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Panic-stricken Lib Dims have today handed over £1.9million to millionaire ex-Beatle Paul McCartney after he delivered an ultimatum.

A furious Macca threatened to pull out of his planned gig at Anfield in June, unless the Culture Company handed over total organisation of the event to his own production company.
He demanded the cash was transferred by the close of business today, after 18 fruitless and frustrating months of trying to deal with the Culture Company.
Macca's patience finally ran out on Friday when the ultimatum was delivered to the Fun Palace at Millennnium House - sparking scenes of mass panic and headless chickens as the bureaucratic suits were forced to gather for a series of top-level meetings.

Macca told the Culture Co they had until today to agree to hand over the event lock, stock and barrell - or the concert would never happen.
Colin CoverUp then decided to leap into action (well, he got slowly to his feet and decided to politely ask a minion to send off a carrier pigeon to ask various penpushers what he should do, eds)
The upshot was that the Lib Dims decided to hand over the dosh - even though they are already £62 million in the red and are busily sacking staff, closing old people's homes, leisure and sports centres and increasing charges for anything that moves.
Macca is still waiving his £300,000 appearance fee and handing it over to LIPA - but that still takes the total cost to council taxpayers to an extra £2.25million.
On paper.
The final cost will be millions more of course - all heavily disguised by the smiling assassin, Hasitall.
And remember the Harbarrowboy originally promised the Macca gig would be 'cost neutral'.
Then, that it would cost just £1.2million.
Now CoverUp and the Fireman Bradley are desperately trying to persuade safety experts to find space at Anfield to fit in another 10-15,000 extra seats for the gig.
So that they can then sell the extra tickets to plug the bulging gap in the city's coffers.
But safety experts have so far refused to give the go-ahead. If they refuse, watch out for more cuts in services and the city's Culture year being severely curtailed still further.
Meanwhile all the bollocks about global TV rights and DVDs and corporate hospitality coining it for the city, have all proved groundless.
The tree killing media, at the craven Echo and Daily Post will hail this as a fantastic boost for the city - Macca is coming! It's Official! An extra 15,000 tickets go on sale for gig of the century!
Not a single member of the Liverpool meeja has got anywhere near asking a single relevant question about the spiralling out of control cost of this event.
The total cost will forevever remain a mystery.
Meanwhile we bet Macca doesn't play this at Anfield:


one day in may said...

That just sounds like regular common or garden Glib Dum management strategy to us

Cold water pourer said...

One would not wish to be unduly negative about Sir Paul, but one feels it inumbent upon oneself to ask just who will be likely to wish to pay ANY MONEY AT ALL to see Macca play in Liverpool.

I have yet to be shown a single song he has written since Mull of Kintyre that was half-decent, and frankly even that was seriously dodgy.

He was truly "fab" with the Beatles but has not written a decent song since

Just like Ringo in fact

So why do we even want him to come back to Liverpool?

Two million would keep Boaler Street and Leighton Dene open, as you say and also pay for some serious dog warden activity and monitoring of listed buildings in danger and home helps and the L8 law centre and the Fazakerley Special Needs projest usw.

Need I go on?

Tori Blare said...

Cold water pourer, don't you remember the "frog song", that was a musical masterpiece!
I agree with your points though, except the part you feel Macca is no better than Ringo, Sorry but at least Macca still puts money into the City,(lipa), Ringo just took what he could took the piss and got off laughing telling the nation how he wound us all up saying he would come back to Liverpool, no-one wanted him in the first place! The money handed over from our coffers is discusting, however if you were a top star dealing with the culture club, you would get the money first as well, before it completly runs out.
If the elderly had the ability to get out and protest they would, as usual politicians pick on these people as they are already vulnerable and are unable to speak out themselves.
If we are in debt, where did this money come from?
Is there more money in these coffers?
Can I stay in my care home?

Anonymous said...

