Thursday, March 08, 2007


Liverpool city council has again broken the law by failing to respond to a Freedom of Information request - and covering up how much top execs are paid.
Details about the wages bill for chief executive Colin 'Cover Up' Hilton, treasurer Phil Hasitall (also known as the smiling assassin, ed), the rottweiller McElhinney, the Harbarrowboy, the bullshitter Donaldson, etc, etc, are all missing from the Town Hall Rich List, drawn up by the Taxpayers Alliance.
Their survey of more than 230 local authorities in Britain reveals the names of 578 public servants earning more than £100,000 a year.
You can view all the gory details, by clicking here on Fat Cats. Liverpool's non-entry is right at the end of the huge survey.
Liverpool of course has more than a dozen officials who are trousering more than £100,000 a year of council taxpayers money - but none of them appear in the survey.
Under the Liverpool heading, the entry only reads that the Freedom of Information request from the Taxpayers was acknowledged - but no response has been received from the city council.
(Is anyone ever going to hold this ****ing organisation to account? ed)
The Alliance had asked for details of all those earning more than 100 grand a year and how their salary was made up, ie bonuses, Performance Related Pay, car allowances, phone allowances, expenses, etc, etc.
Interestingly, if the council had decided to obey the law rather than flout it, the FOI request would also have revealed details of Sir Diddy's pension pay-off and final salary.
The survey makes for really fascinating reading - for example you can find out what former Social Services Director and well-known barmpot, Annie Shepperd is now handbagging at Walsall - £178,000 a year, thank you very much.
And details of the remuneration of top execs at Wirral, St Helens and Sefton are included in all their glory.
But not Liverpool...
It should be fairly obvious to all that Cover Up has an awful lot to hide and has decided instead to break the law and refuse to answer the Freedom of Information request.....we wonder whether anyone will ever find out exactly how much the city council are hiding?
In the meantime, of course, the council is facing a £29million cash crisis and a 10 per cent cut in services across all departments.
One thing that won't be affected by the belt tightening, of course, is the salaries of Cover Up and his cronies.
And you may well ask what has been our campaigning local media's response to this wall of silence about how much public money is being paid out on fat salaries for the fat cats?
Not a dicky bird...


mildred said...

Why does the Government allow them to continue to ignore the FOI's from people?
If the top people in Liverpool City Council, like Colin Hilton and Halsall, did not get their performance related pay for just this year alone, we would not need 10% cuts across services that are already failing due to lack of investment in the welfare of staff, yet again it will be the front line staff and services that will suffer hence the council tax payer, cannot get any value for money services, as the services are dissappearing!
When will this huge hole of unknown executive expences, be inspected and will that alone solve the budget problem that THEY and the Lib-Dems have created.
Are we living in Victorian times when the Liberals thought they were of a higher rank than the workers? Do they actually believe they have the right to demand cuts to every service,(so therefore affecting EVERY Liverpool City Council Tax Payer),yet still demand huge salaries, bonuses for cutting jobs and services, and all the company perks that a Private Business would be jealous of?
The whole of the top layer of the council is corrupt and it makes me sick to the stomache that people of Liverpool pay them and have to do with vital services, whilst they are sipping champagne and laughing at Liverpool and her people.

Tony Parrish47 said...

another fine comment from our Mildred. Keep going, we are all with you!

Tori Blare said...

Get rid of the lot of them!
Vote as many of the wretches out in May, and the rest in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Very well spotted TP. Makes me want to move back to Liverpool from Sefton just to help vote these corrupt bastards out.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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