Monday, February 12, 2007


Sir Jimmy Fixit ABE said...

Now then, now then, goodness gracious me, guys and gals.
Not owwwnly Top of the Pops, but now the Summa pops, you see.
Gone! Oh! Oeeh, oeeh, oohh!
When I was running the marathon with Chas and Dave, who appeared with me many times you see, both of them more rabbit than Sainsbury's.I asked them to try and get Sho-waddy-waddy, for this years event,top billing!
but no they had other ideas, Sonny and Cher tribute band singing " I got you a gig, Abe"
Now I have been in this business menny-menny years ladies and gentlemen and I have been round the block.
You cannot have a tribute band as top of the bill. So my suggestion was, Pinky and Perky to be brought on as top of the bill but apparrently they had done a runner to France when they heard that The Scaffold may be on stage.
So if you are reading this boys, the scaffold in question is the one with Roger McGough, the limerick writer, although I thought he was from Liverpool, Martin, that's not right,no, John Gorman, who invented the bucket of water, and the brother of Lonnie Donnegan, Mike MeCamera.
Just imagine the crowds singing along at the end of the Pops to Thank you very much for the Aintree Iron. Oh yes! you see....

Thankyou very much for the sunken pier head

thank you very much
thank you very very very much.
Thank you very much for the traffic chaos,
the line 1 tram scheme,
The Iconic fourth grace,
the massive pension,
the office shower,
the Status Quo gig,
The Kensington One Stop,
The free car parking,
the half price child fares,
The robbing Archer.........thank you very very very much!

Actually it's quite a long song, maybe that's why they pulled the plug.

Never mind there's always next year...and the Phil Harmonica Orchestra are free to perform outside of the new met centre. Just a few coppers and a bottle of Thunderbird is all that would cost.

Monday, February 12, 2007 12:50:00 AM


John aged 42 said...

Dear Jim

Please could you fix it for other readers to write in with their dearest wishes about the Evil Cabal to see if you can fix it for them.

Doctor Dave said...

Dear Jim please could you fix it for me that this Tony Parrish gets off my back and let me spend my ill earned money in peace.
Has anyone seen my wife by the way???

Chas Coleshed said...

Dear Jim,
Please could you fix it for me that you also get this Tony Parrish and all his holy friends off my back too???
I will get you a few tickets to the Sefton Pops!

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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