If the Council sold around 23 of the boarded up houses they own along Edge Lane or any of their other destruction areas then they would get their 1.9 Million ££ to pay Macca off

Anonymous said...

I have just sat and read the Daily Post's version of this story with mounting incredulity.
If you read between the lines in their version, you will see straightaway that the subculture account is actually spot on - McCartney did give them an ultimatum, did demand that they hand over the control of the concert to him, did threaten to pull out unless they did.
The council' own report admits as much.
It is also clear that nothing has been done to arrange this concert properly - no line-up, no live TV deal with the BBC, no DVD, no money from merchandising, etc. No artists have been booked despite all the meetings and the bluster from phil redmond.
They have well and truly fucked it all up.
And they have gotten away with it. I don't blame McCartney for threatening to pull out.
Now they are trying to cram more people in so that they can get more bums on seats and fill the gap in the coffers, as the Tonys have said.
It would serve them right if the safety people did a Mathew Street and refused to give them permission - Bradley and Redmond must be shitting themselves at this moment.
And as you say the Echo and the Post have swallowed all the bollocks for months/years.
No one has asked any questions! It's absolutely fucking incredible - people should be marching on the Town Hall and throwing them all into the Mersey.
The only things we should be grateful for are that we have subculture to expose this kind of stuff - its required reading in our house these days and that we have local elections on May 1st.
I shall be going to the polls very early in the day and i shall make sure everyone i know is also going to vote.
And we won't be voting for bradley and his cronies.
Keep up the good work, Tonys. We owe you.

nil desperandum said...

I love Redmond's defence in the Daily Post of his decision to hand over £2mill of our money to Macca's company. Says the unaccountable, unelected egomaniac: "it was the only sensible thing to do". As if.

You can bet Redmond wouldn't be doing that with his own money. Nor signing off £53,000 expenses + £29,000 airfares for Ringo & his mates. Another one the Tonys called right a few weeks back.

Makes me wonder where the kickbacks are going among this cosy nest of aging scouse celebs. In fact it makes the sleaze and graft usually associated with property developers look tame.

So no headline acts to cast a shadow over Macca. Just Macca + a C-list + a pile of bluster from Redmond & the Post/Echo on 'world-class local talent', 'eyes of the universe on Liverpool', 'never in the history of civilisation have we seen such wonders' and so forth.

Head-banging, teeth-grinding complete and utter shite. Meanwhile the rest of the country is laughing like a drain at us. It's pitiful

Anonymous said...

Well if macca is going to do it himself now at least it will happen.

What are all the lazy wasters in the Culture Company going to do with their time now?

Millennium House must be the biggest job club ever with all the staff trying to get out.
I bet they take culture company off the CV and change to Liverpool City Council instead.

Roll on Jan 1st 2009 when it will have dissapeared and we will not be allowed to mention it ever again.

Anonymous said...

Listened to Bradley on the radio earlier - Lord Phil of Frodsham is now fully in control at the Corpy’s Capital of Culture and is going to sort the Maca debacle out!

I know the fella from Frodsham hasn’t been the same since Wham broke up! But he did sound ever so calm and reassuring on the phone in. You’re all probably thinking; well it isn’t his council’s money he’s messing around with. And yes I know you should never trust any one who hasn’t changed the hairstyle since 1973. But I think we should just stand back and let him have a go, it can’t get any worse.

The Fella from Frodsham is going to get my vote for Lord Mayor. Unless some one can have a word with that Lawrence who writes for lily-livered Echo on a Tuesday! Good to see some departure from the lazy journalism that is generally the norm.

Henny Hen said...

We are available for booking, all scousers that don't live in Liverpool anymore so we fit the criteria!
Our Name is Henshaw and the Lazzie bands, top billing.
We also have some friends who play the banjo and the spoons, they are called "the Cuban's!.
However we demand payment up front or we take our business elsewhere.
Listen to us on local Welsh radio.

Captain Mac said...

