Sunday, November 23, 2008


THIS is the bogus leaflet that has put Fireman Bradley's close colleague, senior Lib Dem councillor Steve Hurst in the dock.

According to the prosecution, a disguised Hurst was hand-delivering this disgusting, nasty, vicious little piece of fiction to homes on the Woodlands estate when he was caught red-handed.

According to fireman Hurst, a member of the city council's Cabinet, he was, as an upstanding public-spirited citizen, actually taking them out of letter boxes.

This is Councillor Hurst's astonishingly literate, persuasive and moving account of what happened...

"I found some discarded TUSP leaflets, about five or six. I read them, seen how derogatory it was. I had never seen anything like it in my life. Any opposition leaflets, we should take them back to the Lib-Dem HQ for information purposes. This is something all councillors do.”

There is absolutely no truth whatsoever, of course, in claims that the pink bogus TUSP leaflet was in fact dreamt up by Wavertree parliamentary Lib Dem candidate Colin Eldridge with Hurst and Fireman Bradley.

Nor is there any truth in the utterly offensive speculation that both Eldridge and Bradley are to be 'character witnesses' for Hurst, because they don't want him to cough and shop the pair of them. That would be unthinkable.

(You could not make this up, could you? A character witness? Bradley? They must be joking! eds)

Anyway, read the leaflet for yourselves.

It shows, if you believe the prosecution of course, to what disgusting depths the Lib Dems will sink to keep their grubby hands on power.

And it also shows how ten years of Lib Dem rule at the Town Hall has grossly devalued the currency of political debate and political activity in the city of Liverpool.

The case is scheduled to resume on December 1st.


Anonymous said...

The whole lot of them need a long hard period of inner reflection and regret in Walton Jail. The sooner the better.

Lord Justice Chucklebutty said...

They will of course all be under oath to tell the truth. I am sure neither would wish to be found guilty of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. How can you possibly doubt them?

Trinny and Hosannah said...

You are losing the plot now Mr Porridge,it's not a Knighthood for Redmond, it's a Nightdress - and a set of curlers I believe. I mean what do get for the man who has evrything, well apart from looks, charisma, intellect, a command of the English Language, modesty and a decent barber.

Merry Charisma "Professor" Rednose, you'll look gorgeous in your nightie.

Mr Clack (keys cut at reasonable rates) said...

Speaking of bogeys - I mean bogus -matters, have you any idea what has happened to our good favourite local personality's blog The Secret Diary of Pete Murray?
It says he has been vile towards the terms of service and unless your name is Arthur you can no longer access it.

Don't let that scary fella come anywhere near me said...

I think you ought to mention that the TUSP party, or whatever they are called, have publicly distanced themselves from this leaflet in their name and made it clear that this was not something they had produced or distributed. They do exist but it was not them wot did it, your honour. I believe them. I think this was a plagiarisation of their party for the benefit of the LibDems.

I would also like to know whether the court saw any copies of the so called LibDem pink leaflet that Steve Hurst also claimed to have been delivering along with the more normal yellow ones. For that was what I heard was his defence (on BBC Radio Merseyside).

If he was delivering pink LibDem leaflets then who has had one, who has kept one, where is one? Let's see them.

Yes, quite, none such exists

What a lying toe-rag

I hope he does not come to any fires down my way, totally un-fucking-reliable.

And finally, he does not live in Belle Vale (I understand he lives in Croxteth) and he does not represent Belle Vale (he is the councillor for Wavertree ward) so what the hell was he doing on his own in his baseball hat and dark glasses in Belle Vale in the first place?

Dont you think he looks just like someone you would not want to run into in a dark alley? He gives me the SHIVERS!

Anonymous said...

Mr Clack,

Sorry no idea. Maybe the impostor has persuaded Google to pull it off the net with some bogus allegations. A sad day for democracy tho. I wonder if the Oldham Echo will champion a campaign against such censorship? Sad to see the real Pete disappear.

radiorogerside said...

Is it a coincidence we are still awaiting the publication of the Standards Board report. Until maybe Very Badly Wounded gives his character testosterone, in court in support of his mate Stevie 'hit man' Hurst. Wouldn't do for a witness to be described publicly, as being unfit to hold public office, now would it. You can maybe fool a judge some of the time, but come on never Wounded Badly. I am going to watch this performance, the gallery will be packed. Opening with 'We brought sustainable growth blah, blah, in the delivery of leaflets to the City during this past year of cock ups and pay-offs' Like my mate we are after all just 'Firefighters'

Maybe the judge will direct him to the cells after he finishes for the M.O. to section him under the 'Mental Health' Regs.

Anonymous said...

what happend to innocent till proven guilty?

Anonymous said...

Is there such a thing as 'innocent until proven guilty' when it comes to the sneaky dirty tricks political parties and their members will stoop to?

Anonymous said...

lol! fair point - well i hope its not true for everyone concerned

Anonymous said...

What happened to;
I swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Coucillors; Oath of allegiance to the citizens of Liverpool also comes to mind.

Council Taxpayer said...

The Met have recently arrested Damien Greene MP, the charge 'Aiding and abetting misconduct in Public life' Come on Mr Hogan-Howe lets get this lot of corrupt (Public servants)Lib-Dems in cuffs. Same charge fits here.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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