Sunday, July 13, 2008

PREMONITION OF AN UNCIVIL WAR or BATTLE OF THE GIANTS: the smiling assassin versus CoverUp

UNCIVIL WAR has broken out between the smiling assassin Hasitall and Colin CoverUp.

At stake is Hasitall's £220,000-a-year (plus 15 per cent Performance Related Pay) position as Executive Director (Resources) which Hilton wants to scrap.

Hasitall was behind the publication of the council's Blankety-Blank report into Tony Parrish's liverpool-evil-cabal blog.

The secret report, which had most of the names blanked out, fingered the Storeyteller as the source of info on the blog and recommended that he should be reported to the Standards Board.

But Colin CoverUp, in the time honoured traditional fashion, refused to take any action against the former council leader.

CoverUp decided another Standards Board investigation into Storey would sound the death knell for the Lib Dims and expose them as complicit in blackmailer Sir Diddy Henshaw's corrupt rule.

So Hilton quietly buried the report in his bottom drawer - until Labour's Joe Anderson rattled his cage and finally got his hands on it last week.

Hence the not-very shock headlines...

Painting Title: Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (Premonition of Civil War), 1936 Salvador Dali

For the last year, Hasitall has been quietly simmering away in fury at Hilton's refusal to take action against Storey.

He wanted revenge because his own corruption had been comprehensively exposed by the legendary blog - his relationship with Chas 'show me the money' Cole; the New York marathon; his son's band Abe appearing with Status Quo at Chas's Summer Pops; free parking for Chas; the spiralling cost of the O8 Place to fit out Chas with an office, etc, etc.

So when it became clear that Hilton, at the Fireman's insistence, was now lining up Hasitall for the chop, the smiling assassin decided to act.
He wanted to get his revenge in first after it became clear that he was soon going to be the 'scapegoat' for Liverpool being named the worst financially run council in the country by the Audit Commission.

(Not so much the scapegoat really though - he is the city's Treasurer after all! eds)

So Hasitall, who leaked the first Tony Parrish report to the Echo a year ago, made sure the final report - produced by his own internal audit staff, of course - got into the hands of Labour's Joe Anderson.

The smiling assassin was quite happy for the Storeyteller to be fingered, but his real target was Hilton - for failing to refer the whole issue to the Standards Board.

In doing so, he scored a direct hit!

The report exposes CoverUp as politically biased, in protecting the Lib Dims and letting the Storeyteller off the hook.

It also reveals that CoverUp ignored an official recommendation and publically raised huge questions marks about his own professional integrity as £225,000-a-year chief executive, (plus 15 per cent Performance Related Pay).

(Not that we were in any doubt about that, anyway! eds)

CoverUp decided to cover-up for the Lib Dims.

So another everyday story of Liverpool politics!

Meanwhile, as the civil war between the smiling assassin and Hilton now rages, stay tuned for more instalments!!!!

It ain't over yet by a long way.....


Tori Blare said...

I hope with all my heart, that this
administration, is now suspended.
Any other administration will do, as they cannot be any worse than this corrupt lot.
How can any council employee feel pride in their work, when the people who they are supposed to look up to for guidance and a so called role model are the moist corrupt people in Liverpool.
Nevermind the gangsters and un lords, this lot scare me much more.
They can ruin a life is seconds with their stupid reorts. Hasitall has been allowed to continue in the backround stabbibg people in the back and putting the city into even more debt.
Maybe Hasitall is a lib dem?
I believe Hasital was bullied a lot a school, maybe this is his way of etting them all back?


Warren Bradley said...

“It is a sad indictment of what we are willing to stoop to.

“This council will not be run from this chamber by elected members who will stand up and be counted. It will be run by Colin Cover Up.

“I am willing to offer all the evidence I have about that dirty, despicable smiling assassin, Hasitall.

“We should stand up and be decisive about putting this council where it deserves to be – in the bin.”

Mike Storey said...

“I strongly refute any suggestions I leaked anything to the blog. I never dreamt that the public would find out what had been going on or that anyone could believe it was at all in the public interest to find out about McElhinney, and LDL, Halsall, Chas Cole, The Summer Pops, free parking for Chas, The 08 Place going half a million quid over budget just to keep Chas in the style to which he was accustomed, The Kensington One Stop Shop, the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund. If I had known that anyone would want to publicise these things, I would have been horrified. It just reflects very badly on me as Leader and the entire Lib Dem administration that alloowed it to happen, doesn't it? I was on holiday in France at the time, so it was nothing to do with me at all. I don't know where this information came from. (This conversation isn't being taped, is it?)

Professor Y Chucklebutty said...

I have just read the Rex Hesperus column in tonights Hecko featuring Japer Harbottle's stint on the Pete " I'll knock yer block off" Murray phone in show.

I fear Rex may have hit his head in his last accident as he clearly gave the indication that he felt Jasper was capable of speaking into a microphone and able to grasp things going on around him. Well we know he is good at grasping. But Really!

Unless of course this was a way of pointing out that a Tangerine could do a better and more dignified job than Pete.

Nevertheless, in the public interest I must postpone my campign to have him as elected mayor pending further investigations. This leaves the door open, I fear, for Foghorn Leggarty to take forward his mysterious petition that has almost certainly been signed by interested parties and potential candidates, Professor Rednose and Dean Sillyman (aka Jerry Cakehole from SillytalkFM)

May I pass on my thanks for all the support I have had in the campaign.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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