Wednesday, December 17, 2008


FORMER Lib Dem Leader Mike Storey is still set to be Lord Mayor next year, despite being found guilty of breaking council rules.

The Storeyteller was convicted by the Standards Board of leaking details of the Harbarrowboy's illness to Joe Riley at the Oldham Echo.

But they decided not to punish him, because they stupidly decided that Storey had only responded to Riley's enquiry, rather than volunteering the details.

This is, of course, total nonsense.

Storey it was who pro-actively went on the blower to Riley to dish the dirt on Jase after Fireman Bradley tipped him off in the Leader's Jag the night before.

Riley then went bumbling around telling anyone who would listen in the Municipal Buildings that Storey had told him all about Jase having a dicky ticker and being on the sick!

Apparently Riley had completely forgotten the first rule of journalism: 'protect thy source'.

In response to this, Storeyteller in his evidence to the Standards Board called Riley a liar: "I don't know why Joe, who I like and respect, should utter such a preposterous falsehood."

Pots calling kettles,wethinks.

However, the Storeyteller's leak did present the Oldham Echo with an ethical dilemma.

Given that Riley had already dropped his 'secret' source in deep doo-doo, how could they maintain their editorial integrity as a trusted newspaper, etc (sic)?

The answer they hit on, simply, was to lie.

So, in the Echo's evidence to the Standards Board, they completely manufactured another source for the story.

"Yes, Mike Storey, CBE had spoken to Joe Riley. But it was Joe who phoned him first and Storey only confiirmed what we already knew. Another source has told us all about it first."

This engaging and highly entertaining tale of the mythical leaker apparently made the Standards Board look a bit more favourably on the Storeyteller.

So they let him off.

Of course, they should have hung drawn and quartered Storey for his part in The Perroni Plot against Jase at the Fireman's house, when the wicked pair tried to lure the seriously wronged Lee Forde into their evil plan.

But our ethical arbitrators decided that it was just another social engagement for the Storeyteller to sit in Bradley's front room for two hours, talking to an ex-employee who was suing the council, two days after an official report had wrongly blamed Mr Forde for the Mathew Street debacle and questioninging to him in great and prolonged detail about the Harbarrowboy's activities.

A typical Sunday night out round at Warren's gaff for the Storeyteller, in other words.

"I was just making up the numbers, guv. Felt sorry for Mr Forde. Gave him my shoulder to cry on. Gave him a Perroni to cheer him up. Nothing at all to do with getting rid of Jase. Utmost respect for the Harbarrowboy. Fine public servant. No feelings of animosity over Mathew Street, strike me down dead this very minute. Mathew St an unforunate episode admittedly, but tiny hiccup in the fantastic regeneration which our city is undergoing. Just look at how things were 10 years ago, we were the worst council in the country, now look at us! Er, sorry, i got that bit wrong, etc, etc, etc."

Sort of thing.

So this is the man who is destined to be Liverpool's first citzen next year? Unless of course Labour, Steve Radford's Liberals and the Greens combine to thwart his ambitions to appear in the Echo nightly throughout 2009?

Meanwhile, many of the blog's commentators appear to be on the button...


Anonymous said...

Only one man knew about Jase, Hilton, he told Bradley who told Storey who told Riley.
Storey called Riley direct the councils own investigation at the time proved this.

What is more interesting is why didnt Hilton report Storey to the standards board at the time? he told Jase and the rest of his Executive management team that he had, but he just sat on the draft letter hoping Jase would die on his sword before he had to take action. He was more interested in keeping favour with WB and MJS than taking the proper action. This probably saved the Lib Dems and stuffed the City with Crap Lib Dem leadership for 2 more years.

How many former council officers who have just been dammed in a council investigation get invited for drinks and a chat to the leaders home?? NONE, they were after setting people up, but it has back fired big time. Lee Ford is not a liar, he is trustworthy and he has had nothing to gain from all this. Storey this week is implying that Lee is a liar, I bet Lee has more?! hold on Mike, its not over yet.

This has cost at least 250k already, what about the impact it will have on the cities reputation? millions and who is responsible?, Mike and Warren, what a team.

Anonymous said...

