Friday, November 30, 2007


MATHEW ST scapegoat Lee Forde has blown the whistle on a conspiracy by Fireman Bradley and Storeyteller to oust bungling Culture chief Jason Harbarrowboy.

Forde has compiled an astonishingly detailed and shocking dossier which reveals how:
  • Bradley emailed Forde a day after the Mathew Street report was published

  • After blaming Forde for the Mathew St debacle, a desperate Bradley had the gall to then beg him for a meeting to discuss 'next steps'

  • Bradley disowned his council's own offical Mathew Street report - after supporting it publicly

  • At a secret meeting on Sunday in Bradley's home in Wavertree, the council leader was joined by partner in crime, former council leader Mike Storey.

  • The pair of politicians then begged an astonished Forde to hand over to them confidential documents and emails to help them get rid of the Harbarrowboy!

  • A shocked and horrified Forde decided to expose the pathetic pair for their dishonest, unscrupulous and immoral plotting.

The Forde dossier - which runs to 15 extremely readable and gripping pages - has now been deposited with the Daily Post and the Liverpool Echo, whose heavily censored versions you will be able to read tomorrow (if you can be arsed, eds).

But the full, glorious text of the dossier is now being reproduced here in yet another World Exclusive for the Liverpool subCulture blog.

And, we can reveal, Labour Leader Joe Anderson has already reported Bradley and Storey to the Standards Board and demanded a full-scale investigation into their plot and their shocking behaviour. We believe the Lib Dem pair have shown, in their disgusting treatment of Forde and their attempt to manipulate him for their own ends, that they are unfit to govern the great city of Liverpool.

Lee Forde, on the other hand, has consistently shown tremendous strength of character, a formidable determination to clear his name and admirable honesty, principle and integrity.

The Harbarrowboy of course, may take temporary comfort from Bradley and Storey being shopped trying to do him in. But, rest assured dear readers, the Harbarrowboy's days are well and truly numbered - and will be over very quickly indeed.

Bradley's 'pissed-off' emails to Forde can be found on a separate post on the aptly-named City of the Dead blog.

Liverpool deserves better - why Lee Forde blew the whistle on Bradley and Storey is on your left.

Part 2 of the 15-page report, which includes new email evidence about Mathew Street, will follow shortly (well, we need a glass or two of bubbly first to celebrate, eds)

So pull up a seat, settle down and read, in Lee Forde's own words, how the city of Liverpool's Lib Dem leadership are a couple of lying, cheating, dishonest bastards....

The Background

“Out of the blue on Sunday afternoon (November 18th), I received five separate e-mails from Councillor Warren Bradley, leader of Liverpool city council.
The emails, virtually identical, had all been sent on Saturday in the space of three minutes from his private email address. Each of the emails asked for a meeting with me regarding the Mathew Street report which had been published two days earlier.
I was absolutely stunned by this approach from the Leader of the Council - the last time I had seen him was two days before, as he gave numerous interviews to the press, radio and TV in support of the findings of the city council’s report into Mathew Street. I had not expected to ever hear again from someone who had publicly condemned me so unfairly.
I was still extremely angry both about the publication of the council report and the Leader of the Council’s own comments in support of the report, which had questioned both my professionalism and my integrity. I had been blamed for the cancellation of the Festival – even though I was innocent.
Since Friday, I had been attacked by the full weight of the council machine, which had deployed considerable staff and resources to try and trash my reputation.
Its report was a complete whitewash and a disgraceful cover-up of the true circumstances which had lead to the decision by the Culture Company chief executive, Jason Harborow and city council chief executive Colin Hilton to cancel the Mathew Street festival in early August 2007, almost three months after I had submitted my resignation as Events Manager with the city council.
I had done all within my power over a period of almost a year previously to repeatedly notify my superiors in the Culture Company of the problems in staging the Mathew Street festival in 2007, as a result of the loss of the Pier Head and big cuts in funding.
I knew too that Councillor Bradley had been aware of these difficulties and my strenuous attempts to try and save the Festival. This information was noticeably absent from the council report, which had taken almost three months to produce and which had been drastically amended at the Leader of the Council’s insistence.
As a former employee, I was a convenient scapegoat, while the real culprits escaped.
Once my shock and surprise at seeing the emails had subsided on the Sunday afternoon, I agreed to Councillor Bradley’s invitation to meet, although I informed a number of people in advance. I decided that I had nothing to lose from a meeting - I wanted to find out what ‘next steps’ referred to and what his motive was.
I also intended to use the opportunity to press my case for the council’s report to be retracted and for me to be given a public apology.
Through text messages, I arranged with Councillor Bradley to go to his home on Sunday evening.
Ironically, the first and last time I had been to his home was in early August, when he had asked me to put together a rescue plan for the cancelled Mathew Street Festival, while I was serving my notice.” (See later emails)

