Monday, June 16, 2008

Cover Up monitors Anderson's mobile - and breaks the law for a second time....

Colin Cover Up has broken the law for the second time - by monitoring Labour leader Joe Anderson's private phone calls and publishing their details.

Mr Hilton, CBE, the city council's £250,000-a-year chief executive (plus Performance Related Pay at 15 per cent, eds) has fallen foul of Labour Leader Joe Anderson just days after it emerged that he was routinely breaking the council's own rules.

Now it transpires that he has routinely broken the law of the land too.

Astonishingly, Cover Up has broken the Data Protection Act by authorising the monitoring of Anderson's phone calls as part of an internal inquiry into the leaking of details about the Paul McCartney 'Liverpool Sound' concert at Anfield.

Anderson was amazed to find that investigators had covertly monitored the calls he had made on his council mobile phone (which he pays for) without seeking either his permission or authority, as part of their report.

The city council has now admitted it has broken the law - and Acting City Solicitor Ken Unworthy has been forced to issue a grovelling apology to Anderson for breaching Human Rights legislation, as well as the Data Protection Act.

Anderson meanwhile has already complained to the Information Commissioner who, readers may recall, found the council guilty of breaking the law over publishing details of mobile phone records exactly a year ago.

Legendary Liverpool Solicitor Rex Makin is also now chipping into the fray on behalf of Anderson, scenting blood.

Well, the slow-to-learn-its-lesson city council under Cover Up and 'new broom' Bradley has now done exactly the same thing again!

Regular readers will recall that back in April, Sir Paul Macca gave the incompetents at the Culture Company an ultimatum to hand over the organisation of his gig to his events company.

The Daily Post and Radio Murkeyside followed up the Liverpool SubCulture report. The Furious Fireman then angrily denounced the leak on Roger Phillips, fearing that making public his cock-up's would cost him more votes in the May local elections.

Anyroadup, the Furious Fireman then forced Cowardly Colin Cover Up to authorise an internal investigation into who had leaked all the confidential details.
(Hey, the blog could potentially earn a distinction in this year's Academy Alliteration Awards! eds)

Councillor Anderson, who has of course, a fine, noble and upstanding record of ensuring the Liverpool public know exactly what the Lib Dims have been up to, was interviewed by the council's po-faced internal audit team during their leak inquiry.

And their official leak report has now been officially leaked, unofficially.

(You really couldn't make this stuff up, could you? How funny is that? eds)

The leak report is unable to come to any definite conclusions at all about who leaked the details of the Macca ultimatum (of course not, eds)

But, with an amazing burst of political insight, it points a trembling finger at Councillor Anderson on the basis that Labour might just have had something to gain from embarrassing and exposing the Lib Dims in the run-up to the May local elections.

(Blimey. Shades of Inspector Clueless here. Impressive investigatory skills and fantastic powers of deduction being demonstrated. Might have had something to gain eh? - do you really think so? eds)

However, the council report reveals that it secretly monitored Anderson's mobile phone calls and publishes how he phoned certain numbers.
And that's not the slightest bit funny.
Indeed it infringes the Human Rights Act and the Data Protection Act.
We think the Information Commissioner may well take a very dim view of the city council's repeated law-breaking.


Anonymous said...

You may want to look at the Culture Company's account with Davy Liver Cabs... Someone working for that fine Liverpool company says that CC employees absolutely HAMMER the account, telling drivers to put whatever they want down on the receipt. They reckon that the CC's account with Davy Liver is more substantial than the one that covers ALL the hospitals in the Liverpool area.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Joe throws the book at the Stilton regime

Tori Blare said...

Gobsmacking stuff. Do the council think Anderson is a terrorist now?

Themes like Reds under the beds,come to mind.
Paranoia calling.

Anonymous said...

What the council has done is wrong. But you also routinely publish private emails from council staff on your blog without permission. I guess the data protection act does not apply for you?

The Tonys said...

The difference is that it is in the public interest to expose what is being done by either city councillors or officials, with the public's money - and plenty of it. What we do is in the public interest. What Colin Cover Up does is either in his own personal interest (keeping himself in his £250,000 a year job, plus Performance Related Pay) or in Fireman Bradley's political interests. Give us one single example of the blog publishing the private emails of council staff (who do you mean? the Harbarrowboy? Or Hilton? or Henshaw? Lee Forde gave us permission to publish his emails - but we didn't really need it from Lee because people needed to know exactly how he was being stitched up) where it has not been in the public interest and we will have a public debate about it...
This lot are the most disreputable bunch of bastards the people of Liverpool have seen for a long time.
And we are proud to have exposed them.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why hospitals are using Davy Liver cabs.. If you are not using an ambulance or your own transport you pay for your own cab. Unless you are saying the NHS are using the service for staff. Not comparable in other words. A better comparison would be the BBC who do, or used to, use Davy Liver to pick up all sorts of contributors on account.

radiorogerside said...

All you anonymous posters make it so difficult to respond. However Anon #4, just for the record it is sometimes more cost effective to transport disabled patients home from day clinics, by taxi than a hospital to be charged for an ambulance! Taxis are also used as courier vehicles to transport documents and clinical samples, again more cost effective than maintaining a fleet of vehicles to do this work in house. The analogy made is if you add up all the Liverpool hospitals accounts, the CCs employees account is greater....Now do you understand.. the CC is taking the piss with your council tax money...

Smackheads United said...

I'm watching gordon ramsey's programme, they are showing STILTON CHEESE, WITH MAGGOTS CRAWLING OUT OF IT!

Couldn't have summed this up better than that image with ref to Hilton's latest ranking cheese, with the maggots crawling out of the stinking mess.

Moaning Mldred said...

How can anyone living and working in Liverpool, believe a word they are told by ANYONE in the council?

I'm just a law abiding person who pays her council tax.
Who can I go to for help now when the highest level is so corrupt, both politicians and chief offers of the council alike, who can put an end to this corrupt administration and bring in people who care and can make changes for the better?


radiorogerside said...

Me thinks the press pack are getting ready for something with this one, first time they have all acted on a united front. Even local radio and the Echo (suprise..suprise) are leading on it. Possible a 'House of Cards' will result when 'Cover-up-to his neck in it' has to answer some probing questions. They must all be wetting themselves...can you just imagine the panic that is taking place right now.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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