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LIVERPOOL 'Phil' boss Mick Elliott has trousered an extra £60,000 for spending two days a week with the Culture Company.

Astonishingly, Elliott is supposed to have been building a legacy for 2008!

But evidence of the "lasting legacy" which has been developed by energetic Elliott, chief executive of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic , has so far proved extremely difficult to find.

He is known instead for popping into the Fun Palace now and again, sitting dumbly in a few meetings and failing to make any creative contribution to proceedings.

So negligible has been been his impact, that one senior Culture Company official was recently overheard to ask in all seriousness "who is that grey man sitting in the corner who never says anything?"

Culture watchers have been astonished to learn that for his miserable and increasingly obscure 'efforts', Elliott has been rewarded with 60 grand of council taxpayer's money.

Fireman Bradley then gave him direct responsibility for ensuring there was a legacy post 2008.

Council taxpayers already heavily subsidise the Phil of course - and Elliott's rumoured £200,000-a-year salary - to the tune of more than £1.3million every year.
So an extra £60,000 in Elliott's back pocket for not doing very much is neither here nor there really.

Just a drop in the ocean.

Meanwhile, the Culture Company has long since stopped talking about the 14,000 new jobs for Liverpool that were promised from 2008.

Nor does it mention the £1 billion worth of extra investment that it used to confidently forecast would be attracted to Liverpool.

Nor, especially after the Mathew Street debacle, does the Culture Company brag anymore about the millions of extra tourists who will supposedly be attracted to Liverpool by the 'best ever' Capital of Culture.

Indeed, the only eye-watering numbers that the Culture Company is now associated with is the millions of pounds in salaries which have been paid out like confetti to fat cats, failed PR agencies and cashing-in consultants.

Not to mention the tens of millions of pounds which have been wasted by the Harbarrowboy and Donald Bullshitter's mismanagement and incompetence.

Can any readers - or Mr Elliott's friends or supporters - please explain exactly what he has been doing to build a lasting legacy for Liverpool which has earned him such a princely sum?

We will be delighted to make the blog available for any further revelations....


Anonymous said...

i am sitting here in an area on the outskirts of liverpool that has NO youth facilities, NO sports centre, NO adult education classes and gets no decent street cleaning and where our community facilities are being cut and green spaces are being sold off and then I read this blog and get more angry by the day. tell me again what the benefits of being capital of culture are?

Anonymous said...

Capital of Vultures has already created a lasting legacy post 2008. It is the legacy of increased council tax bills to cover the cost of the massed snouts in the trough. It is obvious that the more leeches there are catching the gravy train to the fun palace the longer that legacy will last.

Tori Blare said...

Where has all the European funding gone as well?
The Tory's yesterday made comment about the ever widening gap between the haves and the have nots in Manchester, they want to look at Liverpool as well, people in office are blatantly spending the peoples money on what they want and not what the people need!
We have children killing children in Croxteth. We have people living in squalor that just would not have been allowed 10 years or so ago.
Just where is the money going?
What has the culture title done for the Average Liverpudlian?
Who has benefited from this apart from the Evil cabalists?

Anonymous said...

I curse the day we ever thought this title would enrich the lives of those that live here. Instead all we have seen is con men sweet talking the incompetent into a false sense of security re delivery.

These talented hustlers have stripped the city of its rich cultural diversity, alienated the community and all the while lining their own pockets and positioning themselves for future prominence.

This incompetence has been highlighted time and again starting with the way the company was set-out initially; no one could decide who should be in charge so we ended up with three leaders - how many successful businesses do you know with 3 leaders?

leading on to the appointment of Robin Archer - who after an appalling interview wrote a begging letter hence her appointment; even though those on the panel didn't think she could do the job, the lack of external sponsorship and funding, the promotion of the incompetent within the company to positions of power, the squander of limited funds the company has, buying the silence of the main cultural partners within the city and the Mathew Street fiasco to name a few.

Surely those that can implement change see these concerns yet nothing gets amended or even questioned and we the passionate residents of this city are being forced to watch this very public decline which is being done by the very ones who should be championing us.

