Saturday, October 21, 2006


You can win one of three fantastic prizes in Liverpool subCulture's first caption competition!

Simply supply the best caption to this historic photograph taken at Liverpool Town Hall in June 2003 when Liverpool became Capital of Culture, 2008.

And you could win:

  • 3rd prize - a £100,000-a-year sinecure in the Culture Company, where you will be so badly marginalised that people will pay no attention to you whatsoever and turn a blind eye as you spend your days playing patience on your computer to your hearts content
  • 2nd prize - weakly give in to your own officials when they bully and threaten you, completely lose your nerve, abandon loyal staff, try to avoid responsibility for anything that goes wrong and then become a tame back seat driver, searching for a role
  • 1st prize - abuse your power and position, stitch up your media chief, lie like it was council policy, blackmail the city, bully and threaten your own leader and then pocket a cool £360,000 pension pay-out!
Any one of these fantastic prizes could be yours!

NB - witty, vituperative and fearless captions stand the best chance of success.


Anonymous said...

Oh great lunchtime again! Yum

Love the chopsticks not sure about the china plates though

Anonymous said...

Henshaw; Do as I say or I will shove this drum stick up your arse!

Storey; (holding onto henshaws little ones) I will do as you say because I am one of your gang, but I will squeeze your gondolas if you come near me with that stick

Other bloke; Ive got 2 sticks to shove up both your arses so behave you silly little men, we have a city to rip off

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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