Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fireman Bradley faces court....

FIREMAN Bradley faces a public 'trial' after being found guilty of repeated breaches of the councillors' Code of Conduct.

Ethical watchdogs at the Standards Board are recommending that the Fireman is hauled in front of the Adjudication Panel for England which will then consider what action to take over the breaches.

The move is the most serious step the Standards Board can take and means that Bradley will have to appear in front of a public tribunal to answer the allegations.

He faces being suspended for up to a year or being disqualified from office for up to five years!

The same fate also awaits his partner in crime, the Storeyteller, who unaccountably appears to be going around Liverpoool telling anyone who will listen how he will escape censure.

This indicates that he has either had rather too much to drink at a Culture Company freebie, or that men in white coats are about to cart him off to the funny farm.

If Bradley is walking the plank to oblivion, the Storeyteller has already gone off the deep end and is now drowning, not waving.

The Fireman meanwhile is desperately trying to get his act together and is currently seeking legal advice from top barristers about what to do next, since kicking former Lord Mayor and barrister Paul Clark into touch after repeated poor advice.

However, anything can still happen. (Well this is Liverpool, you know, ed)

Many Lib Dems are already muttering darkly about Bradley on the specific grounds that he should resign as Leader and fight for his political life from the backbenches.

They know that if Leader Bradley appears in front of a court of law, the people of Liverpool will take an exceedingly dim view of both the Fireman and his party.

Not even Degsy dragged Liverpool so deep into the gutter.

So there are already audible Lib Dem discussions going on about Flo Clueless stepping into the breach.

Quite who will hand the Fireman the poisoned fire hose is a moot point however. Sir Trevor? Paul Clein? Kevin Firth? There are a growing number who would willingly volunteer.

You will read nothing about this, of course, in the Oldham Echo which, because they were scooped to a story by the Daily Post, then petulantly decided that they wouldn't run anything at all about the Standards Board.

They much prefer to pretend that the Leader of Liverpool city council has not been under investigation for a year, that he has not been handed a damning report which recommends a court appearance for him and that he does not face being banned from office.

They would rather tell you about the latest drugs heist instead or the imposter Pete Price's 'going nowhere' campaign against a harmless blogger, who is, obviously, the real Pete Price.

Sadly, the Oldham Echo's new 'political correspondent' got the bums rush from the Fireman when approached for a sympathetic "My personal agony and why is everyone picking on me and my family?" interview with the hapless and hopeless Fireman.

Meanwhile there are many wronged people with justifiable scores to settle against both Bradley and Storey who are waiting patiently and expectantly on the sidelines for the Standards Board to finally publish its report....

To say nothing of the Fireman's close colleague, Councillor Hurst appearing in court too. But then that's another story...


Anonymous said...

Ahhh but it were true that we were to be finally rid of these two chief nellies!

Any news of what Covering up moves are afoot by Cover up??

radiorogerside said...

Follow the case against Councillor Hurst, on this link its a gas.

Tori Blare said...

Could it REALLY be true that some sort of justice will take place?

Is it worth me getting my hopes up again, only to find corruption in the council is the norm at the top level and will never be stopped?

Please let it be true....

Anonymous said...

After a very hard week of being at work - I won't say who I work for - I have just been rolling around the floor laughing after reading your blog for today.So thanks for that.

No matter what happens to these people they can never pay for the way the great people of Liverpool have been treated by the self seeking of certain individuals. What a travesty!

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen. Bradley and Storey are slimier than a jellyfish having an orgasm in a bucket of snot.

Anonymous said...

Interesting reply from the accused, S. Hurst, in his defence. 'The reason for a baseball hat and dark glasses, it was a warm sunny day'

Er in the evening on the 2nd of May.

Anonymous said...

With the council shake up, get ready for D.BullShitter to do a runner before he's pushed, as he did back in his supposed Sydney heyday. Sadly for Liverpool most of the damage has been done so it will be hard to fix the barge load of mistakes.

Anonymous said...

I Hope they take him to Court it needs to come out in public, but i bet they do a punishment deal with him to save his blushes.
This proves he is an out and out liar the independent investigation has shown him to be a cowardly liar willing to point the finger at any one but himself.
He is incabable and inconmpetant please get rid of this prat.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't get too worked up about it all. Essentially change will only happen in 2010 when there are proper elections (or before if there is a bye-election somewhere Labour will win). After all, even if the Peroni twins are pushed out, their seat will remain Fib Dem regrettably. Likewise their ward mate, the baseball capped shade-wearer (if I were a Lib Dem, I'd wear disguise) will leave behind a safe seat. Labour need not get too worked up about what is going on. They should keep plugging away at the issues and tie it into the incompetence these high profile cases reveal rather than using the cases as a cause celebre in their own right. But then, when was the last time Labour ran an intelligent campaign in Liverpool? The real fear is that it is all set up for an own goal labour could do without, just at a time when they should be tearing this joke of a ruling administration apart. Lets hope I'm just a stupid pessimist. The Lib Dems have truly ruined a great city.

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