The Meeting

Date: Sunday 18th November, 2007 - two days after the publication of the city council’s Mathew Street Report.
Venue: Councillor Warren Bradley’s home in Wavertree.
Present: Lee Forde, former Events manager, Liverpool Culture Company; Councillor Warren Bradley, Leader of Liverpool city council; Councillor Mike Storey, Executive Member for Regeneration and Liverpool’s 800th Birthday celebrations.

“I arrived at Councillor Bradley’s house, slightly later than we had arranged, at about 8.20pm on 18th November. I must have been a bit agitated because I had got lost several times and had to phone him to get directions. I was feeling very nervous – I did not know what to expect, or what I was walking into.
I was greeted at the front door by Councillor Bradley who shook my hand, called me ‘mate’ and ushered me inside. He thanked me for coming and offered me a drink – tea, coffee or a beer. I told him I would feel better with a beer and he fetched me a bottle of Peroni.
When he returned, he told me he had also invited Councillor Storey to attend and asked if I “was alright with that?” I told him I had nothing to hide.
Councillor Bradley explained that his wife Pauline had already gone to fetch Councillor Storey in their car.
At this stage, although outwardly calm, I was confused and completely gob-smacked at the turn of events. I could not fathom Councillor Bradley’s motive for the meeting. Nor did he immediately explain the purpose of the meeting.
While my mind raced, I could not help observe to myself that the Leader of the Council had not yet had the good grace to apologise for his role in the publication of a biased council report which had caused me, my family, my friends and colleagues so much personal upset by trying to damage my professional reputation and integrity.
Councillor Bradley then asked me how I was and mentioned that he had ‘felt sorry’ for me on Friday when, as he was giving interviews to the media at Liverpool Town Hall, he had seen me standing outside.
I had been trying to defend my reputation and integrity to the media after he had helped attack them. Councillor Bradley said he really ‘felt’ for me. This was the closest he ever came to apologising for his conduct and for the council’s report.
Just as Councillor Bradley began to explain how ‘disappointed’ he was with the report’s findings – although he had not expressed this to the media at the time - Councillor Storey arrived.
Councillor Bradley invited Councillor Storey to join us in having a beer and left the room to fetch a bottle. I and other colleagues had been told that the two men had fallen out some months before, but they appeared to be on good terms. While Councillor Bradley was out of the room, Councillor Storey asked me how I was. I told him, with some understatement, that “I have felt better” and how disappointed I had been with the council’s report.
Councillor Bradley returned and explained to Councillor Storey that he had invited me around to discuss the report’s findings, as he was unhappy with them.
Again, I wondered why he had not expressed this unhappiness to the media when he had the opportunity?
Councillor Storey (now in terrified hiding below, eds) volunteered that he had spoken to me recently and understood that I still wanted to be involved in events in Liverpool. I was not sure of the relevance of this observation.
Councillor Storey then observed that it was “ironic” that I had been attacked in the council’s report as “Lee was responsible for transforming Mathew Street from a disorganised event to a national Festival.”
Councillor Bradley immediately agreed and observed that he felt the report identified the wrong people as being responsible for the cancellation of the Festival.
I was very angry. I told him that I felt the council’s report was “full of lies”, fatally flawed and fundamentally wrong. I had been scape-goated even though I had been a loyal servant of the city, had never played any political games and had done everything to the best of my ability.