A massive concert in the city costs money to put on - wow!! Excuse me while I call CNN ...

Coming up next, water is wet in Liverpool, and the sky is up.

Anonymous said...

Captain Mac - if you were not still a child playing Sci Fi I would probably think of responding properly to your post.

Anonymous said...

The 11,000 extra seats ae only expected to generate anothe £200k. A piggling amount when compared to what is being spent already never mind what it actually will cost after the council fulfils thei promise of underwriting any budget overspends.

The only reason the coughed up the money today was because, as teh report into teh budget said ...

"The alternative of not agreeing to these arrangements is likely to result in the concert being cancelled with significant reputational loss to both the Culture Company Board and the City Council."

I'm not sure the council and culture company have any repoutation left to lose.


That's not bad going for such a concert actually when you consider the CLIPPER RACE Costs £1.3 million and brings no one into the city and does not get as much major media exposure.

Leave Macca alone and ask the sensible question why has he had to step in and rescue? Lord Redmond is very wrong it is not normal to do this at such a late stage this is a rescue plan from macca cos Donaldson and his Cohorts have been managing this for TWO YEARS and messed it up. They are the Culprits not Macca.

Will some one tell us the final costs for the opening events? I bet it was a worse mess than this. . .

Tori Blare said...

Captain Mac, One day you or a member of your family, will need help in your daily tasks, such as washing dressing, preparing food, eating that food, assistance to get to the toilet, taking medication and basically making your miserable life slighly more bearable.
I would suggest saving up now for this care because the Liberal Democrats have taken nearly all care for the elderly away in Liverpool.
If you are misfortunate enough to become senile well tough luck as the centre that could have helped you will have closed down by then.
If you do get dementia, you won't remeber Macca anyway.
The fact that services for Liverpool people are being cut and cut again, is why this ammount of money is discusting.
You sound to stupid to care though.

nil desperandum said...

And Ethel Austin just went bankrupt this afternoon. One of the CoC's very few private sector sponsors has gone tits up!!

Don't ask how a cheap rag shop - cheaper than Primark, cheaper than Matalan - can go bust in Liverpool. Ask instead whether the Curse of CoC has struck again.

And be scared if so, very scared. Hill Dickinson could be next - we very much hope!

Tori Blare said...

another business connected with COC was Sayers, they went arse up as well!
COC should have a k on the end, followed by up.

nil desperandum said...

Nah, Sayers is still in business. It chopped its Norris Green plant and sacked 150 locals. But it's still a going concern around the place. It must be, think about it. Where else would the Fireman get all his pork pies?

Captain Mac said...

Of course, the state of elderly care in Liverpool and the other city council /culture cock ups are shocking.

I was simply making a point that the Macca concert was always going to cost a bomb.

Instead of bitching at me on this blog, people should be bothering to vote to get the Lib Dems out, and this site should also be encouraging people to do that.

But will people bother? The turn out at the last local elections suggests not.

Anonymous said...

You still don't get it. The concert, of course, was going to cost lot but one would expect revenues to cover it. However, due to management that ranges from incompetence to incredulity (stunning fish anyone?) we are faced with ever rising costs. And the escrew contract shows that even McCartney's people envisage it costing more. So who will foot the bill - why, all of us of course - all so the Lib Dems (who you rightly say we should be kicking out) could have a massive party this year - and even that is not guaranteed. So, when you sarcastically point out that a concert costs a lot of money, think about what you are saying because as Tori shows, it is money that would otherwise be saving lives, bringing dignity to people and making life better for a lot of folk in this city who will see no benefit from Capital of Culture aside from decimated services.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add vote Labour because they are the only ones capable of taking over! Green (except in St Michael's perhaps) and Liberal just does not cut it. Far left and independent also just gives the Lib Dems more chance of staying in.

Captain Mac said...

Fair enough anonymous.

The Tonys said...

