Sunday, November 19, 2006


"A classic case of the Emperor's new clothes..." Pete Price, Radio City

"The last thing Liverpool needs is a situation where the party is planned by officials in offices and forced on everybody." Peter Jones, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

"I have not been approached or commissioned to write anything for 2008," Willy Russel.
"I was asked if I wanted to join a committee. I declined. " Alan Bleasdale.

"No-one has asked me to do anything," Ken Dodd.

"I have been waiting for the phone to ring," Ringo Starr

"I would have liked Tesco to have been involved in some way," Sir Terry Leahy.


Anonymous said...

The point being????

Jonathan said...

If you want to know why they haven't asked Willy Russell to cheerlead the shallow parade of naked Emperors, read his fantastic poem about the Crazy Days when the 'fools are in command' of your city and truth's a lie, and you'll understand....


Where do you go
When your city's all ablaze
And you see beyond the glow
Such crazy days
Where do you go

What do you see
Now the fools are in command
Will you ever see your green
And pleasant land
What do you see

I'm going down to the river
I'm gonna stand high on that quay
I'm gonna find the crazy captain there
To take me to the sea

What do you feel
When shamelsess shadows mask the eye
When right is wrong and false is real
And truth's a lie
What do you feel

What can you say
Now they have taken all your words
Stripped and denied them so that they
Can not be heard
What can you say

I'm going down to the river
I'm gonna stand high on that quay
I'm gonna find the crazy captain there
To take me to the sea

And when that boat comes in
We will walk out through the waves
We may sink or we may swim
But we will leave these crazy days

In the paradise of plenty all the palaces of fun
Are standing cold and empty as you shiver in the sun

In the shadows of ambition where you learned to buy and sell
The ghosts of all your wishing are now lying where they fell

While the felons of the language and the psycho-racketeers
Eat their bare faced sandwiches and never taste the tears

As disicples of the message and the refugees of thought
Go fleeing from the wreckage of the dream that they once bought

Are you waiting for some saviour to come tripping from the train
With points for good behaviour and some pills to ease the pain

Do you know what you are doing is your conscience clean and clear
As you stand amongst the ruin of all you once held dear

And is it true
That only love can ease the pain
Can bathe your wounds and make you new
To love again
Oh is it true
Please say it's true
To love again
Oh let it be true
Because I must believe in you

Tori Blare said...

Does Jonathan want to go on the Isle of Man Ferry or something?

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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