Councillor Bradley asked me why I thought the event had been cancelled.
I thought this was a bizarre question for the Leader of the Council to suddenly ask - his own council had spent three months investigating what had happened and had just published its findings! To me, it showed he had no confidence in the report and was now effectively dis-owning it. This came too late for me of course - I had been publicly attacked by his council on Friday.
I told him that the Festival had been cancelled because of poor management by senior officers of the Culture Company who had failed to replace me when I had resigned three months earlier. They had never taken Mathew St seriously and didn’t realise the value of the event and how much people in Liverpool felt about it.
I also informed Councillor Bradley that, on at least two previous occasions, Culture Company Operations Director, Chris Green had told me and members of my Events team that he would be pleased if Mathew Street was cancelled as he could use the budget elsewhere.
I told Councillor Bradley that I had been shocked when I first heard Mathew Street had been cancelled. I had not expected it.
I reminded him that at his request in early August, I had tried to put together a rescue plan to get Mathew Street back on track but that the Chief Executive of the city council, Colin Hilton had abruptly refused to allow me to go ahead. I still did not understand why he had done this.
I pointed out the obvious - that far from being responsible for the cancellation of Mathew Street - I was the one who had done all in my power to try and save it.
I told him that I had been placed in ‘an impossible situation’ because of the battle between Culture Company chief exec, Jason Harborow and Councillor Storey over funding.
I was the ‘piggy in the middle’. There had been an attempt to ‘strip the budgets out’ – reduce the funding for Mathew Street - to prevent Councilllor Storey from getting what he wanted.
I also reminded both men that I had been replaced at meetings by Mr Harborow and that the Culture Company Steering Group regularly arranged pre-meetings in order, it seemed to me, to ensure only certain information was passed to Councillor Storey.
I said that during April, while trying to sort out the problems with Mathew St, I had also been producing the major Son et Lumiere event to celebrate Liverpool’s 8ooth birthday. This was a week-long event which Councillors Bradley and Storey had both wanted and which had forced an extremely damaging £100,000 cut in the Mathew St budget. Councillor Bradley asked me how many tickets had been sold for the Son et Lumiere shows. It had been a virtual sell-out - two shows a night for seven days, attracting between 5-6,000 people. Councillor Bradley asked where the proceeds had gone from ticket sales. I was surprised that he apparently did not know the established procedure for Culture Company ticket sales.
I explained that the tickets, which were priced at £2.50 each, had been sold through the 08 Place and Liverpool Direct (LDL). Originally LDL had wanted to charge the Culture Company an administration fee, per ticket, of £2.70. In other words, the cost of admin would have been higher than the ticket price itself.
The Culture Company had therefore agreed that LDL could take all the proceeds from ticket sales as their admin fee. Both Councillor Bradley and Councillor Storey appeared genuinely shocked. I was astonished that they appeared so out of touch and ignorant of what was going on.
Councillor Bradley then asked me if I had any information that would prove senior people in the Culture Company were involved in events leading up to the cancellation of Mathew Street.
He said: “Is there anything you can get us, to get rid of Harborow? To get him out? He must have been involved in it - although the report exonerates him.”
Councillor Bradley also asked if I could access Mr Harborow’s leave records – I assumed that he believed Mr Harborow was taking more holidays than he was entitled to.