We think, as a new recruit to the Liverpool blogosphere, that the good Captain has taken a good enough kicking on his debut here. We were about to launch a full bodied attack at his nether regions for being a Johnnycomelately and daring to question our commitment to getting the Lib Dims out - what have we been doing for the last two years, if not that? But he is a young and inexperienced blogger and he deserves our support and encouragement. After all the Lib Dim antics could have come from the most imaginative of sci-fi novels.
Meanwhile, we are still following the money. We might even agree that Macca is coming cheap. That's not the point. The Culture Company have had £110million to spend - where has it all gone? And why are the Lib Dim council closing old folks homes, etc, etc, to plug a £62 million gap that they created? Who is responsible and how and why did it happen. These are the questions to which we shall be returning again and again. And we haven't lost sight of CoverUp and the smiling Hasitall's role in all this either. More follows...

Captain Mac said...

(dialing down the sarcasm machine, while applying bandages following kicking and blushing with embarrassment)

I have just looked back through previous postings on the blog.

Sorry Tonys - keep up the good work.

This new blogger will try harder in the future.

Anonymous said...

Accepted. Consider yourself subcultured captain! Perhaps your knowledge of sci fi may even be able to tell us what is happening next in this city? I've always thought the Glib Dums were on another planet.

Tori Blare said...

Full forgiveness can only come from the Proffessor....
We will ask his forgiveness of your jelly soul, Custard will show you the way Captain fear not.

Bob The Builder said...

Anyone seen the Maghull Developments email on the post website? Pretty abhorrent if you ask me.

Professor Y Chucklebutty said...

By Jude Missus, I mean By Jove, you’ve guessed it, Sir Diddy to the Rescue!
Once again my expertise has been called upon, because I am of course an expert on most things known to man and several things kept quiet from the wife. Yes, they need me to get the McCartney concert at Anfield back on track before Grotty Cash faces yet another Meryl Streep Festival style PR disaster.

Yet again ladies and gentlemen, the clock is ticking and it all has to be ready to pop and roll by June, by Jove! What have the Custard company been doing I asked myself? How could they possibly be in such a situation with only weeks to go and not a single arrangement made, other than having sold tickets to an event that isn’t organised and with no line up of performers bar one and he isn’t too keen? What kind of idiots could have let this happen I thought? So I immediately called a full meeting of the Custard Company, took one look at them and it all became clear.

Mr Donald Wheresmetroosers was unavailable for comment, but I heard that right up until the point that he ran off down Dale Street to try and catch the tram to the airport and go on Holiday, he was negotiating with Googie the Liverpool Duck, trying to line her up as the main support act. (Donald? Duck? No wonder my googie withers)

So first, ladies and gentlemen this is what I faced on trying to get to the bottom of this, the latest in a long line of debacles.

As the meeting began, Mr Phil Rednose, the leading clown in charge of all things custard and with a finger in every pie, looking as usual like a warped negative of Kate Bush being electrocuted, took the lead on behalf of the Custard Company.

He just started to tell me that organising the concert was a bit like “a scouse wedding” at which point a hail of staplers, desk tidy’s and box files hurtled towards him with considerable force, knocking him off of his prototype Bench for Liverpool and burying him on the floor. As he scrambled back onto his “more than sitting on” bench (I noticed he had a toilet roll tied to it) he went on, that for those not used to organising events, (that seemed to cover everyone in the room) this is just a typical moment on the “long and winding road to……” he didn’t get to finish the sentence as a 17” computer monitor hit him squarely on the temple and he fell in a heap silent for the rest of the meeting. Howzat! Somebody cried!

Give me some good news I said to them; give me one thing that has been arranged.
A young lady by the name of MeCogloose jumped up very excitedly and said I have booked the Bouncy Castle! Well that’s a start, I said, something for the kids. Then somebody pointed out that it should have been Beyonce that was booked. Oh, who else have you booked then young lady, I said hopefully.

