Monday, October 23, 2006


Robbing bounces back from Down Under!

Robbing Archer has bounced back with an attack
on the city council for sacking her from the Culture Company.

This predictable onslaught is only interesting for the sideswipes she takes at various people and things-

  • Warren Bradley was apparently mainly to blame for getting rid of her (well done then Warren, ed)
  • The Harbarrowboy has a nothing job in charge of a nothing organisation.
She said: "The CEO (chief executive officer, Harbarrowboy) of the Culture Company is the CEO of nothing."

This is an astonishing verdict and gives us a tantalising insight into the way relations had fallen apart inside the Culture Company. It also shows she was not such a bad judge after all. Interestingly, the Chief Executive of Nothing, is getting paid £150,000, plus expenses a year for doing nothing, ed).
  • The city council is a disfunctional bureacracy which can get nothing done (we seem to have been here before, ed)
  • Staff couldn't even answer emails when she wasn't there (they were probably frightened of them being published by Henshaw, ed)
  • Robbing was on the verge of producing a fantastic Capital of Culture when the rug was pulled out from under here (shurely some mistake, ed)
  • Her mum was really ill (a blatant, offensively cynical deception and entirely transparent excuse for her running off back to Oz with her tail between her legs, ed)
The rest of her exercise in self-justification is, as we say, utter bollocks.
NB This woman was getting paid £150 grand a year and got a huge pay-off from taxpayers money to leave our shores and hop back to Skippy-land.

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