Thursday, November 30, 2006


1) Who said: "McElhinney should be banged up in Walton jail"

Was it:

a) Councillor Warren Bradley
b) Councillor Mike Storey
c) Matt Finnegan
d) Mrs McElhinney
e) All of the above

(We have included two pictures of Walton so we can all see what McElhinney is missing, ed)

2) How many times did former chief executive, Sir Diddy announce his early retirement in March 2005, before he changed his mind?

a) Just the once to the Daily Post
b) Twice - both times to the Daily Post
c) Three times - twice to the Daily Post and once to the Liverpool Echo
d) He never announced his early retirement at all, that was all made up by Matt Finnegan, the city council's media chief and poor Sir David has ever since been the victim of a disgraceful smear campaign of public abuse, vile attacks and disgraceful misrepresentation of a fine, upstanding, noble-minded, public servant whose only crime has been to serve the people of Liverpool above and beyond the call of duty (steady on, ed).3) Who pleaded with Matt Finnegan on the day after the media chief was suspended on trumped up charges: '"Please don't tar us all with the same brush"?

a) Sir Diddy
b) The rottweiller, McElhinney
c) The smiling assassin, Halsall (above)
d) Chas Cole
e) Jolly Jack

4) Who said: "I will have to resign if they
are threatening my job"?

a) Sir Diddy
b) Councillor Mike Storey
c) Matt Finnegan
d) The rottweiller
e) The smiling assassin
f) Tony Blair

5) Who is this blonde woman and what is her strange relationship to Dr David McElhinney (aka Dr Death, the Liverpool rottweiller, ed)

6) Name all Dr David's other blonde friends (and state whether they ever joined him at Knowsley on an all expenses paid trip abroad funded by a council contractor) and whether he then moved to Liverpool city council where he fixed them up with a do-nothing, but highly lucrative job. Or not . (It is permissible for you to use a separate sheet of paper to list any of these, ed)

7) Who said: "I told them no good will come of all of this - no-one will win."

a) Colin 'Cover Up' Hilton
b) The smiling assassin, Halsall
c) Rex Makin
d) Saddam Hussain

8) Which famous Liverpool trio ran in the New York marathon?

a) Sue, Grabbit and Runne
b) Kendall, Ball and Harvey
c) Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil (that's the city council's new slogan, ed)
d) McElhinney, Halsall and Cole

9) Who got free tickets from Phil Halsall for concerts at The Summer Pops?

a) Colin 'Cover Up' Hilton
b) The rottweiller McElhinney (for his parents, ed)

c) Sir Diddy and Lady Alison Henshaw
d) Councillor Paul Clark
e) Councillor Mike Storey
f) The woman at the butty shop (true, ed)
g) All of the above

10) Whose son made a 'once in a lifetime' appearance in a Southport-based combo, as the support act to Status Quo at the Summer Pops, for a still undisclosed fee from Chas Cole's CMP?

11) Which Porsche-driving Executive Director slammed the phone down on a journalist who had the disgraceful cheek and temerity to dare to ask him about his son's 'once in a lifetime' appearance at the Summer Pops and whether he had ever officially declared such a personal and pecuniary interest, in accordance with council regulations? (this question has been drafted by the bald eagle, ed)

12) Name the two pop bands in this historic and much loved photograph.

13) How many hits did the liverpoolevilcabal blog get?

a) Not half as many as the number of pounds Henshaw stole from Liverpool.
b) Not half as many as the number of pounds McElhinney stole from Liverpool
c) Dunno - but all 19,531 council workers were logging on as soon as they got home.
d) 102,465 (precisely, ed)
14) Who said: "show me the money."

a) Dick Turpin (well, it is the panto season, ed)
b) Sir Diddy
c) The rottweiller
d) Robbing Archer
e) Chas Cole
f) All of the above

15) What was the venue for the infamous Summ
er Pops media briefing, attended by the Harbarrowboy, Chas Cole and Jon Brown?

a) Colin Hilton's office
b) Jason Harbarrowboy's office
c) Chas Cole's office
d) The Racquet Club
e) Starbucks
f) The back of the bike sheds

16) Who said: "Don't let the evil cabal get you down" and to whom?