Well, that’s been brilliant she said I have got all the names from the list of top stars.
Michael Jackson
Sir Bob
Even Dame Shirley…loads of them and they have all written to confirm!
By Jove, take a bow Miss, we are saved, show me the confirmation letters I said. Sure enough she handed them to me, all willing to perform on the night. Marvellous I said leafing through them….until I read the first one!
The Sir Edward De Bono foundation would be delighted to deliver one of their renowned 2 hour talks on lateral thinking…..As former Chief of Staff, General Sir Michael Jackson would be pleased to …..Sir Bobby would be delighted to come to Anfield and meet up with old team mates from the triumphant 1966 squad…since stepping down from Westminster Council Dame Shirley Porter has been enjoying…..Tell me, I said, have you confirmed Justin, if we have him that will give us the international coverage we need for global TV rights.

Global? She said? You mean Gorbals don’t you? Scottish Television is only interested if we get Lulu or the Proclaimers. But Lulu is unavailable and Roger Moore and Tony Curtis haven’t worked together for years.

Roger Moore…Tony Curtis? I said, what are you…they are the Persuaders! Yes, she said, that would definitely persuade them if they agree to do it.

Just tell me, I said, have you got Justin? Yes she said and it’s even on his website, look. Well ladies and gentlemen, my sense of relief was short-lived as I watched her type into the website of Justin’s Rattlesnake It’s Timberlake I said very quietly, Justin Timberlake. Don’t be silly, she said, they make boots and stuff, gosh I thought I was scatty! It was at this point I utilised the tried and trusted method for hypnotising a chicken, drawing finger circles on the table in front of her and then pulling away in a straight line. Always worked with Storeyteller when I was Chuckle Executive. She went under straight away and sat calmly with a fixed contented expression for the rest of the meeting with just the occasional little squeak.

Right! Lets’s start from scratch. Anfield is booked isn’t it? Now, have you made sure there is not a match on? Two people ran out of the room and the rest sat puzzled and red faced. Good heavens! I said in disbelief, so McCartney is just singing, “there’s a shadow hanging over me” and it’s the referee sending him off for obstruction.

You have had two years to plan this I said, what have you been doing? Why is there no money, you had over 100 million and this is the headline event!! I left ages ago so I haven’t got it. (the b**tards) “Well” said Rednose, coming to life or as near as he can manage, “it’s been a hard days….” Shut it I said! Just shut it! Then they showed me the plan for filling Goodison Park with water and fish from the Salthouse dock apparently Everton couldn’t get anything in the net and it had to be abandoned at a cost of £330,000. All right I said that still leaves 100 million. Then they showed me some bin bags full of rags and said we have been putting these on the lampposts, keep going I said. Then there was err….the opening event and Ringo that was £35,000 just for him! “No, no” said Rednose, “I managed to get that down to £95,000….oh er up I mean….which is best up or down, isn’t it more high profile the more I spend of your money?” Then there was all the pay-offs including yours they said. The cheek of them! But we have attracted some big sponsors like Ethel Austen. I wouldn’t count on Ethel right now I said; I think your Midas hand has already touched her.

Then they found the scapegoat they were looking for. It’s McCartney’s fault they said he tricked Jasper Harbottle by pretending it would bring in loads of money, he’s done nothing to organise this he just wants to turn up and sing bloody songs, we’ve had to negotiate all the deals. What deals I said? Well Wally Bradlow has said that it will raise £300,000 for charity. No I said that’s Maccas appearance fee that he wants to go to LIPA suction the charity for talented fat kids, that’s not a deal, that is at his request, it is still your money that you haven’t got, so you are making the donation! So he is doing it for free. So why has he demanded that we give him £2 million and let his own production company organise it and take all the credit? They cried as one.

