Friday, April 13, 2007


HIRING a millionaire's yacht in Cannes for Colin Cover Up and Fireman Bradley cost council taxpayers £25,000, a Freedom of Information answer has revealed.

They were both able to relax and sunbathe on the luxurious boat which was used for breakfasts, lunches and a string of informal drinks receptions.

And the staggering total bill for Liverpool's week long jaunt to the south of France was at least £265,000.

If you think extremely hard and can come up with slightly better ways to spend public money - (ie, cutting crime, repairing houses, cleaning the streets, improving the schools, extending care, ed) - please do not hesitate to tell us.

The Freedom of Information answer reveals that it cost the city council £10,000 alone in accomodation and flights to send a footie team of council bureaucrats to Cannes for the jaunt last month.

These included Cover Up (also now known in council circles as 'safe hands', ed), Bradley, new Regeneration chief John Kelly and Culture Company Marketing chief Kris 'bullshitter' Donaldson.

Their out of pocket expenses bill for taxis, a round of orange juices, entertaining, dancing girls and boys, etc - (all those receptions, ed) - has not been provided by the council.

In addition, the city council, which is £29million in the red at the moment, coughed up another £50,000 out of its depleted coffers for the MIPIM week.

More public money swelled the total bill to an astonishing £265,000 - Liverpool Land Development Company and Liverpool Vision both chipped in £25,000 each and The Mersey Partnership coughed up a paltry £15,000.

All of these organisations are, of course, funded by city council taxpayers.

So the people of Anfield, Kensington, Picton, Croxteth, Everton, Speke, Garston, Norris Green, Dingle, Toxteth, etc, etc, have paid twice over for Bradley, Cover Up and Co to swan about on a yacht for a week.

Big Business in Liverpool contributed £150,000.

Unfortunately, no Freedom of Information answer will tell us what benefit MIPIM has brought to the city of Liverpool, how many jobs it has created for Liverpool people, how many extra training places it has provided for Liverpool's young people, or how much extra investment it has attracted to Liverpool.



Ratepayer said...

I'm going to have to stop reading your blog Tony - its much too depressing to be hearing what these idiots are doing with my Council tax

Anonymous said...

its like nero fiddling while rome burns

poor taxpayer said...

Oh yeah I see how spending £265,000 swanning around on big yachts and expensive hotels and officers having public money sponsored expensive meals and pissups for them and their mates is really gonna suck in the investment.

May the 3rd is a chance to tell them exactly what we think

Tori Blare said...

The only way to make them sway, is get your arse out on the 3rd of May,
You must vote them out it has to be done, they may be having a whirl but for us it is no fun.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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