Thursday, September 11, 2008


WHATEVER has Colin CoverUp done to the Famous Five?

His 5-man Executive Management Team (EMT) has now all but disappeared from the law-breaking city council.

The only two left are CoverUp's mate and chief 'yes' man Stuart Smith, who was last spotted hiding under a desk with his hands over his ears and regeneration boss John Kelly (who has had such an impact on the city that we had quite forgotten him, until reminded by one of our commentators below).

Its the end of an era and no more lashings of Cains ginger beer and ham-fisted sandwiches for the super-directors.

The smiling assassin Hasitall has been booted out of the Municipal Buildings with a half a million pay-off after making the council the worst in the country.

Social Services Executive Director Tony Hunter, last seen looking like death warmed up after years of bullying by the rottweiller McElhinney, has legged it to become chief exec of Cleethorpes or somewhere equally obscure.

The 'Cultural' Exec Director, otherwise known as the Harbarrowboy, has been given a £250,000 pay-off, a season ticket to Tans R Us and a hammock on the Costa del Cock Up.

As one blog contributor has aptly noted, that leaves only Cover Up and nonentities in charge of the lawbreaking city council - the worst in the country.

Difficult to get a quorum for EMT meetings then.

Good to know that the city's biggest employer is in such safe hands, if you will forgive the pun.

Never mind though.

We are sure it won't be too long before Cover Up again appoints a costly firm of headhunters (breaking all the city council's procurement rules) to scour the country looking for 'top talent'.

"We are determined to appoint the best possible leaders," said a grim-faced council spokesman "to take Liverpool forward to a bright new dawn where children play happily in sun-kissed meadows, couples skip hand in hand through the latest shopping mall and literally millions of journalists from the Washington Post visit the city to witness a huge £1.8million thing lumbering through the streets (obviously Lord Redmond's ego, eds)"explained a council spokesman.
With the post of City Solicitor now being advertised for the third time (still no takers) perhaps word has got about?

Maybe we can stand-by for a whole new team of overpaid, lacklustre bureaucrats appointed on £225,000 a year, plus Performance Related Pay, to transform the worst council in the country into a new Jerusalem.
Yeah, right.

Historical note: You will recall that it was the evil Henshaw who first appointed four yes men (and one woman) as £150,00-a-year Executive Directors soon after being named chief executive by The Storeyteller.

The Famous Five then were:
  • Colin CoverUp (Education)
  • Hasitall (Resources)
  • The rottweiller McEhinney (specially brought by Henshaw from Knowsley to mastermind dirty tricks)
  • Annie Shepperd (daft as a brush)
  • Charlie Parker (cockney wide boy).


Anonymous said...

Wish the gravy train would stop in my station so that i could get on it

Anonymous said...

Rather unfair to brushes, that last comment, I'd have thought

Station Officer Steele said...

I thought Hinny the dog was a border collie.

have you missed one of the Directors out? Regeneration, although I can't remember his name.

Is it Bob the Builder?
Can we F*** it? Yes we can.

Harry Verderci said...

The salary for the post of Chief Executive for the Lib-Dem East Lincolnshire Council, was listed as £140k (plus benefits)

This would suggest Mr Hunter took a substantial pay-cut when he legged-it, probably in the region of £40K.

They once had our title of the worst council in the country. Perhaps they want to get it back.

Interesting press releases with some familiar phrases. "A council very much on the up"

Will Mr Hunter use the phrase he continually used in Liverpool?
"We are in this together"

Well up until the point he did a runner and just left us "in it"

He really was scared shitless of the Rottweiller and even his evil little witch, Byrne that the Doc later dumped, leaving her with the much quoted sucking on a lemon face as people began to snigger at her fall from favour and isolation.

I don't think Hunter ever quite recovered from the Doctor's reign of terror.

But before we start crying, let us save any sympathy for the Home Care Workers that Mr Hunter left behind to face oblivion, so that we can afford huge pay-outs for failure.

fred said...

Malaysia's top anti-government blogger arrested

By SEAN YOONG – 2 days ago

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Police arrested Malaysia's top anti-government blogger Friday under a law allowing indefinite detention without trial in a move condemned by the opposition as a crackdown on free speech.

Online commentator Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin has infuriated authorities by publishing numerous claims about alleged misdeeds by government leaders on his influential Web site, Malaysia Today. The government has denounced many of Raja Petra's accusations as lies.

Raja Petra's wife, Marina Lee Abdullah, said police came to their home and arrested him under the Internal Security Act, a widely criticized law used against suspects regarded as national security threats.

Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar said Raja Petra had written numerous offensive pieces, including a recent one that allegedly ridiculed Islam.

"We have called and advised him many times about his statements, but he still continues writing in a way that could pose a threat," Syed Hamid told the national news agency, Bernama.

Radiorogerside said...

Watch it the Worried Badly might decide to invoke Sharia law and then he can say the site insults Islam.

Hack said...

Editors posts to go in North-West shake-up
by holdthefrontpage staff
At least two editor's posts are set to disappear as part of the ongoing shake-up in Trinity Mirror's North West operations, HoldtheFrontPage understands.

Last week, HoldtheFrontPage reported that around 30 jobs are under threat at a series of Trinity titles across the North Wales and North West regions.

Although the company has declined to make any further comment on the plans, further details are emerging of how the proposed cutbacks may affect individual titles.

It is understood that the editors of Ormskirk's Midweek Advertiser, the Formby Times, and the Crosby Herald, together with the news editor of the Southport Visitor, are in competition for two posts, while a single editor will also take charge of the Wirral News Group and Ellesmere Port Pioneer.

As reported last week, the Midweek Advertiser is to close along with the Huyton and Roby Star, with the Formby Times relaunching as a free title.

A Trinity Mirror spokesman said: "The affected staff are currently in a process of consultation and as a result it would be inappropriate to make any further comment at this stage."

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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