I told Councillor Bradley that I had given a huge amount of information - in the form of emails and other documents - to the council’s inquiry, which had been ignored.
I had compiled a dossier as part of my claim for constructive dismissal which was now with my legal advisor. It would come out in public when a hearing took place.
I explained that I was also currently in negotiations with the council, through ACAS. If an out of court settlement was reached, the documents might be made available. I was non-committal about this – I needed to think it through – but told them I would consult my solicitor.
As I sat in Councillor Bradley’s living room sipping my beer, I remember being completely astonished that, two days after the council had tried to destroy my own reputation, the Leader of the Council and the former Leader of the Council were now trying to involve me in a conspiracy to remove the chief executive of the Culture Company.
I was shocked that such underhand dealings could go on. It seemed to be political skulduggery of the worst kind. I have never been involved in anything remotely like this at all before. Something was clearly seriously wrong and I felt extremely uncomfortable. I felt as though my integrity was being compromised and that undue pressure for information was now being placed upon me by people who had already once tried to destroy my reputation.
I did not have an axe to grind with anyone – I had resigned because I did not believe that Mathew Street could be delivered safely for the allocated budget and that the public were being put at risk. Now I was being drawn into something else - a conspiracy. I felt I was being used to try and get rid of someone and that there was a good chance that, if their plan ever went wrong, I would again be hung out to dry as the perpetrator. Neither Councillor Bradley nor Storey had been truthful and honest with me before – after Mathew St was cancelled, Councillor Bradley told me he was going to ensure that the council report would not blame me. He had not kept that promise, even though I had tried to rescue Mathew St.
On reflection now, I believe they must have both thought I was a complete ‘sucker’ and soft touch and that they could drag me into their conspiracy to get rid of Jason Harborow.
But at the time, I was a bit bewildered, totally confused and had extremely mixed emotions - I must have been in a state of profound shock.
Councillor Bradley then questioned me about a number of matters concerning Mr Harborow and Mathew Street and also asked what I knew about a company called Solutions and if Jason Harborow was involved with them.
I told him that Mr Harborow had told me that ‘Solutions’ – a merchandising company - were friends of his and that he had worked with them in the past.
I told the councillors that Solutions were now a preferred supplier to the city council. This meant that we had to use their services, even if we could get the same or similar goods cheaper from elsewhere – there was a general understanding about this within the Culture Company.
Councillor Storey remarked: “It’s just like Liverpool Direct.” I understood him to mean by this that he thought it was a corrupt or suspect arrangement, although I personally do not know of any evidence for this.
I finally agreed that I would look and see if I had any other documentation about Mr Harborow. I left the meeting after almost two hours and we tentatively agreed to meet again.
The following morning, Monday 19th November, I telephoned Councillor Bradley and informed him that I had consulted legal advice and was unable to release any documents to anyone unless and until my case was satisfactorily settled.
I the undersigned, Lee Forde, declare this to be a true and faithful account of my meeting on Sunday November 18th, 2007 with Liverpool Council leader Cllr Warren Bradley and Regeneration leader Cllr Mike Storey.