Well I am no expert, I said modestly, but there are a few weeks to go and no support acts, no staging, no sound systems, no rigging, no health and safety confirmation for extra seating, there might be a match on, no television deal, no DVD or CD rights you haven’t even sorted the licence for the Mr Whippy pitch and you are already have a £20 million deficit and on this alone you are already £2 million down the pan with a £62 million overall budget deficit at least and you are less than halfway through the Capital of Custard year. You tell me!

After a few minutes silence, Rednose put up his hand. If you are about to incorporate a Beatles lyric into your next sentence I will kill you I said. “ Yesterday…” he said as leapt across the table grabbing for his throat, “no no…yesterday we decided to review the whole format, he is the star, it’s him people want to see not Timberland and Whitney Spears, so we have decided to go for something local and more cutting edge.
Yes the Parks and Gardens Banjo quartet, said MeCogloose, they are the best ‘Edge Cutters I could find. They did Ringo’s head the other week.

Well ladies and gentlemen, as you know it is not like Sir Diddy to admit defeat but I afraid I have to. It was at that point I left the Fun Palace. I cannot allow my good name to be dragged out of the mud and back in again by being associated with this farce. I never want to see the 08 Logo again or the “Brand on the Run” as McCartney calls it.

In the hope I could salvage something I had already called upon my good friend from CityTalk but nobody’s listening FM Mr Pete Murray (he’ll knock your block off) to use his celebrity contacts to get me a top line up to join Sir Paul on the big day, the main event of 2008.

Yes, I had all the stars on standby ready to run out there onto the pitch, thanks to good old Pricey. Ray Quinn, (of course) Sonia, Bernie Flint, Eatin’ Out (or something) Bernard Hogan and the NDO, Professor Ian Tracey and his Thunderbird 2 Organ, Rick Asthma, OCD, or is it OHMS (something in the dark anyway) I had Jerry Seinfeld and the Pacemakers, Valerie Pertbottom and the Royal Phillysredmond Orchestra, The Posh Scally G. Rhiuvarb Rhiuvarb and his rude rappy songs, Dr MacIllHook, and thanks to some of my old cabalists for all the rock n roll Dads out there, I even had ABE and Sirenz. Now I have to tell them it’s all off and McCartney will be appearing with the Wurzells by the sound of it.

So yes Liverpool I have let you down the rescue I had carefully planned is not to be ladies and gentlemen, I am sure Mr McCartney and his people will be able to organise it and make the day a success for those who see it. One day we may even find out how much it cost along with everything else. I bet we don’t find out before May 1st.

But you see missus, the problem has been that from day one, the Custard Company only ever had one idea about 2008 and they almost drove the already batty Robbing Archer mad with it. It was to reform the Beatles for 2008 and build everything else around it to attract world attention. Yes I know we are short by two of them and believe it or not, even the Mandarins, ( was Jason one of them? well he was the right colour) yes even the Mandarins of the Custard company knew there were only two left. Nevertheless, they insisted that Archer get Paul and Ringo on stage together whatever the cost with the relatives of George and John, all playing together.

Now it was two years before they realised that Kathleen Harrison was in fact Mrs Thursday and star of the Huggets and no relation that Sean the Sheep was an animated character, (hence no reply) and of course Julian Clary is a close comedian friend of Norman Lamont and had a hand in his becoming Chancellor. I think it was Julian Lemon they meant, Cynthia’s Lad. But on the bright side, the Mix up over Julian also ended some of the silly speculation about who was the fifth Beatle, when it was finally confirmed that it was definitely not, Fanny the Wonder Dog.

Well whatever happens Ladies and Gentlemen, the Concert, the “Liverpool Sound” will be still no doubt be of music and popular culture and not the sound of national laughter, which would have been the CD, released by the Custard Company if McCartney’s people hadn’t had to step in. The Concert should go ahead in June by which time my dear little friend Wally Bradlow will, if there is any justice in the world, be a Nowhere man sitting in a Nowhere land….Damn! Bloody Redmond has got me at it now!

