Saturday, January 10, 2009

UNELECTED, UNACCOUNTABLE, UNPALATABLE - The new Leader of Liverpool greets the Prime Minister.

OUR Lord Redmond, denied a knighthood in the New Year's Honours, was hanging on the Prime Minister's coat-tails during his visit to Liverpool.

The self-appointed Tribune of the People was never far from Gordon's side whether at Lime Street, the Echo Arena, new Museum of Liverpool, or even on the River when the PM went for a sail.

Whenever Gordon swept into view, there was the lagubrious Redmond at his side, making him chuckle with tales of Scouse weddings, Scouse anniversaries, and how much public money he had frittered away on '08.

Redmond's ego had successfully managed to shove Fireman Bradley out of the way early doors. The Lib Dem leader was later overheard bitterly complaining about being out manouevred from the Oldham Echo's photos.

Nor was there any room for the city's first citizen, Labour councillor Steve Rotherham, who would normally have accompanied the PM on such civic engagements.

Nor was there any room for Labour's elected leader in Liverpool, Joe Anderson.

Nor was there any room for any of Liverpool's Labour MPs.

Instead the Prime Minister's escort was the mastermind behind....Brookside.

What a boost for Liverpool in 2009.

Redmond had turned up to greet Gordon the day after attending a special '08 'Official Thank You' to the staff at the Fun Palace, who have kept the show on the road while the Harbarrowboy, Redmond, CoverUp and Bradley, etc, combined to cock everything up.

Redmond was so busy taking credit for everything and slapping himself on the back at this 'do', as the totally smitten Culture Secretary Andy Burnham looked on admiringly, that he actually forgot, thank the staff.

Our Lord had to be reminded by an underling to do the honours at the end of his lengthy speech about all his great triumphs during the past year.

Let us not forget that Redmond was first given a bunk up onto the '08 gravy train by his mate, the evil Sir Diddy Henshaw, who appointed him to the Culture Board.

Redmond then sat on his hands for two years as Robbing Archer got to work (sic), the Harbarrowboy topped up his tan and Mathew Street was cancelled.

In the resulting fall-out, our Lord seized his chance while the Fireman's attention was diverted.

Desperate to get Culture, Redmond and Bryan Gray from the North West Development Agency, did a deal to take over the reins of 2008, in return for a Government bail-out.

Wisely, the Government later refused the bail-out.

By the time the penny had dropped with the Fireman, Redmond had his feet under the desk and his picture in the papers.

Easy as pie.

So. This is the monster which the Lib Dems have now created - a multi-millionaire dealer in Scouse stereotypes; an unelected, unaccountable, resident of Tarporley (not Frodsham), who insists on being called 'Professor'; who can spend public money willy nilly while affecting a thick Scouse accent; who now, astonishingly has been doled out more public money to launch his Cultural Collective - a rag, tag and bobtail collection of his mates and sycophants to succeed the unmourned Culture Company.


Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown needs to carry a fly swotter with him to keep the brown nosers at bay.

Anonymous said...

If he compares the capital of culture events to "A liverpool Wedding" again I wil\personally shoot him. Change the record you usless twat.
The event last night was crap badly organised shite. The ten thousand people that braved the cold could not get a decent viewing point, no -one knew what was happening or why. The random\event was a cack handed baly organsed token gesture. Thank god its all over and we do not have to suffer expensive shite like this anymore or listen to Redomond and Bradley babbling on about World Class events. They are not they are piss poor third world league drivel. No move on and let us all get on with our lives, you have mised the best opourtunity this city has ever had and sold the family silver to fund absolute crap. If it was not for the Cultural institutions we would have had a disaterous year.
All the best stuff was brought in by them not the city who cannot look after its citizens.
Step down now all of you, you have had your fifteen minutes.

Anonymous said...

Redmond has bought his influence - he has donated about £50 grand to the Labour Party in the last two years. Gordon rewarded him with a place alongside him. Burnham, who is a naive and gullible fool who is so out of his depth he is drowning, has given Our Lord the go-ahead to be Liverpool's cultural Tsar. As you say, completely unelected and unaccountable - except to the chattering classes.
But money talks....
It makes Liverpool look like a banana republic.

after the fireworks said...

The Tarporley 'scouser' has now moved on with a new cliche, no more the scouse wedding, that was a year ago time now to show the photograph album.

Always in wedding photos some ass-hole, other than the happy couple, appears in many of the album photos to the dismay of the families.

Recent events appear to support this phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

Surely if he had donated to the Labour party he would definitely have his gong by now?

Anonymous said...

Very funny!

nil desperandum said...

Gordon Brown, Andy Brown-Nose and Lord Phil Brown-Nose need each other badly. Gordon needs Phil to give him some dosh to fight an election with. Andy has been told to brown-nose Phil to get the dosh. Meanwhile Phil brown-noses Gordon to get his Sir-hood, and employs several staff writing letters to achieve that end.

But a snag. Everyone knows Lord Phil Brown-Nose is a thick egocentric prat. Even the most desperate and financially challenged Labour Party ministers are bound to balk at allowing this lightweight Scouse dickhead to parade around calling himself Professor Sir Philip Redmond

An appellation like that is usually reserved for the Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University, not some nouveau riche dolt from Tarporley

Anonymous said...