Lee Forde


Noodle trips said...

Batten down the hatches....

Gob smacked said...

This is without a shadow of a doubt the most powerful and compelling dissection of this shower of bastards that we are ever likely to have the good fortune to read. I also think it should qualify for some kind of bloggers award, if such a thing exist? Can i suggest that all your loyal readers should forward this on to everyone they know? The people of Liverpool have the right to read in full just what is going on at the council under this lot. Rotten, hypocritical bastards that they are.

Joe Anderson said...

Amen to that

Our man in Wavertree said...

Bloody hell, its pissing down outside and there's loads of thunder and lightning. It's fucking biblical. Has Tony got a hot line to the Almighty?

Matthew, an apostle said...

I thought he WAS the Almighty?

Anonymous said...

Hiltons cover up powers have waned and once again Storey is right in the middle of a great steaming heap of political shite, and this time he is attended by his own puppet.

What must be done to remove these parasites from positions of power in this City?

Anonymous said...

"I am pleased the district auditor has noted that under my leadership, the council is rebuilding trust and confidence in the way it governs the city." Warren Bradley. April 2007.

Really Warren? I wonder if the standards board will agree with them.

Anonymous said...

good luck to lee he's been treated very badly, but it hardly seems a fair fight - bradley and storey couldn't have handled the whole shambles any worse if they tried

harborow must be laughing his bollocks off - great ammo for a constructive dismissal case and a whopping pay off

how did he ever get the job as culture chief exec and lcc exec director? (btw without any competitive recruitment process)

anyone who's met the fella can see he's an average middle manager without a qualification to his name

only in liverpool!

Paul Clein said...

Lucky you didn't give up the day Job Warren.

Anonymous said...

A side issue perhaps but nevertheless very relevant - issuing tickets where all the proceeds just go to pay the administration (by LDL) of selling the tickets

That sounds like the work of the Evil Doctor who must be still around trousering all the cash Whats he up to these days?

confused citizen said...

Does this mean the Mathew Street festival report was a load of bollocks then?

Wounded Badley said...

I am sick of this 2008 is just around the corner can't you all please just ignore my failings and move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on move on !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alphabet-fixated said...

I tell you what, Storey and Bradley must be rueing the day now that they allowed Matt Finnegan and Lee Forde to be the sacrifical lambs for their mistakes, weakness and incompetence. The pair of them have done a brilliant job on this dossier and have achieved a masterly exposing of the fireman and storyteller. Revenge must be sweet for the two F's - they have told Bradley and Storey to eff off in no uncertain terms.

Eddie Clein said...

He's finished

Anonymous said...

what did bradley and storey think was going to happen after this meeting?

i can't believe they thought they could smear a former employee(who's taking the council to court) and within 48 hrs enlist his help to get rid of a 'senior officer' (ok, seriel bungler on £150k who presided over 2 years of management carnage)

colin, jason and the boys must be pissing themselves

get the chequebook out, warren!

tax payer said...

couldn't we sue bradley for all the money he has signed away since he became leader? henshaw, archer, greene, etc, etc, it must be millions.

Harold Evans said...

Jesus what a shite paper the echo is. awful coverage today - and i went out and bought a copy especially! they just missed the point completely, gave bradley so much space to cobble together the usual nonsense and tried to make Lee Forde look the guilty man! why didn't they print the emails? - as you forecast tonys heavily censored version, compared to the actual dossier. i just give up on that shite outfit in old hall st. they are a disgrace to journalism.

curious said...

is bradley allowed to meet ex-employees who are taking legal action against his council?

Tony Parrish47 said...

No. And neither is Storey. They have therefore both broken the council's own rules, at the very least, without even considering their plotting against the barrowboy. And Bradley has of course now been forced to cough to the meeting having taken place - very badly advised by Lord Mayor and barrister, Lib Dem councillor Paul Clark.

Conspiracy lover said...

Perhaps Clark and the so far silent Storey are secretly trying to get rid of Bradley?

warren's parakeet said...

I look forward to being called as a witness by sexy Rexie in due course

cant believe it said...

What on Earth did they think they were doing???

Just look at the competence of our great city's leader AND equally the competence of the one that came before him!!!

Strangely I find some sympathy for Sir Diddy, Hasitall, The Doctor, Parker and Cole for taking all the money because with these sort of cretins in charge then the temptation to fill their pockets up would probably have tempted Mother Theresa.

They must have felt like alcoholics getting jobs as nightwatchman in a brewery

Anonymous said...

Did I read correctly in tonights Liverpool Echo entry into the pathetic journalism awards.

Cllr Anderson is asking COLIN HILTON to set up an enquiry?

What would be the point in that then?

Michael Portaloo said...

This is clearly true. Aside from the fact that bradley and storey are both arrogant, immoral and stupid, many people seem to be asking 'why did they do this?' isn't it simple? they have no control over the cabalist forces - mcelhinney, halsall and now cover up and his cronies who will do his bidding and produce smear reports at his whim. therefore bradley and storey have to embark on this ludicrous freelance maverick activity to try and get rid of patently incompetent officers such as barrowboy (who they apppointed in the first place). it is an admission of failure essentially. the real problem is both personal - weak, ineffective, stupid political leadership, obsessed with headlines and spin - and an officer class who are totally out of control, won't be held to account and hold most politicians in open contempt. Coupled with this is the certain fact that quite a lot of the officers are motivated by personal greed and have no commitment to Liverpool whatsoever (halsall, mcelhinney, harbarrowboy). christ knows why joe anderson would want to take this lot on in May. It is going to take a decade to sort this out, clear them out and get the city back to anything like normality. in my view it is all directly traceable back to henshaw. Discuss...