Tatty Bye Everybody Tatty Bye

Hope he does the frog Chorus! Kneedeep Debt!

Jenkins said...

The opening event was like
"a Scouse Wedding"

Let's hope this is a
"Frodsham Funeral"


The opening event was forty mins long and cost more than the ANNUAL EVENTS program.


Why did a two bit outfit who are cohorts of Jason Harbrow get carte blanche to manage such a large budget, was due dillegence undertaken?

I think not and if not why not?

Oh and who was Harbrows line manager?

Also remember ignorance is not an acceptable defence Colin you not knowing what was going on demonstrates piss poor mangement.

So dont say I did not know until too late it wont wash just like your excuse in the Mathew Street Festival debacle.

Sticking your head up your arse pretending it is not happening does not work mate.

radiorogerside said...

Well did you hear my dear pal Lord Phil of Frodsham, he knows his stuff, if it wasn't for some leaked info he could have cut a good deal with Maccas people! What about that Worried very Badly guy he was on a right old rant he is going to give you lot a right stuffing. He is onto you and knows you names and where you live. So if you ever need the fire brigade, there not coming so touch for that. This is all commercial confidentiality this money being wasted, you are all letting the District Auditor know too much which is against the City you want us to go back to the way we were 10 years ago...blah..blah..

nil desperandum said...

First, Ethel Austin goes bust. Now JJB Sports closes loads of stores. Scousers are going to be walking round in rags soon, nowhere to buy their favorite clobber. Just a matter of time before the Met Quarter becomes a ghost town; and flagship stores at the Grosvenor disaster zone start getting cold feet.

One more prediction: watch that Maghull Properties story very closely. It could get surprisingly nasty - but not in the way you might think.

Don't blow too hard, the whole house of cards might come tumbling down said...

I rather liked the bit on the phone-in with Roger Phillips and Phil Redmond where someone rang in to say Warren Bradley was being very evasive when questioned over the concert costs.

he said "that man would not even tell you which wrist he wears his watch".

Tee hee

Anonymous said...

Maghull email is superb - shows who is really running this city, gangsters and gobshites.

A fun link here:

Anonymous said...

That Maghull email for those of you who haven't seen it. Council are in bed with these people.

What the developer said to his chief critic: Dear sir, you are a ****ing ignorant pig
Apr 15 2008 by Mary Murtagh, Liverpool Echo

A WAR of words has broken out between a millionaire property magnate and a tour guide over the £100m transformation of Liverpool’s Hope Street.

Councillors last week approved a controversial plan to flatten much-loved Josephine Butler House at the junction with Myrtle Street, and replace it with a modern building.

Beatles tour guide Philip Coppell expressed his disgust about the scheme to Maghull Developments managing director Michael Hanlon, questioned how it got planning permission and said he hoped the company went bankrupt.

Mr Hanlon, who is seeking legal advice about Mr Coppell’s comments, launched a tirade of foul mouthed abuse in an email reply.

Mr Hanlon’s expletive-strewn reply called Mr Coppell a “f*****g ignorant pig” and told him that “we could always make room for you in the foundations within the new development”.

Mr Coppell today said: “This man is not fit to be involved in the development of this city. The email I got from him is abusive and I was appalled by it.

“I was really angry that they have been given permission for this development. I just wanted to let them know I was unhappy about it.

“This is a managing director of a company that the council and planning department are dealing with.”

When approached by the ECHO, Mr Hanlon was unrepentant.

A spokesman for the Maghull Group said: “Michael Hanlon did send this email.

“It was in response to a grossly offensive and defamatory email received from Philip Coppell, about which both Michael and Maghull Group are taking legal advice.”

Mr Coppell sought advice from Merseyside police over the email. He said they advised him any further contact from Mr Hanlon could be considered harassment.

Josephine Butler House will be demolished to make way for offices, shops and restaurants.