He has not directly donated. If he had, it would have to be on the electoral commission website. He seems tight enough not to have donated but to want people to think he has. He does however regularly claim he's a fervent socialist (easy when you have that much cash) and tells Labour crowds how difficult he finds speaking to the Lib Dems and how he would so much have preferred a Labour council which is obviously total bull and not even his concern as a Cheshire resident.
Outside of the upper echelons of the local Labour party the good prof has no support and possibly more enemies. Indeed, more people see him in much the same way as people on here.

Friend said...

I don't understand why everyone is having a go at Phil. He has done his best for the city with no thought for himself. I know him - he's not like that. He has no ego at all. He only reluctantly agreed to do a column for the Daily Post because they begged him for it. He doesn't enjoy doing all those newspapers, radio and TV interviews - he hates doing them really. But he feels his view is worth more than Bradley's or Donaldsons. And who could blame him for thinking that.
He has a record in the city's culture.
People are just jealous of his intelligence and his prominence.

unimpressed said...

So Mrs Redmond he refers to you as friend, it is customary to call oneself either the wife or partner of said person.
Is this a Cheshire way of addresslng ones spouse!

Chief Bridesmaid said...

Oh dear 'Friend' your comment has had me in hysterics, its the funniest comment on this thread!

You carry on thinking that in your own little sort of 'scouse/cheshire wedding' scenario, the rest of us of us will carry on living in the real world.

Ha, ha, ha...

Shocked and Stunned said...

What a fascinating thread, made all the better by recent Talkcity promotion for old Jas's forthcoming show on Talkradio Sunday at 8pm.
This apprently will dish the dirt on the most expensive "scouse Wedding" ever.
We reportedly will find out what happened over Archergate, and who really put together the events program.
I wonder if he will reveal the finance situation and explain why they failed to get the money in?
Will he give any insight to what really happened with the Mathew Street fiasco?
Or will good old Jase bang on about how good he was and how the big bad politicians bullied him and it was not his fault?
Will he come clean and admit he was an incompetant CEO who is an egotistical prick who surrounded himself with sycophantic women who new less than he did - and that takes some doing !
Will he admit that the Cutural intitutions bailed him out of the mess that he and archer had created?
He will definitly take the credit for the MTV awards and to be fair so he should he did negotiate the deal and give them in the region of £350k to come to the city.
Lets see if they will allow a phone in and what if any revelations he will honestly make.
Will he really come clean?

I doubt it he has built a career on lying.

Tatty Phil Arious said...

I agree with Mrs Friend. Of course Phil has no ego, I do his hair and eyebrows for him and look what he lets me get away with.

Emma Dale said...

Friend suggests that modest Phil is reluctant to do all these interviews and was begged to write for the Daily Post. That he just feels his view is worth more than Bradley's or Donaldson's and who can blame him for that.

The views of Bradley and Donaldson are completely worthless and the really sad fact is that Phil's views are of even less worth, if that's possible. that's been proven with every cringe-making interview he has done and every cliche ridden speech. At least Bradley was elected, God knows how, but he was.

nil desperandum said...

Phil? A dim-witted egomaniac?

Judge for yourself by reading his speech recently to the NWDA

Prof said...

Nil, old bean, thank you for that amazing link. And that was the actual address to the AGM of the NWDA!!!??

Well for once, I am almost lost for words. It is truly frightning.
It would be considered too over the top if printed here as a piss-take.

Did somebody have to go around and close everyone's astonsished gobs?
I noticed my jaw had dropped once I finished reading it.

Anonymous said...

It is actually the most stunning piece of bollocks i have had the misfortune to read in a long time. Someone told me that all Redmond's speeches consisted of him patting himself on the back. I thought they were exaggerating. But if this diatribe is anything to go by, they were spot on. The man has about as much self-awareness as a plank of wood (ideal for a park bench). It is also astonishing that Redmond takes the entire credit - not a word about the staff or anyone else. And how ironic that he praises Creative Communities when he has done fuck all to make that a success (except from trying to pinch some of the projects) and has just had his picture taken in front of them. The man is a complete and utter phoney.

Anonymous said...

Smegging Hell !!!!!

Is that bozo representing us?

Anonymous said...

just read the NWDA report and i am gobsmacked. What a load of shite
god help us all

Anonymous said...

There is mention of Brian Gray in there. If ever there was someone who liked the sound of his own voice (because no one else does) then it is he!

radiorogerside said...

Well I never, I am lost for words after reading that transcript. Here was me thinking Old Jase Harbarrowboy talked a load bollocks. This guy is up there, really taking the piss. Incidentally if you were to buy your sheets of paper at Asda, it currently works out at 1p a sheet. What a return on your investment is that!

after the fireworks said...

Listen to this load of shysters, telling each other what a wonderful job they all did on bringing the CoC to Liverpool, running the most successful one, a world event and a certain Brian Gray stating all brought in on budget! The Storeyteller lying about how he never reported the medical condition of Jase to the press. No mention of the Tarporley professor's contribution just a few digs about him sitting in the background. The number of meetings this lot must have had, is a frightening inditement of their incompetence. Listen on the Harrbarrow interview playback.

Anonymous said...

So its all over. When will it be over for Bradley? has he escaped or is a big surprise about to come? Its all gone very quiet from the key personalities in this case. I bet he gets off.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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