'No further action'. After months of inaction by the Standards board that should have been expected. We should rename him Mr Teflon. Nothing seems to stick.

Anonymous said...

Yet another unfit-for-purpose 'regulatory authority' that is more concerned with brushing wrongdoing under the carpet than taking action against it...

What on earth have we done in this country to merit such deplorable standards in public life and to have so much whitewash sloshed over every bit of corruption no matter where it is?

Anonymous said...

Does any one know what the state of play is with Lee Forde who you say is suing the Liverpool City Council? Would that have anything to do with the bullying prevalent in the council from top to bottom?I hope Lee does have more...
There are a lot of things Mr Hilton does and says which are interesting to me.
In his letter to the Daily Post on December 2nd Mr Hilton says that he takes bullying very seriously and anybody can contact him about it - let me tell you if you do you will be told you have to go through procedures or you will be ignored - either way you will be bullied some more until they find a way to silence you. That is normally without a big pay off but with the years of service you have given to the people of this City binned - and you along with it.
Come along Mr Hilton tell the truth and shame the are not surely suggesting that the Freedom of Information Response from Liverpool City Council's Data Protection Unit to Stephen Gradwick was wrong when it said there were 45 complaints of bullying? What action will you take against that then Mr Hilton? or is that just not serious enough?

lee forde said...

I am happy to talk to anyone on this.

JueFin said...

This man makes me sick to my gut!

It's a sad fact that even if the national media did publish the story after coc, it is too late for all the decent and honest people who have lost their jobs because of the corruption that has been going on bare faced by the Lib Dems and the heads of council services?

I couldn't give a sh** who told what to whom, I care deeply about the suffering of others and I cannot do anything to stop the suffering of Liverpool at the hands of thieves and idiots!

Derek Hatton said...

This is absolutely outragious !!!! Anybody else in any other job would be sacked immmediately. The worlds media must love us. The two of them should go and save the city more embarresment.

Anonymous said...

why can't the standards board decision be appealed?

Council Bully said...

Take it from me, someone who has been bullied by Liverpool City Council, if you make a complaint to Colin Hilton about being bullied, he ignores you and allows the person who you complain about, to continue their bullying and they become aware somehow, that you have made a complaint.
Colin Hilton allows the bullying to go on with his approval.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some fine covering up going on there ......

Anonymous said...

Joe Riley from the Echo got involved with this yesterday, said Storey had done nothing wrong! would that be because it was Storey who tipped Riley off? or would it be because Riley refused to speak to the standards board because he didnt want to let his source down? You can blame Riley for Storey getting off to a degree, he changed his story over the last 12 months and then didnt have the bottle to speak to the Standards Board about his mate.He shouldnt of written that piece yesterday, he was involved in the investigation, at the very least he should of highlighted he was involved in some way.

uninformed council taxpayer said...

This is the same Joe Riley who feels it is only right Liverpool Council taxpayers, should be reliably informed of the health conditions of council officers!. But then kept ill informed of the requests for freebies, tickets at the Oldham Arena, obtaining Las Vegas show tickets with council tax money, conflicts of interest with event promoters,rental arrangements, executive car parking provisions et al.Have you forgotten who stitched you up for falling asleep in the Empire Joe. When the Echo fails Joe you go as well! Remember that this lot will chew you up and spit you out.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Joe is already going, with a nice pay-off and pension.

Anonymous said...

I was once told ny an industry insider that the quality of the review Joe gives to an event is directly proportional to the quality of the refreshments provided in the interval. Perhaps he sleeps more often than has been noted.

Anonymous said...

Sooner the better, he has let himself down right at the end.

Anyway more important is what step is taken next to get rid of the two pratts.

My guess is it will be late January before there is any more news on Bradley, no doubt after the 10th when CofC is over.

That will leave it clear for him to get a good kicking ,I really cant wait, it will be better than Christmas and birthdays rolled in to one.

Lets not forget he knows what is coming his way, he was never good at keeping secrets, funny how he has kept this one!

Anonymous said...

How could anyone talk to Lee Forde on this?

Anonymous said...

