Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"Can I bring me mum along as well, please Sir Charles?" - begs Colin 'Cover Up'.

Colin 'Cover Up' needs his hand holding when he is allowed into the grown-up world to meet Royalty.

That can be the only explanation for the extraordinary and fabulous revelation in today's Daily Post that the £250,000 a year chief executive of the 19,500-employee city council, brought his mum along to last week's civic luncheon for Prince Charles.

The poor lad insisted that his mum should be put on the 30-strong guest list, which for some unaccountable reason omitted to include 'Sexy Rexy' Makin, Freeman of the City and distinguished solicitor of this parish.

But Colin's mum came along (and a perfectly nice lady she looks too, ed. But that's not the point.)

Along for lunch too came an un-named "guest" of £165,000-a-year Jason Harbarrowboy, chief executive of the Culture Company (Perhaps it was his cousin Ethel or Tommy, his best mate from school? ed).

Harbarrowboy even has the cheek to insist that "the Culture Company adhered to protocol and were asked by Clarence House to be selective on who could meet the Prince and have lunch with him at the St George’s Hall event."

So Charlie specifically expressed the long held desire to meet Cover Up's mum, did he?

Or was it Jason's rugger mate with whom he wanted to discuss the finer intricacies of Rugby League?

Don't make us laugh (well, not too much, ed)

Why didn't the city council give a seat at lunch instead to one of the care assistants whose wages they are trying to cut?

Or a classroom assistant? Or a street sweeper?

Just to recognise their contribution to the city, of course.

We are sure Charlie would have appreciated the gesture.

Perhaps someone should now ask Cover Up's mum and the Harbarrowboy's "guest" to repay the cost of their luncheon at St George's Hall - paid for by city council taxpayers, of course?

But this little insight into the secret ways of the great and good, apart from making the city council an even bigger laughing stock, also reveals a particular approach by the city council and the Culture Company, does it not?

Senior public servants like Hilton and the Harbarrowboy seem to find it perfectly acceptable to abuse their public position and public money to wangle favourable, extra special, treatment for their friends and nearest and dearest.

Where will the council stop next?

The Summer Pops? Liverpool Direct? The 08 Place?

Shurely not?

It's pathetic. And deeply embarrassing. But it's all too typical.


Anonymous said...

looks like the barrowboy is continuing in the same way he started. You should see how many of his old mates have got in top jobs in the culture company along with his mates who supply merchandise. Not bad for someone with no qualifications who knows what he will do when they teach him at harvard.

HRH Prince of Wales said...

For goodness sake, please don't try to spoil what was otherwise a splendid visit for me. I perfectly understand the pressure from ones mother. I am sure Mr Hillfoot acted with all due propriety and fearing a smacked bottom, what choice did he have than to let mater come along for a free nosebag.

The other chap, Jason Orange, I believe from an old boys band seemed rather out of place and lacking in any culture. I believe he brought a friend he had just met at his market stall.

I was very disapointed that Sir Rex wasn't introduced, he was simply marvelous in My Fair Lady and and his Dr Doolittle inspired me to talk to the plants as well as the animals.

I was rather hoping to meet Dr Dooyouforeverypennyicangrabahinneyand where was dear Sir Diddy? We shared an ambition, the men who would be king.

I was greaty impressed by your neo classical hall. I would love to come back after the carpet has been fitted to hide that dreadful lino in the main hall.

Thank goodness Henry Bohn books and the splendid concourse is still there on Lime street. Too many councils have destroyed wonderful buildings like that to create pointless open spaces.

Alas the Punch and Judy cafe did not stock any of my Duchy Original shortbreads. At £5.00 an inch they said it was too expensive for regular customers. What nonsense! Capital of Culture should encourage a better class of biscuit for the masses. if they can't afford a quality shortbread they shouldn't be allowed in the town centre in the first place.

A word of warning though,next time I visit Hartlepool if anyone again mentions the Beatles, my Gillie is under orders to shoot.

One new build disaster i did spot was at the back of the rather charming Municpal Building where somebody had blighted an old friend with a monsterous Car-bunker. Next time just call my dear father if you have a bird bottom problem. he could shoot the lot in ten minutes. After all you don't want a lot of wretched creatures constantly feathering their nests and crapping on the public.

God Save Mummy.

Anonymous said...

loved the comments from HRH god save the king and the rest of us

macahasitall said...

Your Royal Highness please let me wipe your arse, and hear ye a storey, and a tale or two, take a hot shower my lord if you wish in our golden spa.

Please tell the lords and ladies afar to gather thee here as the question you asked and so many have thought?
YES, LDL can get you the shortbread!!


Tony Parrish47 said...

It's our old friend Professor Chucklebutty. Another top notch contribution to the blog. I MUST create one for him, time permitting! I am humbled by the quality of his/her contributions. Probably the funniest thing since Cover Up promised a new era at the Town hall. Also he has given me an idea in reference to Sir Rexy - shall we nominate Sexy Rexy for a knightood for his services against the evil cabal and for the forces of truth, justice and democracy? Now that would be another great Downing Street petition.....Thoughts, and contributions please!

Tori Blare said...

I've got a spare blog or two not doing anything at the moment!

Mrs Hilton said...

Now hear me Mr big wig Chucklemanianiac, I TOLD my boy to invite me, don't pick on him or you will have me to contend with! stick that up your crevice and call me Doris!

Oh by the way your royal tampon, it was a lovely dinner, was it not what what what?
regards to Clamidia

MILDRED said...

At least the Daily Post gave sexy a voice to shout about the bumbling idiots who run our city, whenTony Parrish or the Labour Party or concerned Liverpool Council Tax payers have problems and are treated with contempt, there will possibly be a small mention but very rarely. It is a sad fact that it has to take the awful snub of a freeman of our City, Rex Makin, to make the media sit up and take notice.
I also wish Rex well in his pursuit of answers from Colin Hilton?
I wonder what voice the media will give to this one?

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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