Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The secret phone monitoring conspiracy....(Part 2)

Colin Cover Up's illegal monitoring of Joe Anderson's mobile records doesn't stop there.

Other people's phone records have also been monitored, we can reveal.
And other forms of secret surveillance may also have been carried out by the council as part of a number of internal investigations.

The questions Cover Up must now answer are:
  • how many other phone records were monitored?

  • do they belong to councillors, employees, ex-employees - or all three?

  • who are they?

  • have they been informed that their mobile phone records have been monitored?

  • who authorised this?

  • what other monitoring of individuals has the council carried out?

  • what action is now being taken against those who carried out these illegal actions?


Appalled said...

Quite right. The council's statement is also unintentionally hilarious. It needs to be read in full, because it also admits that some council leaks are authorised!

“Following the unauthorised leaking of a highly confidential and commercially sensitive report, a number of officers and members were asked to co-operate with an internal investigation into the breach, which involved e-mails being checked.

“However, we omitted to notify the individuals concerned that it also included mobile phone records.

“We have apologised to Cllr Anderson for the error and have taken steps to ensure this cannot happen again.”

So the individuals concerned DID have their mobile phone records monitored as well. Well done for pointing this out Tonys. This is going to cause some fun...

Big Brother said...

Its like Animal Farm here - No sooner has the miniature potbellied variety trottered off than a new greater coverup one takes its place

HENNY HEN said...


The Twat Pack said...

DH I can get a payoff thats bigger than yours. Any payoff you get will be smaller than mine.

CH No it wont

DH Yes it will

CH No it wont

JH Well mines all gone on pies now can i get some more please

Open-mouthed in astonishment at how crap the Echo is said...

This is what the craven Echo's cultural correspondent reckons so far.....

I know surveys can be dull to fill out but there is currently one on the Echo website at

Essentially it is asking people what they think of the Capital of Culture year so far.

From where I ams itting it seems to be a real success but I have the advantage of knowing when and where most of the events are as they drop into my in box in the form of media calls.

But our Editor wants to know how and if it has affected you.

I have emailed all of the councillors in Liverpool, Knowsley and Sefton and a couple of them have even said that the culture year hasn't reached their communities.

Let us know

Helpful said...

People can anonymously report Hilton over phone monitoring and breaking the council's rules over the appointment of recruitment companies here:

Anonymous said...

Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.

What a mess this council of ours is - your right, you could't make this stuff up. "unauthorised leaking" takes the biscuit.

Tori Blare said...

What confuses me is, who leaked the secret report and how did Joe Anderson discover his mobile calls were being monitored?
One would presume that Councillors would be in touch with many people from all walks of life?
Are we to now believe anyone who talks to Anderson is involved in some plot to destroy the House of Cheese? (thats Stilton to newbies),
Many council workers find themselves being monitored for a variety of reasons and just have to put up with it as they are informed of some complaint or whatever, what possible justification can they have to pry into our elected members phones for no logical reason?
Why was Anderson chosen and not Bradley?
Some will say he deserves it as he has leaked his own stuff in the past, however this cannot be proven.
Hilton should not have allowed this probe to occur.
The fact that the City had to pay Macca the money was and is an issue for debate, as the money paid was and should still be the council tax payers.
How many more secret documents are going to be commissioned and somehow leaked?
How much is it going to cost me and my fellow council tax payers this time?
How much will Hilton take as his pay off?
Will Sexy Rexy kick the council's arse or do we need to let Danny Crane in on the show?
How much will it cost us to pay the council's legal fees when this goes to court?
So many questions arise from just this weeks events alone!
I just cannot see anyone finding the answer soon.

Anonymous said...

Returning to the George Orwell theme of previous postings.
"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act".

Have the entire public safe guards failed us little people, can the Corpy do as they like and ignore all the rules. Is the search for answers now a LCC crime?
We really are in a mess, our council is out of control and no one - it seems, can do didley squat about it!

Never mind Big Brother we have somehow ended up with the very first Lib dem Banana republic and an officer core that any tin pot dictatorship would be made up with!

Anonymous said...

Would that be a (Superlamb)banana republic ?

CIB3 said...

Not only is this a breach of the Data Protection Act, it also contravenes the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act and Article Eight of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights, so why hasn't 'Cover-Up' been reported to the Information Commissioner, The Investigatory Powers Tribunal, The Police and had a case filed against him by those he has bugged?

Anonymous said...

He has certainly been reported to the Information Commissioner - and by more than one person. And Sexy Rexy is on the case too....

Anonymous said...

My apologies to one and all!

I am delighted to read that something is being done...

The people of Liverpool deserve better.

I just hope for once Mr Thomas the Information Commissioner does something about the case :-)

CIB3 said...

Sorry, I forgot to put my username by my last comment...

Just a side issue, did you know that a complaint has been made to the Ceremonial Branch of the Cabinet Office to have Cover-Up stripped of his CBE?

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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