I know I shouldn't find it funny as I don't normally advocate violence, but the thought of a bent politican being put in a head lock (very funny) and given a good kicking when caught in the act of foul play is too hysterical for words!!

Excellent theme for an 'alternative' xmas nativity play or panto.

Keep up the good work and take care.

lee forde said...

You can get hold of lee forde through his e-mail address

radiorogerside said...

Well what a disgrace no 'gong' in the New Year's honours for my mate squire Phil of Frodsham. That's gratitude, after all he has done for himself during this Capital of Culture year.

nil desperandum said...

I know, it's a complete injustice! So so unfair.

Poor Phil, after all the letters he's written demanding - sorry, respectfully pleading and beseeching - a gong, he gets nowt at all. It's a Scouse beheading.

And I thought 2009 was going to be a bad year. Not all bad, clearly

Professor Y. Chucklebutty said...

The problem for poor Honourary Professor Phil Rednose is that these gongs are usually awarded for some kind of public service or achievement. Until they create a category for self serving, self publicising, bandwagon jumping, glory seeking, cliche ridden, exaggerated accented, cultivated scruff millionaires who want to be the elected mayor but cannot string a coherent sentence together, either when speaking or in print, then he may have to wait a while. If they do introduce such a category he may be elected Pope.

After the fireworks said...

Reflecting on the ending of the Capital of Culture year and all the things both unsavoury and dishonest which have been portrayed alongside, some good things, which have passed before us. I am into thinking the possible overlooking of any recognition for the self styled 'great and good' alongside the publicly acclaimed 'truly' deserving, with Liverpool connections with regard to New Years honours. Is possibly the whirlwind which is shortly to follow from the National Press and the Political spin doctors. I am minded to quote Sir Winston Churchill, in his 'End of the beginning speech'

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end, but it is , perhaps, the end of the beginning.

n.b. Explanation for Worried Badly not a good speech for you to quote. It means you will be in deep excretia shortly.

I am first and foremost a firefighter said...

Can someone give a little bit of help, I have just seen a list of George W Bush memorable quotes. Possible to have a list of my (Warren Bradley) memorable quotes I am sure they could better his. Trouble is I can't remember mine.

Anonymous said...

"After the Firworks" has been cribbing Larry Neild's intro, word for word, on his Liverpool Confidential column this week.

Anonymous said...

I would like to award a few gongs of my own to Liverpool City Council and ofcourse the Officers on behalf of the most vulnerable groups in the City.

Gong 1 for running down sevices for the vulnerable housebound causing misery.

Gong 2 for cutting back on residential care for the vulnerable elderly causing distress and anxiety.

Gong 3 for closing down a secure unit for vulnerable children...

Gong 4 for outsourcing its services for the City's looked after children - the avoidance of responsibility here is blatant.

Gong 5 for closing down a PRU serving vulnerable troubled children out of mainstream education because it failed OFSTED Inspection and opening it up again with job losses among teaching and support staff making life even more difficult for the City's children.

According to the OFSTED report the failure of the PRU was due to poor management by the Local Authority - should the job losses be carried by them really? Isn't it they who should be reapplying for their jobs? Some would say I am just too generous and that they should just be got rid of and replaced by the vulnerable children themselves!!!

The PRU has been closed down because the Local Authority failed to run it properly and opened it up again under the same management that caused it to fail in the first place - or so I have heard.

All this at a time when the repercussions of tragic baby P case will be felt every where, when the governments own targets are for one-to-one support for children struggling with literacy and numeracy.

All this at a time when Liverpool City Council are looking for the money to pay off Jase, Hasitall and ofcourse the Firemans legal bills...

I have a better idea lets look at the salaries of those who have caused the failure - the Chief Executive I understand is paid handsomely - I heard on the news that he is paid double the national average for Public Services CEO - and has a very nice car what about a review of that salary and how about him picking up a few of the children from the PRU in his very nice car - this would save on the taxi fares of the children at the PRU - you know the one that has been closed down and opened up again because OFSTED said it was put into special measures because of the failure of the Local Authority...What do you reckon, I bet you have got a few good ideas yourself?

Anonymous said...

What still no news on Bradley? is off the hook? the decision was due mid December,

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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