Tuesday, January 23, 2007


SO Robbing Archer is deemed irreplaceable now, it seems.
That is one conclusion to be drawn after the decision not to appoint a replacement for Robbing as Artistic Director for 2008.
The truth, of course, is this: no-one of any note wanted the job.
Those who were credible and had been directly approached had the good sense to decline.
"Someone else can sup from your poison chalice" was their general consensus.
Then we were left with nonentities, has-beens and never will be's (what, you mean the Culture Company's Directors? ed) when the council's Appointments Committee met to, er, not make an appointment.
The interviewing panel found themselves in the slightly, ahem, embarrassing position of deciding that amongst the shortlisted candidates for Robbing's job, they could find precisely no-one to fill her rather wide shoes.
Which prompts the following questions:
Which firm of headhunters was responsible for shortlisting these unsatisfactory candidates?
How much did this lengthy process cost the council taxpayers of Liverpool?
What action has been taken as a result of the failure to appoint from those who were shortlisted by the headhunters?
And did members of the Appointments Committee claim expenses for turning up to, er, do nothing?
Council Leader, Warren Bradley, trying to put his best and very bravest face on yet another Culture Company cock-up, summoned up this elegant explanation: "No-one was identified who I thought could have fulfilled the role better than what we have got already.”
So exactly who is, 'what we have got already?'
Shurely not Jase?
Or the invisible man?
Not that American bullshitter Donaldson!?
Just exactly who is Warren's Cultural Colossus who will bestride LIverpool in 2008 bestowing their creative wares on a grateful populace?
Shurely not barmy Claire McColgan? Nor any of the distinctly unimpressive Creative Team (sic) who Robbing appointed before her unseemly and hasty departure?
Put us out of our misery, Warren. Who will the people of Liverpool be able to hold accountable for the triumph that will be 2008?


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Anonymous said...

It cant be Jase he's too busy getting ready to be mayor

Anonymous said...

Yet Another Cock-up?

The Capital of Culture is important for this city, but aren’t the elderly more important?

Mr. Bradley who is cocking up the care contracts for you and more importantly, do you know they are being cocked up?

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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