Friday, December 12, 2008


OFFICIALS from the worst council in the country were out in force at the recent Coldplay gig at the Oldham Arena.

Surprisingly, despite the abundance of bureaucrats present, this was a gig that was not promoted by Chas 'Show me the money' Cole.

However, that didn't stop Chas's mate Phil Hasitall, who took a half million pound pay-off from the hard-pressed council taxpayers of Liverpool, being present in a front row seat.

Wonder who paid for his ticket?

Nor did it stop chief executive Colin CoverUp and his delightful missus getting on down with the kids from their seats.

Wonder who paid for their tickets?

Alongside CoverUp and missus, and making a rare and hugely anticipated public appearance, was a surprise special guest - none other than The Storeyteller and his delightful missus.

Wonder who paid for their tickets?

Indeed so thick (sic) on the ground were senior council officials and members of CoverUp's Executive Management Team that excited bystanders wondered if the Lib Dim Executive Board were going to be the support act.

We are told that the Christmas get-together was to celebrate all the hard work put in by senior executives in making the city council the worst in the country and taking Liverpool to the verge of bankruptcy.

The council delegation took particular delight in Coldplay front man Chris Martin's recital of the appropriate line: "Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard”.

But one civic leader (sic) was surprisingly missing from the distinguished council line-up.

Step forward, under-investigation and on his uppers, Warren 'The Fireman' Bradley.

He rang up an underling just an hour before the show to apologise and cancel his seats.

Wonder who paid for his (unused) tickets?

So, as the bureaucrats swayed to the appropriately titled "Fix You", there was mounting speculation amongst them about The Fireman's future (sic).

"He's ****ed," was the fairly constant refrain.

But it seems The Fireman too, may well have finally smelled the coffee after a series of full and frank exchanges with his ruinously expensive legal team (paid for by council taxpayers).

The legal eagles have apparently advised him, at a cost believed to be in the region of £750 a day, that he is in deep doo-doo with the Standards Board.

"You're on a sticky wicket, Warren mate," was the advice.

"It looks like curtains, sunshine."

"They've got you bang to rights."

We would not have charged him a penny - thus saving council taxpayers a small fortune - for providing exactly the same advice.

And we would have been happy to have done so. As a public service to the people of Liverpool.

Meanwhile, now that the penny has dropped with the Fireman, the Standards Board contine to consider his and the Storeyteller's response to their secret report.

It could be finally published next week, next month, next year.

Anyroadup, the Fireman's bold threats ("I'm a fighter, not a fireman") of taking out an incredibly expensive High Court injunction against the ethics watchdogs at the Standards Board have apparently come to nought.

Gone are the protestations of innocence. Gone the brave words. Gone the little boy lost look.

Gone with all the wind.

The fearless Fireman has now gone from cock of the north to cock-up.

Which made one Coldplay song all the more appropriate - 'Yellow'.


Council Tax Payer said...

Dear Mr Cover up

I would prefer it if my Council Tax was spent on something more useful than tickets for you and your family, friends and colleagues to attend freebie events especially when I cant afford to pay for myself let alone my family or friends to attend the same events.

Your Employer

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Fireman Bradley give his tickets to a couple of the City's looked after children - I am certain I read last year that whenever the so called great and good could not attend dos that the looked after children would get their tickets. Maybe instead of paying his own solicitors, because that nice man so clever at Covering things up has used our money to pay them,Fireman Bradley could make a donation to a local charity - not himself or his mates - as a gesture to the good citizens of this City whose purse strings are stretched to the limit. Every day I hear of the City Council's plans to axe jobs in services where the vulnerable elderly and the young will suffer.
Time to make those sponging off us suffer...
By the way bullying is alive and well and living in downtown Liverpool City Council.

Anonymous said...

Unusual that Cllr Bradley didnt take his tickets, after all he has form! Vegas etc. I know his family are seen all the time in the house seats at the arena, no doubt they pay for them, NOT.

