Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Dr David McElhinney - also known as Henshaw's rottweiller - is set to be Number One this Christmas.
Top pop pundits like Paul Gambaccini are already forecasting that Dr Death will stop Ricky Tomlinson from reaching Top of the Pops with his own Liverpool Christmas class
ic: "Christmas, my arse"
For a much better special lit
tle ditty has been penned in tribute (shurely some mistake?ed) to the Deadly Doc, called 'The Liverpool Rottweiller'.
Local band The Malcontents (well, one man and his dog, ed) have recorded the toe-tapping tune as a unique Christmas tribute.
The song features all your favourite characters - the rottweiller McElhinney himself; the never to be forgotten Sir Diddy; secret meetings at The Hilton, there is even a special mention for our unlovable new character, Inspector Clueless and a memorable guest appe
arance on trumpet, appropriately enough, from the legendary Tony Parrish.
And joyously, the hard hitting lyrics of the Liverpool Rottweiller even manage to rhyme for exa
mple, 'when we were in power' with 'McElhinney's shower'.
(This sounds absolutely fabulous and a sure-fire classic which is bound to have them rocking in the aisles this festive season, as us trendy hep cats say, ed. Where can I buy a hundred for my family? ed)
Unfortunately, The Liverpool Rottweiller is not on sale anywhere at the moment, because the shops keep on selling out as fast as they can stock their shelves (really? ed).
Yes, but in the interests of Liverpool's famed cultural diversity, Liverpool subCulture will be able to email the song to the millions of people who will be in need of cheering up as they sit in front of their Christmas trees after the Queen's Speech.
Just send us a request to and we will email a copy to you.
And pass it on, it is the catchiest melody imaginable.
And it really will make your festive season go with a swing (pity McElhinney isn't swinging too, ed).
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PS. If we can work out how to post it on the blog so everyone can listen in, we will do so, but emailing it will do for now! ed
PPS. Unfortunately anon, Rapidshare does not work! Any other ideas???


Anonymous said...

you could upload it to rapidshare (

Tori Blare said...

All these pictures of macca on your blog are really scaring me now Mr Pat!
I see that as visual torture!!
Please stop it, I will tell you what you want, just stop the macca photo's, I beg of you have mersey!

Bald Legal Eagle said...

please send it to me so that i can verify whether it is in fact a member of my staff:

Brian Epstein said...

Perhaps Chas Cole could book The Malcontents for the Summer Pops? They could play support to Madonna...

Simon Cowell said...

I wouldn't buy it.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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