a) Mike Storey to Matt Finnegan
b) Warren Bradley to Mike Storey
c) Rex Makin to Matt Finnegan
d) Tony Parrish to the people of Liverpool

17) Who was Tony Parrish?

a) Sir Diddy desperately trying to get a sympathy vote
b) Daily Post journalist, Larry Neild (pictured, ed)
c) Francis Rossi from Status Quo
d) That bullshitting Kris Donaldson fella
e) Colin Hilton, trying to ensure that anyone with half a brain seemed infinitely preferable to the evil cabal
f) All of the above

18) Who said: "Whatever happens, we w
on't let you down."

a) Sir Diddy
b) Mike Storey
c) The editor of the Echo
d) Sven Goran Erikson

19) Who is Inspector Clueless? (clue: he's a fat, moronic, pompous Lib Dem councillor who believes in nothing but himself, ed. (Sorry, that doesn't really narrow it down very much, ed)

20) What is this?
TIE-BREAKER: Please supply a suitable caption to this action photograph of the new leader of the council.

The Liverpool subCulture Awards for 2006, featuring the Tony Parrish Award to the 'Hypocrite of the Year'; the 'Blonde of the Year' (sponsored by BT); Quote of the Year; etc, etc, etc.


Tori Blare said...

nThe answer to all your questions is the EVIL CABAL, except who was Tony Parrish, I told you before I am Tony Parrish and so is my wife, please pay attention.

Great Christmas questions I will of course have to get my EVIL CABAL file out to answer in detail.

Anonymous said...

If the good doctor was "banged up in Walton Jail" he would still be able to shower with a blonde itd be a bit hairier though

Tori Blare said...

Q1 Mrs McElhinney, said this I heard her

q2 Sir David is an upstanding individual and I cannot understand why you are so horrible to him, he said he would retire because he was scared of Matt Finnegan and McElhinney's wife.

Q3 Phil Halsal aka the smiling assassin, he also wet his pants, I know this because McElhinneys wife told me, who is Jolly Jack?

Q4 It was of course Mike Storey, but I wish it was McElhinney, and so does his wife.

Q5 The picture is that of Sarah Parr, the woman who thinks she is McElhinney's wife, his real wife is not best pleased, she told me honest.

Q6 Other Blonde friends, Mrs McElhinney is getting me the list from the private dick she hired, it wasn't clueless.

Q7 NO IDEA, possibly Saddam

Q8McElhinney, Halsall and Cole, with Francis Rossi in a penquin suit.

Q9The Rottweiler got them but his wife tells me he charged his parents an LDL administion fee.

Q10 Phil Hallsal

Q11 Phil Hallsal

Q12 Status Quo and the Gobshites

Q13 Ed tells us it is 102,465. Mrs McElhinney says most of the hits were her beloved husband.

Q14 Chas Cole said it but Robbing took it.

Q15 It was Starbucks but only because the back of the bike sheds was already taken by the culture board. It was booked for the rest of the week by Doctor Dog and Sarah.

Q16 Mike Storey said this to Matt Finnegan, but Mrs McElhinney says it to the good doctor every night!

Q17 Tony Parrish was and still is the voice of Liverpool Council Tax payers, and Mrs McElhinney.

Q18 I think it was Mike Storey, but he lied.

Q19 Clueless is as you said the fat lib dem from Kensington I believe.

Q20 This is a picture of paint! it represents the total whitewash in the investigation into the 08 place and other McElhinney corruption deals.

Q21 TIE BREAKER- Warren, I would like to report a theft. Sir Dithery doddery has stolen our leader!
Police on other end of phone - You will have to wait sir we have been inundated with reports of a mad dog raping the city of all that is good and kind, and Mrs McElhinney has reported a blonde woman for stealing her husband!

Anonymous said...

this quiz is so unfair

when are we ever going to get any answers for all that has happened anyway!!

Anonymous said...

Can we have some nominations for 2006 awards please?

Jail'em said...

Hello again,

I'd like to nominate Anonymous for the Polite Contribution award!!

Impressed said...

Hes a lucky boy that Dr Dog

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Evil Cabalists now know how turkeys feel when Christmas is coming close

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tony Parrish47 said...

Normal service will be resumed very shortly....

Southend TonyC said...