Anyway the only ticket he will need soon is a bus ticket from his office back to the fire station when he has to give up his driver.

On the "away day" culture at the city, its pathetic, even the cllrs use hotels for their meetings rather than the town hall and council facilities, something to do with bugs?

Just more waste of cash

Council Tax Payer said...

Dear Mr Cover Up

I would also prefer it if this £7.5Million of my Council tax was spent on serving the citizens of Liverpool ie care for the elderly rather than trying to hoodwink them with expensive PR and selfpromotion and covering up please.

Your Employer

Anonymous said...

Hears a joke for you, Cllr Bradley said in tonights echo he was responsible for bringing the BBC sports awards to Liverpool. RUBBISH, he said the same about MTV, all he did for that was turn up (late) for lunch with MTV executives. He did less for the BBC awards. He knows who was responsible and it was not him or Redmond. It was the arena team.

In fact he and others who are now claiming credit were against super lambs, the opening at SGH, MTV and the BBC sports event as well as loads more. All Cllr Bradley ever wanted was the Clipper, and he has lost that now, massive waste of money! It really is pathetic how Cllr Bradley and his gang are claiming credit for everything now it is perceived as a success........ No doubt they will get their gongs in the new year.

Anonymous said...

so the package containing the Cllr Storey verdict is on its way to the Municipal Office, will arrive late afternoon today. Looks like he gets to fight another day and take his position as first citizen in May 2009. I bet his mate is a even more worried now!...... everyone thought the verdicts would be made public together, but this doesnt look good for Bradley, Labour would prefer both heads but the Leader is worth more than the man who behaves like a camp hairdresser, his day has long gone.

Anonymous said...

stop press blog owner - Storey judgement today, letters been delivered this afternoon to Liverpool. Looks like he got off! just wanted you to know,

Correspondent said...

The Fireman's crass utterances continue: speaking to Roger Phillips on BBC Radio Merseyside at lunchtime about the Rhys Jones verdict, he remarked that "it must have been murder" for Rhys' parents to sit through the trial.

inn cider said...

I hope he gets a gong and leaves I would give anything to get rid of this tosser !!

Anonymous said...

Storey let off despite breaching the Code of Conduct.

Rather convenient day they chose to release the details.

Correspondent said...

To coin a phrase, it was a good day to bury bad news.

Anonymous said...

he should step down now, he doesnt like the blog does he? check out the echo today, he used to love it, funny how time has changed his opinion.

radiorogerside said...

Suddenly Worried Badley believes in the judicial system, the one which was flawed in the delivery of his mate Hurst's guilty verdict. The Storeyteller, lives to fight another day, the Standards Board decision

His ex-mate WB now down at his briefs office trying to plead insanity in mitigation, as to his actions in response to the Standards Board findings on his part in the Jason affair. Cover-up in the middle as usual, passing around an alleged apology to Jason. Come on you politicians speak out against this gang of shysters, free-loaders and snake oil peddlars the Nationals are getting ready after the CofC finale to bring this news story to the nation as they did with the Militant. They will bury the success story of CofC with this story about a 'Rotten Borough'

Anonymous said...

storeys piece in the echo was despicible he has no guilt at all. how can this man be lord mayor and represent this city next year? keep up the good work on this blog about what is really going on in this city. remember inspector clueless tried to find out who is behind the blog and failed. STAND UP FOR FREE SPEECH and carry on. our city leaders are so dug in with their lies they dont like the truth

Anonymous said...

He never made an apology, he is a liar, i know because I have seen the letter he sent to Cover Up about it, he actually apologised to Hilton, not Jase, even though he claims today he did, I know Harborrow is planning to respond with stuff which will hurt him. Hilton is not out of it either, he was the only one who knew about the issue, he told Bradley, he told Storey and he told Riley, pathetic. You are right about the Nationals, they have spoken to a few of the usual suspects this week, the ones who have more to say............
Riley could of stuffed Storey but wouldnt speak to the Standards Board, saved him from proper action.....

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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