Saturday, February 24, 2007


News reaches us that Jason Harbarrowboy, self-styled chief executive of the Liverpool Culture Company, is being sent back to school.
But not for him a typical Liverpool inner city comp.
Oh no, our ex-rugby league player 'Jase' is being sent across the pond, to the American ivy league university, Harvard where he will be taught how to brush up on his management skills (sic) .
'Jase' will spend at least six weeks in the summer trying to find out how to manage an organisation, how to enlist the support of the local community it serves, how to spend money wisely and how to ensure creativity is at the centre of all that it does.

The cost of this course has not yet been made known publicly (you do surprise me, ed)
But estimates start at £6,000.
However, in the course of our research and examining the Harvard Business School Personal Development programme, we find, for example, that the 'High Potentials Leadership Program' costs $10,500 for just a five day course.
So sending the Harbarrowboy, (£180,000-plus salary) across the Atlantic for 6 weeks is likely to cost a small fortune in course fees alone.
That doesn't take into account the cost of the Harbarrowboy's accomodation across the pond, or his sustenance during the six weeks in the Big Apple - hamburgers, cheeseburgers, Big Macs, pizzas, french fries, coke, coca-cola, etc, etc.
No doubt, the council taxpayers of Liverpool will be subsidising his trip.
Now, although we are obviously in favour of the Harbarrowboy's continuous development, we have a number of questions about this management course:
1) Isn't it a bit late to be doing this?
2) Shouldn't the Harbarrowboy be spending all his time in Liverpool ensuring that 2008 is not a complete disaster?
3) Haven't we spent enough public money already on global jaunts for the Culture Company? (and exactly how much council taxpayers money has gone on those, ed?)
4) Haven't we got better things to spend public money on?
5) Does this mean the city council's £50 million cash crisis is now over then?
6) Who authorised this Harvard expenditure - Drummond Bone-Head, Colin 'Cover Up' or Bradley?
7) Will we get our money back, when 'Jase' cocks up Culture next year?
8) Will he be taking anyone else with him?
9) Can he take anyone else with him?
Suggestions on a postcard....


Mrs Doctor McDog said...

Cheeky Bastards!!!!

Tori Blare said...

Should Harrowboy not have all these achievments and skills already?
Should he not have been asked to show all these skills and qualities when he applied for the post of Cultue Chief?
Was he just given the post coz his face fitted in with Storey and Bradley?
They have then decided to send him to a posh overpriced college to get the needed skills,again not in Liverpool.
Everyone else that applies for a post in the council has to show they have the skills and qualifications, BEFORE, they are selected for interview, then have to prove it in interview.
Did Barrowboy tell lies?
Is that not gross misconduct?
I smell skullduggery afoot!

MILDRED said...

Its this type of spending that has resullted in the Lib Dems of Liverpool, fueled by Halsall, being unable to pay for the vital services and front line services, and unable to pay for the capital of culture.
It makes me sick.
Get out and Vote in May! get rid of these money wasters and all of the corrupt officers who have helped them do it!

Anonymous said...

i see the daily post has gone big on this story today - but they didn't give the blog any credit for first making it public did they, tone? you should send them a letter to complain.

Tony Parrish47 said...

they are not printing any of our letters anyway. we sent them a cracker about the council's £50million cuts, but they haven't used it...

Anonymous said...

Has Henshaw and Dr Dog and Halsall got shares/ directorships in Trinity Mirror?
That would explain a lot

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