Anonymous said...

Good job the council does not operate a blame culture.
News is that whole of the council is now requesting read response on all e-mails now, and anyone who resigns is requesting a no blame agreement so they cant be blamed for things that happen after they have left.

Anonymous said...

This surely must mean that there will be an independent enquiry into Mathew Street fiasco?

INN CIDER said...

Culture Company is having difficulty attracting individuals from the events industry to work on their projects as they are underfunded and have gone out of their way do destroy the reputation of the man that was making it all happen.
no one wants to work for a company that does that to ex employees.
No blame Culture my arse !!

You are so fucked now the opening event is really struggling.
Maybe Ringo will pull out and we can all blame him for it being shite

Pam Clein said...

Try get out of this Fireman Sam!!!

Boy George said...

So it was all lies so far.
How about my tickets for the Macca gig? Is he still playing or is that anonther lie?

Pundit said...

I agree, this is about weak leadership and the failure of politicians to be in control. It's the old 'who runs the council' argument which Henshaw started. It's clearly not the Lib dems otherwise they wouldn't have to be so underhand to try and get what they wanted.

Anonymous said...

Can't belive you got some of the bad bastards(bang to rights). No way out for these two little fellas. What the city needs now is an independent enquiry by F***off law lord to get the big p*** takers. That would be a great christmass present for evryone- outside the cabul. Tis the season to be jolly...

richard clein said...

I wish I could get on the council to try and sort this out!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Forde and Finnegan should run the city they seem to be the only fuckers with integrity

The Baldy Bird Watcher said...

I think this is a disgrace and the sooner we get rid of these serpents the better for the city.
It's reputation is in tatters we now need to press upon our fine cultural institutions to rally round and save 2008.

Take the Mick said...

But Baldy, we've already done that three times ... and why aren't you in work yet this morning?

Fire the fireman said...


Bristol Boy said...

how will he put this fire out?

Jan Clein said...

I cringed when I saw Sadly on Granada Reports just then!

Anonymous said...

Q. What has Warrens Political Career got in common with a turkey?

A. They will both be dead by Christmas !

The soothsayer said...

Hilton has nailed him, the letter is so damming proving him yet again to be a liar.
For once he has not tried to cover up and save Bradley's arse, he must know Bradley is a goner.

Anonymous said...

Warren Bradley
Political supremo of whom it was once said :- WHO?

The Mighty WAH !! said...

"Hey Joe! I've never understood
when the elders are so wicked, why should we be good?
they're sinful, so true
don't cry, don't let it get you down,
Hey Joe! we ought to try and turn the world around
It's sinful, so true, boo hoo,

It's sinful
It's tragic
It's sinful
It's tragic

Don't you believe me?
I know it's true
I can say that i've seen it
can you?"

Prendy said...

Go Go Joe Ando! You got Bradley now.

Anonymous said...

is it true that they are selling tickets on e bay for the public gallery at the next council meeting at the town hall. i'll bid for that one it should be fun

Anonymous said...

Aye bollocks those are pete Wylies lyrics from SINFUL !
Is he still doing the opening event with the FARM?
If so will he be singing that song cos Warren Bastard will be pig sick with those Lyrics !!

Fired when ready said...

To follow Pete Wylie at the 08 opening ceremony, I'd like to see Willy Russell recite his classic love song to Liverpool, Crazy Days.

The line "the fools are in command" is obviously in no way a reference to Bradley and Storey, who are not even in command of basic English, let alone a £1.5 bn public body.


