Wednesday, March 14, 2007

VICTORY FOR THE BLOG (Part 2): City council forced to reveal the cabal's wages

LIVERPOOL city council has now been forced to reveal exactly how much it has handed to its highest paid executives.
As we said last week a dozen of these officials, (mainly Henshaw's cabalists), trouser more than £100,000 a year of council taxpayers money.
The council , under Colin Cover Up, had refused to reveal the details of their salaries despite a Freedom of Information request from the Taxpayers Alliance.
But Cover Up, who now gets quarter of a million himself, relented late last week after we exposed how the council were breaking the law.
He finally decided to tell the Taxpayers Alliance how many and how much the fat cats were pocketing. But he refused to individually identify who was earning what.
(He thinks the public don't have a right to know which individual fat cat is being paid vast amounts for the Big Dig, the £29million cuts crisis, the Edge Lane fiasco, millions wasted on Liverpool Direct, Everton leaving the city, The Sefton Pops leaving the city (shurely shome mistake?) etc, etc, ed).
However by a simple process of elimination, greedy Sir Diddy emerged as the top earner, stuffing an abosolutely obscene £360,000 of public money into his swag bag before hurriedly departing from the scene of his crimes at the Municipal Buildings.
The rest of the info supplied is just a list of salaries for the year 2004-5 (to which we shall be returning, ed).
Suffice to say that the smiling assassin, Hasitall, the evil rottweiller McElhinney, Colin Cover Up (when education chief) and former regen chief Charlie 'spiv' Parker were all pocketing more than £150,000 apiece. In other words they had given themseleves these huge salaries.
But don't be alarmed, the city council has revealed that the salaries of the fat cat four were less than £169,000 (oh, that's all right then, ed)
The Daily Post covered Sir Diddy's salary after first ignoring the Taxpayers Alliance survey, but their story also unfortunately contained Warren Bradley's mealy-mouthed semi-justification. Thusands of embarrassed readers cringed while reading him desperately blathering on about the cabal saving money to pay the lowest paid workers (as if, ed).

Click here: Greedy Henshaw steals a fortune from the people of Liverpool.

Meanwhile Larry Nield continues to stick the knife in with some aplomb.

Well done Larry!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Larry

Reader said...

You are keeping the post on their toes - thank goodness there is a bit of decent journalism on the blog at least. otherwise we would get even more stuff not fit for the Beano.

Anonymous said...

amen to that

Anonymous said...

The Daily Post have followed up your harbarrow boy goes to hollywood (well Harvard) story and now the town hall rich list without any credit or mention of the blog. and they have not printed your letter which was an extremely helpful contribution to helping the council save money. do you think you might have been wrong about Mark Thomas? And have they now been thoroughly bought off by the council and the culture comp?

Tori Blare said...

Any pressure for the cabal who ever gets the credit, is good for me.
I do think Larry should give you a mention now and again though.
Or are YOU Larry?
Mmmm Cover up is convinced you are Matt though.

Anonymous said...

Yes looks like Mark Thomas is a disappointment all round just like Cover Up is

the masked floating voter said...

I've put in a FOI request tofind out number of staff and total wage bill up to 2009 for Culture Compnay, they've got about 7 days left to respond by my calculations.

I will of course forward my the answer when I get it.

A more interesting one locally to me is what is the total amount Kenyon Fraser (PR company) will get for handling Kensington Regenerations account over the last 7 years and how many community facilities this would have paid for

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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