Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A new hit parade for Liverpool subCulture...

WE are delighted to officially announce that the Liverpool subCulture blog, banned by the Lib Dim city council, has now attracted more than 100,000 readers.
We thank you all.
Our most sincere thanks of course, must go to all those who have made Liverpool subCulture a small, but such a beautifully formed, footnote in the proud history of the blogosphere.
We mean of course, our rich cast of characters:

  • The evil Sir Diddy (first and foremost)
  • The rottweiller McElhinney (still in our sights)
  • The smiling assassin Hasitall (who has undergone several reincarnations, but who has now turned history on its head by conspiring against the current chief executive - my how times do change!)
  • Chas 'show me the money' Cole (still raking in forests of cash from the city)
  • The Storeyteller (still unable to hold his own water)
  • Fireman Bradley (wounded badly, but limping to meet his coup de grace at the Standards Board)
  • Colin CoverUp (seriously unimpressive and comprehensively discredited after going native)
    The Harbarrowboy (more brass neck than gold medallions)
  • Our Lord Redmond (rampant egotism and fake celebrity of a true phoney)
  • Donald Bullshitter (cocking up on a daily basis, but still taking the money)
We know them all so well now.
And so, thankfully, does Liverpool.
And there are a whole host of supporting extras - Mr Bumble, Randy Newman, Sexy Rexy, the craven Echo, Clare McCogloose, etc, etc, who have all added to the fun and games.
But most of all, we wish to thank and congratulate some 'real' Liverpool stars - Tori Blare, Prof Chucklebutty (and his missus) and Pete Price - without whom Liverpool subCulture would never have continued.
Good on you.
We hope that we may also take a little credit for encouraging these great new voices in the Liverpool blogosphere - long may they continue.
Meanwhile the city council continues to protest to Google in an attempt to ban the blog - demonstrating their daily contempt for the city council's taxpayers.
And, of course, their total contempt for truth, justice and democracy.
Which is were it all started...


The Citizens of Liverpool said...

three cheers for the blog and for Tony

Anonymous said...

This blog is a light in the dark!
Shame on the Echo for ignoring all the corruption that exists within Liverpool City Council and its rip off joint venture companies!

Anonymous said...

good on you guys. keep going.

Anonymous said...

You are the only 'light' in the dark. No wonder the want to ban the blog.

Correspondent said...

Hearty congratulations. Keep up the fine work!

Tori Blare said...

The only reason I started blogging was because I knew what you were saying in your first blog The Liverpool Evil Cabal, was the truth.
When they tried to take you down I felt someone else should make a stand and let them know that the truth was out there and no matter how many blogs they ban, there is always another 5 that will pop up straight after.
You can indeed take all the credit for giving many people the inspiration to follow suit.

Great stats by the way.

Anonymous said...

By the way did you managed to find out how much of our taxes has been used to try to trap you good fellows by this shoddy council? Surely using public funds to try and trace the exact computer in the exact library that you have been using in order to close your site down is illegal and should be investigated by the police. Congratulations by the way on reaching 100,000.

Professor Y. Chucklebutty said...

By Jove! That is an amazing figure.

Just to put into perspex,I have contacted my good friend, Mr Hasitall, The Chancer at the Exchequer to run me some calculations based on if we had a pound (sterling) for every one of the 100,000 hits. According to him we would now have over FORTY THREE pounds in the bank. Think what we could do with that for the city!

Thank you all for keeping the home-fires burning and giving a voice and hope to the people of the city who have been treated with contempt by the political administration and by the craven Echo with their ill-judged scouseology type shite and their journalistic cowardice for fear of upsetting their backers and shareholders.

They are a disgrace to the profession and I pity those staff who must long to work for a newspaper but have to pay lip-service to the spin and claptrap as they indulge in their insulting and patronising view from the stereo type chirpy scouse fantasy world.

Prof Stanley Unwin said...

Much congratumoles to all the contrimulers for Liverblog sumcultureload. A fantasticole achievenyment with all the charecterloads all laughy most the serious too, hmmm very much the exposure fold. Colonic Hiltio, Mike Strobey and Dictor Davnelhinney Mackeload. Of course not forget most Sir Henshine Diddyman the most evole little ship that should have been disqualifold from the tall shiploads and throde overboade off the cost of Cuba and eaten by the eels.

Deep Joy

Ex Trinity Mirror Reader said...

I used to buy the Daily Post every day and the Echo most nights of the week as well but never buy either now - Id be happy to donate my by now considerable savings and more towards the good work carried out in upkeeping and furthering this blog. Is there some way we can do that?

Pete said...

Congratulations Tony, you deserve every one of those 100,000 readers. That's 50x more listeners than Dean Sullivan's show.

We'll all go to Jalons with the Prof & Tori on me. Paul O'Grady and Claire Sweeney might join us to.

Keep up the wonderful, wonderful, wonderful fascinating work.

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