Tuesday, August 26, 2008

'It's not unethical' says ethics girl over probe into £75,000 Lib Dem chat for spin doctor!

ETHICS girl Paula Keaveney faces an investigation by the Standards Board after trying to stitch-up a £75,000 job for a Lib Dem spin doctor.

Councillor Keaveney, Lib Dem cabinet member for Ethical Governance, is being reported to the ethical watchdog - for 'unethical behaviour'!

Keaveney wrote to all Lib Dem councillors and her Lib Dem Party colleagues asking them to identify likely candidates for the position of Head of Communications with the worst council in the country - and offering to have a little chat.Nudge, nudge, wink-wink, knoworrameanlike?

Keaveney, a 'lecturer' in Public Relations at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, also emailed work colleagues in her desperate hunt for 'one of us'.

Keaveney has already earned her nickname as Liverpool's own Ethics Girl by resolutely failing to take any action against Fireman Bradley, the Storeyteller and Colin CoverUp for their repeated wrong-doing.

Suggestions that she has been bribed with a babycham and bag of crisps are simply not true.

Keaveney is however, by complete and utter coincidence, on the selection panel which will eventually be appointing the unlucky spin doctor on £75,000 a year.

So it could prove quite an advantage to have an intimate chat with one of the people doling out the job, if you were a Lib Dem spin doctor desperate to jump ship from Nick Clegg's Cowley Street headquarters as election disaster stares you in the face.

Legendary Liverpool solicitor, 'Sexy Rexy' Makin revealed in his craven Echo column, that Keaveney had written thus to the Lib Dems:

"If anyone wants a general chat about the "challenges" this post might involve, I am more than happy to talk to them – although I can't do a lot more than that as I will be on the panel."

What a pity. Of course we only have Councillor Keaveney's word for it that the conversation, which itself is highly inappropriate, would not stray into other areas of interest to would-be spin meisters.

But it would clearly give any candidate a distinct advantage to have a harmless chat with a member of the appointments panel in advance.

It goes without saying of course that Councillor Keaveney would never dare abuse her position
Or tell the candidate the questions likely to be asked.

Or the answers that would go down well with her Lib Dem colleagues.

Or the elephant traps to avoid when trying to seduce the panel members with spin.


It would just be a general chat about the challenges which might be involved - The Fireman, Storeyteller, CoverUp, worst council the country, Capital of CockUps, lack of legacy, Hilton's civil war with the smiling assassin Hasitall, the rottweiller McElhinney's corrupt LDL, The Standards Board, The Harbarrowboy, Our Lord Redmond, to say nothing of Tony Parrish's blogging friends.

And unethical ethics girls.


The LIB DIMS said...

We make the rules not follow them!

Anonymous said...

I am a bit shocked by this I have to admit.

Tori Blare said...

Wondered how long it would be until she messed up?!
She wears white stilletto's as well, typical unethics girl.

Did you know in a recent job description the desired qualities to be a Liberal Democrat were vast and varied, one of the essential ones was the ability to preach to the electorate but never to follow those preachings.
Sort of like an evangalist preacher of the States.
Must be willing to tell huge lies and a strong will to decieve is an attractive plus, demonstrated in application and interview.
Desireable is bullshitting NVQ 4 or equivalent.
But not essetial as full training will be given.
Puppeteering advantagous but not essential as on the job experience with the master puppeteer will be available.
The Job Description is not exhaustive as anything could occur and often does.
At least 2 years
Good quiet chatting experience.

Applications available from Ethics Girl, call now for an informal quiet chat?

Bizzar I know!!!

And when she was good she was very very good but when she was bad... said...

I notice she didnt ask the Labour councillors to circulate the advert around THEIR mates

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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