Designers from Maghull Developments convinced Liverpool council’s planning committee the scheme should go ahead.

From: Philip Coppell, Sent: 10 April 2008

IT is an absolute disgrace that your company has been allowed to build that eyesore on Mytle St. (sic). You are no better than those builders who “modernise” terraced houses.

Destroying the appearance of a line of terrace houses by putting rendering over brick. This development is totally unsuitable for the area and it makes me wonder what you did to get planning permission. Please leave Liverpool alone as you are only in it for the money and I hope that the present credit crunch bankrupts your company and this obscene development never sees the

From: Michael Hanlon, Sent: 10 April 2008

Dear Philip,

Thank you for your exquisite email below which I presume refers to the granting of planning permission to redevelop the Josephine Butler House site at the junction of Hope Street and Myrtle Street.

Are you always so ignorant? If your wife thinks you are a f*****g ignorant pig then perhaps someone can refer you to a specialist who may be able to help you.

However, if you are as ignorant as I think you are and are beyond medical help then we could always make room for you in the foundations within the new development? From what I have heard about you from several colleagues of yours this course of action would delight many of your peers, and most certainly your wife.

Please let me know should you wish to discuss face to face your snide comments regarding what we may have done to secure planning consent for the scheme... but the short answer is more than two years of very high level discussions and negotiations with the Planning Director and Officers, Conservation Officers, Highways Officers, English Heritage and a whole raft of local consultation groups, many of which consist of time wasting w*****s like you who seem to think they are experts in heritage and regeneration and that professional people like myself and English Heritage don’t have a clue. Well guess what d***head, you are wrong.

It’s been hard work but it will be worth it to develop a first class modern mixed use scheme which will bring delight into so many people’s lives, create in excess of £60m of investment and over 200 jobs for local people.

Finally, there is more chance of John Lennon giving a guest appearance next Friday night at one of your poxy tour do’s than the credit crunch bankrupting our business, so if you don’t like our proposals then that’s hard lines for you , so why don’t you f**k off and seek medical help for your condition too.

My contact numbers are below should you wish to discuss any of the above in greater detail, or arrange a meeting face to face.

Regards, Mike.

Weeping Wally said...

Well has everybody wiped the tears from their eyes following the moving letter from mummy in tonights echo? Pram Bradley talking about the selfless dedication of her little boy, a true leader giving everything to the detriment of family life. Waaaahhhhhhhaaaaaa! sob sob! oh i can't bare it, I must vote for them now, the poor little lamb, I had no idea. The family hardly ever see him he is so committed.

And now how will affect the poor family with his wife deciding to stand for election s well?

Surely a knghthood or nobel prize is due here.

When I first read it i thought i was reading Chucklebutty.

The pillocks!

Joe's Lad said...

Dear subculture,
In case you didn't know - but I imagine you do - my dad is a good bloke.

Matt said...

Chucklebutty's latest post is surely his best ever. I particularly liked the typical Henshaw line...."I'm no expert, I said modestly..."
How many hits is his blog getting? It is truly the work of genius.

Moaning Mldred said...

Just read Dude the Dog Blog which is written by an idiot who also supports Lib Dem!
The person behind this blog is obviously from the asylum.
Check it out for a good belly laugh.
If you vote for Lib Dems in May then you deserve to be governed by ther idiots you put in power, but what about us lot that vote other?
Why should I have to pay for the mess the idiot lib dems have created?
Let the knob heads that voted for them pay the whole lot.
Oh and I am planning to build a 10 story apartment block in the middle of Calderstones park, with private parking and a security guard to keep the scummy pyjama wearing common people of Liverpool away. I am charging an absolute fortune for these apartments, this is to ensure no normal Liverpudlian can afford them and only Lib Dems and Tories are allowed.
Please contact my sales group,

professor y. chucklebutty said...

Matt, you are very kind but be careful or people will think you are me mam. by the way, what's for tea? and have you done me shirt?

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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