I'm sorry to piss on your parade here, but have you lost your job and not found anything else better to do than attack McElhinney, halsall and henshaw and dish dirt on them? What's the matter with you - are you some political obsessive or something? Shall we point out some facts here? You go on and on and on about Dr David McElhinney and the overspend in the cost of the office space at The 08 Place. I've been working as a consultant on many major projects (in different arena's granted), but as with many big projects they tend to cost more than initialy thought. This is what people in the know call contingency, stupid arse. Still, even if it goes over 10/15% of the estimate, or half a million quid as in this case, I dont see how it goes down as a disgrace to this man. Enlight us on how it does maybe? Why should he be held responsible if half a million pounds goes over budget - he hasn't personally pocketed it, has he? It wasn't his fault was it? As far as I can see the public services that had been taken over before Liverpool Direct started 'outsourcing' them all came about had without exception been a complete and utter 'bag of shite'. They have all improved beyond belief since - and so what if a few people who have driven it through have got rich. What's wrong with that. Do you expect them to do it for nothing? You seem to suggest that Mcelhinney has used this outsourcing to feather his own nest. I would like to congratulte this bloke for having the forsight to externalise these services from the council, (which in my mind, all local government are inept nobheads) and make them far better than what was before. Wait, dont start bleating about how they've built showers, lied, cheated, blackmailed people, tried to overthrow democratically elected politicians, favoured their mates and not done this and done that!! That's what happens in business and public services had better get wise to it. I happen to be a scouser, I left many years ago and came back to this shit hole for two years on a major contract from the city council ,(ending recently) and what I've seen is this guy McElhinney's organisation run round the city like blue arsed flies, as if their lives depended on it. To me its an improvement that they are all working in fear of their jobs and therefore will be ruthless enough to stamp on people who get in the way of them delivering for their boss. Get real will you. I say good luck to him!!! Mate, I have four showers to choose from in my office block in Canary Wharf and I'm sure blondes go into that as well. What is your point?? That he shouldn't use it? That he should stop friends from using it? Or that he shouldn't have built it with public money? You whitter on and on and on, maybe you should go down the Job centre or whatever they call it now and get a life, move on. He tells me you got the sack. You must have fucking deserved it. Another local government time waster, who wouldn't know how to cross the road. Perhaps it was cos you were shit at your job, or you took it up the bum from Storey instead of henshaw (that's what I am told), or your mum was gay, or your dad sticks gerbils up his bottom, or you play withy little kids? I don't know. That's what my mates call informed speculation!! You've obviously got an axe to grind and If I was Liverpool City Council I'd ban your website. Fuck freedom of speech you tosser. Why should you get away with having a go at Dr McElhinney, Halsall or Henshaw. People like you should be exterminated after hours of extreme torture. In fact do you actually know what a blog is supposed to be about? PS if you dont post this your a shithouse and I'll stick it on a blog of me own.

Tony Parrish47 said...

Nice mates he has....

Tori Blare said...

The utter gobshite who wrote all the rantings to you is obviously one of the EVIL CABAL or some tosser who thinks he will get a promotion.
The fact that he rants shows you have got to him Tony.
Don't ever stop, piss the lot of them off.
This person makes comments that you were sacked, what are your views on this one?

Tony Parrish47 said...

I don't think i need to give my views on ANYTHING he says. He keeps on sending me this same comment, because he hasn't realised that it has already been posted. Which, I guess, shows exactly how bright, well-informed and knowledgeable he is...

Tori Blare said...

You are of course right you do noy have to go to this idiots level.
It made me laugh though as I have pictured the DOG typing away at his computer foaming at the mouth and looking like his head is going to explode!
Glad he is an EX Scoucer, or he may have been run out of town by now by someone already, with that self absorbed capatilistic attitude.
Why don't you invite him to debate his theories?

Mrs Doctor McDog said...

To the idiot called southend tony, you are an ill informed stupid nasty shit head and unles you can substantiate your comments then sod off back to London and don't come back!
You say Liverpool is a shit hole, well now your 2 year contract is hopefully over then the City will be less of a shithole once your smell has followed your shitty arse back down south.
If you know so much then why don't you offer up your knowledge to this blog and as suggested we can all debate your opinions?
Failing this please do not send your childish rants to what is otherwise an excellent and truthful account of corruption in our beautiful city. We don't like anyone who supports the EVIL CABAL.

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