Matt Finnegan, the city council's media chief and poor Sir David has ever since been the victim of a disgraceful smear campaign of public abuse, vile attacks and disgraceful misrepresentation of a fine, upstanding, noble-minded, public servant whose only crime has been to serve the people of Liverpool above and beyond the call of duty (steady on, ed).3) Who pleaded with Matt Finnegan on the day after the media chief was suspended on trumped up charges: '"Please don't tar us all with the same brush"?

a) Sir Diddy
b) The rottweiller, McElhinney
c) The smiling assassin, Halsall (above)
d) Chas Cole
e) Jolly Jack

4) Who said: "I will have to resign if they
are threatening my job"?

a) Sir Diddy
b) Councillor Mike Storey
c) Matt Finnegan
d) The rottweiller
e) The smiling assassin
f) Tony Blair

5) Who is this blonde woman and what is her strange relationship to Dr David McElhinney (aka Dr Death, the Liverpool rottweiller, ed)

6) Name all Dr David's other blonde friends (and state whether they ever joined him at Knowsley on an all expenses paid trip abroad funded by a council contractor) and whether he then moved to Liverpool city council where he fixed them up with a do-nothing, but highly lucrative job. Or not . (It is permissible for you to use a separate sheet of paper to list any of these, ed)

7) Who said: "I told them no good will come of all of this - no-one will win."

a) Colin 'Cover Up' Hilton
b) The smiling assassin, Halsall
c) Rex Makin
d) Saddam Hussain

8) Which famous Liverpool trio ran in the New York marathon?

a) Sue, Grabbit and Runne
b) Kendall, Ball and Harvey
c) Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil (that's the city council's new slogan, ed)
d) McElhinney, Halsall and Cole

9) Who got free tickets from Phil Halsall for concerts at The Summer Pops?

a) Colin 'Cover Up' Hilton
b) The rottweiller McElhinney (for his parents, ed)

c) Sir Diddy and Lady Alison Henshaw
d) Councillor Paul Clark
e) Councillor Mike Storey
f) The woman at the butty shop (true, ed)
g) All of the above

10) Whose son made a 'once in a lifetime' appearance in a Southport-based combo, as the support act to Status Quo at the Summer Pops, for a still undisclosed fee from Chas Cole's CMP?

11) Which Porsche-driving Executive Director slammed the phone down on a journalist who had the disgraceful cheek and temerity to dare to ask him about his son's 'once in a lifetime' appearance at the Summer Pops and whether he had ever officially declared such a personal and pecuniary interest, in accordance with council regulations? (this question has been drafted by the bald eagle, ed)

12) Name the two pop bands in this historic and much loved photograph.

13) How many hits did the liverpoolevilcabal blog get?

a) Not half as many as the number of pounds Henshaw stole from Liverpool.
b) Not half as many as the number of pounds McElhinney stole from Liverpool
c) Dunno - but all 19,531 council workers were logging on as soon as they got home.
d) 102,465 (precisely, ed)
14) Who said: "show me the money."

a) Dick Turpin (well, it is the panto season, ed)
b) Sir Diddy
c) The rottweiller
d) Robbing Archer
e) Chas Cole
f) All of the above

15) What was the venue for the infamous Summ
er Pops media briefing, attended by the Harbarrowboy, Chas Cole and Jon Brown?

a) Colin Hilton's office
b) Jason Harbarrowboy's office
c) Chas Cole's office
d) The Racquet Club
e) Starbucks
f) The back of the bike sheds

16) Who said: "Don't let the evil cabal get you down" and to whom?

a) Mike Storey to Matt Finnegan
b) Warren Bradley to Mike Storey
c) Rex Makin to Matt Finnegan
d) Tony Parrish to the people of Liverpool

17) Who was Tony Parrish?

a) Sir Diddy desperately trying to get a sympathy vote
b) Daily Post journalist, Larry Neild (pictured, ed)
c) Francis Rossi from Status Quo
d) That bullshitting Kris Donaldson fella
e) Colin Hilton, trying to ensure that anyone with half a brain seemed infinitely preferable to the evil cabal
f) All of the above

18) Who said: "Whatever happens, we w
on't let you down."

a) Sir Diddy
b) Mike Storey
c) The editor of the Echo
d) Sven Goran Erikson

19) Who is Inspector Clueless? (clue: he's a fat, moronic, pompous Lib Dem councillor who believes in nothing but himself, ed. (Sorry, that doesn't really narrow it down very much, ed)

20) What is this?
TIE-BREAKER: Please supply a suitable caption to this action photograph of the new leader of the council.

The Liverpool subCulture Awards for 2006, featuring the Tony Parrish Award to the 'Hypocrite of the Year'; the 'Blonde of the Year' (sponsored by BT); Quote of the Year; etc, etc, etc.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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