Thursday, December 28, 2006



Special Award Certificates are on their way to the lucky winners, as we speak....



The smiling assassin Phil Halsall for threatening Tony Parrish with the Information Commissioner (he quaked in his boots! ed). TP had published 'personal information' about Halsall on the evil cabal blog - ie, that Halsall's son Liam had appeared with his band 'Abe' at the Summer Pops thanks to Halsall's mate, millionaire pop promoter Chas Cole, etc, etc. Readers will remember that Halsall was the hypocritical Henshaw lackey who published Storey and Finnegan's emails!

Other 'hypocrite' nominations:

Councillor Richard Marbrow. For being Inspector Clueless.

Colin 'Cover Up' Hilton, for turning a blind eye to the cabal's corruption over Liverpool Direct, The 08 Place, The Summer Pops, Harbarrowboy lobbying for Chas Cole, etc, etc.

The entire Lib Dem group (with the honourable exception of Councillor Jan Clein) for paying tribute and thanks to Henshaw on his belated retirement. (I bet they regret it now, ed)

Councillor Richard Kemp - for calling for the censorship of the evil cabal blog and supporting Henshaw, while having the brass neck to still describe himself as a liberal.



Boris Johnson (for being the most attractive blonde of them all)

Other nominations:

McElhinney's close colleague and friend, Sarah Parr (obviously)

McElhinney's close colleague and friend, Louise Gray (obviously)

McElhinney's close colleague and friend, (and dupe, ed) (obviously), Councillor Marilyn Fielding

McElhinney's Head of Human Resources, Colette Hannay (obviously)



Jane Kennedy MP for saying about Henshaw:"He is a man in whom I have no confidence and for whom I have no respect".

Other nominations:

Joe Anderson about Robbing Archer's Australian 'cultural' appointments: "The only Australian missing is Skippy the bush kangaroo."

Mike Storey to Matt Finnegan: "Don't worry, whatever happens, we won't let you down."

Matt Finnegan's attack on Henshaw and the city council: "I was suspended 18 months ago after obeying the wishes of the elected Leader of the Council. My only ‘offence’ was to obey democracy. For that, I have been subjected to a campaign of appalling has been a vicious, shameful little episode in the city council’s history. "

Warren Bradley: "Every allegation on the evil cabal blog was, of course, 100 per cent true."

Henshaw's repeated question to senior council officers: "How do you think I am doing?"

4) SHORTLIVED FRONT PAGE AWARD (sponsored by The Echo)


Henshaw and Storey

The Cabinet

The Harbarrowboy, Bradley and Henshaw

The Harbarrowboy and the American bullshitter, Kris Donaldson

The Culture Company apologists...

NUS President Jack Straw, the young Henshaw (who is still desperately trying to hide the fact that he got his degree at a mere Polytechnic) and some obscure stuffed shirt.

Macca and Heather
5) Greatest contribution to Information Technology

The winner is: (obviously)

The liverpoolevilcabal blog

Highly commended:

Councillor Joe Anderson for exposing the Liverpool Direct scandal of McElhinney's astronomical computer charges

Booby prize: Colin 'Cover Up' for stupidly sending the wrong email to Labour councillor Rose Bailey

Not nominated by anyone: Liverpool Direct


The joint winners (and extremely clear winners obviously, ed) a

Henshaw and McElhinney


Robbing Archer



The winner is:

The picture of Halsall's son Liam (pictured in stripy shirt second left) and his band 'Abe' with Status Quo at the Summer Pops. This was the picture which when it appeared on the blog, infuriated and worried Halsall so much that he was described by one council observer as 'a dead man walking'.

This was the picture of Robbing Archer and Greedy Henshaw that brought the funniest captions from readers on the evil cabal blog.

And we just like this one.


Tori Blare said...

ndgacjWho has won the official Tony Parrish award? The good one?
By the way I am really upset that you chose Boris over me!
I'm not as stupid and much better looking than Boris, however I have not been any where near the DOG, has Boris been in the shower?
What did he do with the loofa?

Anonymous said...

