Thursday, July 24, 2008

The voice of the people - we could not say it better.....

Dr X. Laughing Sandwich has left a new comment on your post:

This behaviour is endemic within the Executive Board of the council and that of LDL.

It has been cultivated and necessitated by a conspiracy of covering up greed, incompetence and the unbelievable criminal squandering of public monies.

The reality is that a group of controlling officers in Liverpool who are on salaries way out of proportion to other Local Authority Executive officers or even Executives of private companies, or for that matter, the parliamentary cabinet and the prime minister himself.

It is a group who have awarded themselves huge bonuses and performance related pay and a group will do anything that they need to do in oder to protect their positions and hide their incompetence and deceit.

A group who upon realising how big a salary gap they had created between themselves and the next level of management beneath them, set about inventing two or three entirely new management tiers in the 75k to 195k income brackets.

Under cover of making fit the council management fit for purpose, the real objective was to justify their own salary levels by creating a visible rising structure. The result of this new tier? Their Achievements?

Well we only have to look at each consecutive appalling and damning judgement of each and every audit and the resulting laughingstock that is Liberal-democrat run Liverpool.

This group who were complicit in renewing contracts that had clearly been shown to be at worst totally corrupt and at best a mockery of the concept of Best Value, who spoon-fed misleading and falsified information about services to either stupid or completely gullible councillors to convince them that this was the way forward aided and abetted by a few Elected Members with their own agendas and who were in the pockets of LDL.

All set about driving this forward and treating the backbenchers like fools.

To achieve this, they deliberately ran services into the ground disposing of key jobs through a voluntary severance scheme that had no proper funding, refusing to fill vacant posts and starving key services of finances with the aim being to make the remaining staff look incompetent or incapable and therefore ripe for absorbing into Liverpool Direct.

Then LDL set about recharging the council at least three times the original cost of providing the same services and a call centre service more interested in external lucrative contracts than doing the job they were supposed to do.

A wonderful new service, who took on and then bullied untrained young people to work from scripts dealing with the jobs once done by qualified experienced staff that had deserted in their droves unable to stomach any more.

And the line they were given was to keep the public away from getting the help they needed if it was likely to be one that would involve a cost.

A group that initially under Henshaw but also to everyones genuine and deep sorrowful dismay under Hilton, with the support of Storey and Bradleys cabinet allowed the sinister Team Liverpool to drive these changes through, tolerating no opposition or questioning of how this would improve services, bullying staff into submission.

Using the Big Lie technique presenting lies masquerading as reports. and presenting financial projections and alleged savings that did not add up from day one.

Anyone who questioned this found their life was made hell and they either shut up or left.

They allowed Team Liverpool to play a never ending game of relocation with staff teams and services so that they could charge the council tens of thousands of pounds for each and every unnecessary but highly lucrative move.

No questions asked or reasons given and any challenge seen as not being a team player or not being progressive.

For over four years they shifted and moved often the same teams and staff around form building to building, floor to floor and crammed people into hot desk offices, where they often had to wait 2 hours of a morning to access a computer.

They have given the council rooms in buildings which the city council own and charged them for the use of their own premises, the list could go on and on.

Enough has already been written about the financial joke that is the IT service and cost of personal computers and IT equipment.

This is the group that has at the same time presided over the worst financially controlled council in Britain.

The group who still take their performance related pay and bonuses and massive golden handshake or silencing deals when they have become either so incompetent that they cannot be maintained in post or that they threaten blackmail.

The group who to get themselves out of the financial mess they have created, and still maintain their high earnings, look each and every time to cutting back services to the most vulnerable need groups and front line staff.

They would never consider cutting the stranglehold and financial abyss that is Liverpool Direct because without them, they would never have achieved this level of pay, self importance and the idea that they can do as they damn well want, when they want because nobody is able to or prepared to stop them or challenge them.

Joe Anderson, if you don't see this then you must be blind.

If the decent Lib-Dem back benchers who have been treated with contempt by their own party leaders don't see this then you will be tarnished for years to come with the accusations, rightly or wrongly of corruption or incompetence or both.

So of course they would go to these extremes to protect themselves, and it is about time everybody woke up to the fact that this council has become a disgrace to public office and public services and the decent hard working staff with any sense of the reality must be sickened and ashamed, and would probably be ready to comply with any genuine public enquiry.

We have seen the result of whistle blowing and handing over dossiers of evidence.


Because those called to or expected to investigate it are a part of the problem.

The demand should be made now to central government for a full public enquiry into the political and officer led management of this city and immediate intervention powers used to take control.

Without this, there is no current credible way forward.


Tori Blare said...

Mr Sandwich has summed the issue up and found what can only be the considered solution to the corrupt administration of this city, that is Government intervention.
No-one really wants interferance from Central Government but this city has gone way to far in its do what they want attitute and I fear there is nobody big enough or influential enough in local political power to stop the corrupt officials of Liverpool.
An elected mayor could be a possibility, however that is an issue that will not be up and running quickly enough to stop these thieves. Who would be good enough for this role anyway?
I truley despair in the future of Liverpool, it breaks my heart to watch and not be able to do anything about it.

MILDRED said...

If you are unhappy about the way a member of Liverpool City Council or one of the co-opted members has behaved, you can submit a complaint in writing to:

The Monitoring Officer
Liverpool City Council
Municipal Buildings
Dale Street
L2 2DH

Anonymous said...

Isnt Hasitall the "Monitoring OFficer"?

Mrs Snatcher said...

You may as well snd it to the Milk Monitor

Tony Parrish47 said...

The smiling assassin Hasitall is indeed the monitoring officer. But it looks as tho Cover Up is now after that job....

YOZZER said...

I was a monitor in school once!


Anonymous said...

If Stilton got it then that would be absolutely ideal to help him do even more covering up

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I can't see central government as the solution here. Public trust in Mp's and the New Labour Project is at an all time low, I can't see they could have the credibility or integrity to intervene. Also I believe central govt are complicit in many ways, as what is happening reflects this regional agenda run by national targets/ budgets and subtle but powerful quangos.

The evil cabal had key links with Labour and PrimeMinisters and Deputy Prime Ministers unit.

This self serving group, operating with a hidden agenda, mirrors the work of common purpose - who are continually underestimated on this site. Many indidviduals you speak of are members.

Finally if you want the people to speak and have a voice - they must be given the platform and process to co-ordinate their voice effectively. NO political party currently wants to do this as it undermines their agendas. People power will need tools, technology, process and co-ordination (and motivation/ credibility)- so the voice can be effective and representative.

CIB-3 said...

So whom do you contact if you want to complain about the Monitoring Officer?

Anonymous said...

The only option now is to split Liverpool into two local authority districts (the southern one controlling the city centre), and place these two local authorities within a Greater Liverpool strategic authority. The city council itself is plainly beyond repair from within or outside, and cannot go on. This would also be a chance to break up the inefficient and wasteful authorities like Wirral and Sefton. A tragedy for Greater Liverpool has been the inability of the mother city of the region to provide leadership, because of its corrupt and insular officers.

MILDRED said...

I haven't a bloody clue who you can complain to about the monitoring officer, that's the point!??

Anonymous said...

Hooray best idea ive heard in ages but

"because of its corrupt and insular officers."

Arent you forgetting its dopey muppet Councillors there now?

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, there is a petition on the Downing Street website ( asking for the National Audit Office to descend like a plague of locusts upon Liverpool and carry out an investigation into the finances and Hasitall has signed it!

Anonymous said...

It seems that Hasitall has complained to Downing Street and his signature has now been removed from the petition above...

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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