Where do you go
When your city's all ablaze
And you see beyond the glow
Such crazy days
Where do you go

What do you see
Now the fools are in command
Will you ever see your green
And pleasant land
What do you see

I'm going down to the river
I'm gonna stand high on that quay
I'm gonna find the crazy captain there
To take me to the sea

What do you feel
When shameless shadows mask the eye
When right is wrong and false is real
And truth's a lie
What do you feel

What can you say
Now they have taken all your words
Stripped and denied them so that they
Can not be heard
What can you say

I'm going down to the river
I'm gonna stand high on that quay
I'm gonna find the crazy captain there
To take me to the sea

And when that boat comes in
We will walk out through the waves
We may sink or we may swim
But we will leave these crazy days

In the paradise of plenty all the palaces of fun
Are standing cold and empty as you shiver in the sun

In the shadows of ambition where you learned to buy and sell
The ghosts of all your wishing are now lying where they fell

While the felons of the language and the psycho-racketeers
Eat their bare faced sandwiches and never taste the tears

As disicples of the message and the refugees of thought
Go fleeing from the wreckage of the dream that they once bought

Are you waiting for some saviour to come tripping from the train
With points for good behaviour and some pills to ease the pain

Do you know what you are doing is your conscience clean and clear
As you stand amongst the ruin of all you once held dear

And is it true
That only love can ease the pain
Can bathe your wounds and make you new
To love again
Oh is it true
Please say it's true
To love again
Oh let it be true
Because I must believe in you

Her Madge said...

What a nasty little subject. And to think I shook his hand last night. And also to think that Russell Brand claimed to be the shitter of the year, too. Off with his head.

Frank Doran's a Gonna! said...

When asked, Bradley said last night on Granada news that he "would not Courtsey to the Queen" No, I thought, you only Courtsey to Mike!

Cilla said...

Wharrraaa a fucking disaster chuck!

Anonymous said...

Why on earth have the Echo not gone big on this????

Anonymous said...

The Echo are up the Council's arse everyone knows that they are in the Council's pocket.
Good on the Post for having the balls to push this and Cllr Joe Anderson for taking it further.
the sooner we get fresh people in position to run this city properly the better !!

Rudyard Kipling said...

That Harold Evans bloke and some of your other commentators want to watch out - it is well known that the editor of the Echo doesn't take kindly to being critiscised or held to account for his organ's failings and is likely to exact retribution through the pages of his periodical. So some things will appear in the Echo, some things will not. Power without responsibility - the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages...

Mark Dickinson said...

Who gives a toss what the Echo says apart from the council? It lost its way a long time ago - and that's the kindest criticism you can give it. People only buy it for the deaths and the TJs advert and the occasional free sausage roll. Sums it up really.

Anonymous said...

...No wonder Echo sales have collapsed!

Chris Paul said...

The Echo haven't gone big on it because this witness statement from Lee (1 person) is very likely to be gainsaid by Warren, Mike and Mrs Warren (3 persons).

Unless there is a tape and/or a hidden camera. In which case a national paper would bite your arm off for the story. The emails from Wazzer to Lee are most excellent.

Harold Evans said...

Well Mr Paul, the Echo also haven't published Bradley's initial denial, or the chief exec's contradiction, or Mr Forde's phone bill. all of which show bradley lied. so he is hardly going to be a reputable witness to be relied upon is he? storeyteller has already been done by the standards board. and i doubt whether even bradley would sink so low as to involve his wife in a conspiracy of lies. I think you have a lot of catching up to do on the story Mr Paul, have a read around first and we will try to help you understand the liverpool scene - and, of course, there may well be a tape...

Kirk Dale said...

God help us if that Chris Paul is taking an interest. pompous twat.

Anonymous said...

Far from the Echo pushing this story tonight they had a bit of a character asssasination attempt on Lee with an article re a few domain names while promoting the fireman with a nice picture of him apparently sizing up the monarch for a possible future attempt at forcing her out of office.

Tony Parrish47 said...


Francis McEntegart said...

Lee, if you're reading this: make sure you give them as well fella. Big up yer elbow and all that.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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