Colin 'Cover Up' only gets the Booby prize: for "stupidly sending the wrong email to Labour councillor Rose Bailey"

COME ON Tony be fair surely "Cover up"'s covering up talents need to be much better recognised here as well

Mildred said...

This deserved a mention, Liverpool Direct are getting their dirty little fingers into Stockport now, should someone warn them?
This nomination is for the best web bullshit of the decade.

Liverpool Direct Limited
Friday 29 December 2006

Main Content
The way forward
Liverpool's radical approach was to enter into a partnership with BT and form a joint venture company, Liverpool Direct Ltd (LDL), which is 80.1 per cent owned by BT and 19.9 per cent owned by the council.

Crucially, workers from both organisations are seconded rather than outsourced, so council and BT employees remain council and BT employees with the same pay and conditions as before. In total, 800 people have been seconded to Liverpool Direct from Liverpool City Council and BT.

The joint venture company is an innovative way of bringing private sector communications skills and investment to a local authority. The contract conditions are based on Treasury Taskforce Guidance for Public Finance Initiatives.

Read this case study in full (PDF [79.9Kb]. Download time 18 seconds based on a 56k modem. Will open a new browser window.).
You are here: Public sector
Public sector
Liverpool Direct Limited has an unrivalled record of outstanding service delivery to the public sector and retains a local government focus reinforced by its 19.9% shareholding held by Liverpool City Council.

Liverpool Direct Limited has been a driving force in the transformation of local government services within Liverpool. This knowledge and experience is now available and being transferred to additional projects within a range of other local authorities and government agencies.

A key strength of Liverpool Direct Limited is its ability to provide a wide range of consultancy and to deliver fully integrated end-to-end managed services. We can help you identify your requirements, provide tailored business proposals and take these through delivery and into support.

We understand the challenges and opportunities that exist within the local government sector and underwrite our services with defined Service Level Agreements.

Areas of current service delivery:

ICT - to all of Liverpool City Council and provision of a high speed network to Stockport Schools.
Call Centre - award winning 400-seat facility.
Revenues - in 2005/6 reduced Council Tax arrears by £11.8m, collected £8m sundry debts and reduced rent arrears.
Benefits - Audit Commission CPA score 4 (Excellent).
HR - manages 6,000 CRB applications and the recruitment for 1,400 posts per annum.
Payroll - providing payroll services to 23,000 individuals.
Web Services - SiteMorse Top UK local Government October 2006.
Learning and Development - services to support cultural transformation.
Geodata - expert access and integration with the Local and National Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG).
To find out more contact us using our online form.


You missed out a little blonde!!!
Toni Byrne former trade unionist who sold all of the city council trade union members out just for a quicky with the dog, she also allowed the following pile of dung to be presented on the Liverpool Direct Web site.
As with the rest of the web page it is totally untrue what she proclaims it was awful then and is even worse now.
What about a sell your work mates down the river award?
Thirty pieces of silver comes to mind, but who was Jesus?
See below for this blondes lies...

"The industrial relations between the joint trade unions and the City Council has improved
massively since the management team have been in place. This has been contributed to by
those in HR who have ensured regular lines of communication with the trade unions and have
now got an open door policy. This has allowed joint working on issues and in many instances
averted escalation to grievance or dispute. I and other trade union representatives have been
treated with respect and not ridicule. The overall approach has led to a positive industrial
relations climate with joint effort this can be cascaded out across the Council which can only
benefit all concerned" -Toni Byrne, Secretary of the Joint Trade Union Committee and
Secretary of UNISON

By the way this person has nothing at all to do with trade unions, unless of course you include stabbing them in the back?

Anonymous said...

surely the overall winner can only be the one? and only tony parrish whoever they may be for blowing up all of the b******s

mrs doctor mc dog said...

And the Winner is????

I think you should have given an award for the best rip off of the year.
Nomintions are,
1.The 08 place and McElhinney
2.Showers and McElhinney
3.Liverpool Direct and McElhinney
4.Shelter for McElhinneys car
5.ABE and McElhinney
6.Blatant theft of Liverpool City Council services and McElhinney

7.Ken Dodd for pretending he is funny

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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