We went for this prize because we felt positive change was happening and that this title would allow us to promote this new image quickly; instead we have allowed gross incompetence to take us back 10 years and turn us into a laughing stock.

Yes we have some great things being brought to the city; MTV, Turner Prize, Royal Variety etc. yet anything can be bought if you chuck enough money at it. The phrase fur coat no knickers comes to mind!

The powers that be seem to be using this grand title to feather their own nests and that of their friends leaving the city in a worse position than pre 2003.

The residents are the ones suffering - this is my reputation as a proud scouser that is being irreversably damaged and I have no control over that!

Please do the honourable thing and resign. You are bleeding the city dry and have managed to destroy the souls of those who care. This situation is unacceptable, please; if you can do something - DO!

Anonymous said...

Micks's meagre salary was to buy his silence and appease the Arts council when Robbing archer was forced to resign and take her full salary with her after two years of doing nothing.
The the cultural institutions had balls and challenged the Capital Of Cult Company, all were disgusted at the situation including Ms Jane Casey.
Then low and behold the culture company agreed all outstanding grants to the cultural institutions, appointed Mick Elliot as Culture Consultant along with Ms Casey as the artistic director for opening event. Thus silencing any further challenges to the company.

They should all be ashamed for taking their pieces of silver, gutless scheming tossers the lot of them.
That gave the culture company time to carry on until being found out now when its too late.

So much for their integrity and support for the arts, it proves that any one can be bought.

You want to know where the money went ask them. It went to silence them and buy Jase time to make good his escape.

Shame on you all.



Anonymous said...

Michael Elliott and Jayne Casey


The Silent Grey Man and the Tart with a Heart of Glass

The Silent Grey Man

In fact, the 'grey man in the corner' may have spoken. From first hand accounts of the Phil's board meetings the said man is master of mind numbing circular arguments. The uninitiated, foolish enough to venture a question will find themself lulled into a hypnotic state. On waking all trace of the original question will be wiped from memory and usually the board minutes also. The board member concerned not wishing to look foolish will thank Mr Elliott for his erudite answer and beat a hasty retreat, if not resign entirely. The more experienced board member either takes a quick snooze awakening at intervals to nod or forgoes questions altogether, in which case the Elliott is quite happy both asking and answering his own questions. Members of the Culture Board, though thay should be familiar with these techniques, moving in the circles they do, may not yet have encountered a man as experienced in the art, as Mighty Take the Mick. He may not have many formal qualifications but his super power ability to wipe your mind stands him in good stead.

Good old Take the Mick (TTM) also has a very charitable side. A quality that he modestly hides under a bushel together with his team of 'Angels' (They know who they are). Adhering to the principal that an artist needs to suffer to realise his art, he allocates as much grant money as he can to the noble cause that is him and his multitude of crony 'consultants' , so that the musicians can be paid a pittance and suffer for their art. The 'underpayment' of classical musicians has always been a strategy employed by orchestras but prior to TTM's rule the Phil did not 'score' well (sorry about the pun). The band was relatively well paid in comparison to other orchestras. TTM's analysis of the situaton was a stroke of genius and through relentless persuit of his strategy he has managed, in just a few years, to reverse the situation completely.The board are to be congratulated for renewing his contract and waiving thier usual pension rules to retain the services of this man of genius. The band is now amongst the worst paid of any orchestra in the country,just in time to sing sweetly in 2008. TTM has done his bit for Capital of Culture. He has no need to speak. Just follow his example. He well deserves a celebratory meal before returning to his garret, home away from home, down the docks. Which one of his 'Angels' will mop his fevered brow? Maybe his favourite? The clue lies in the word 'garret'.

I shall stop now , to spare the great TTM's blushes. Modest as he is, I wouldn't want to embarass him by revealing yet more of his flashes of inspiration and genius,the driving force behind the strategy that will propel the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic head first into 2008 as a spearhead for CAPITAL OF CULTURE.Let's hope no one gets in the way.

Note: 'Consultant'

This term is not used in the normal sense above but denotes an aquaintance (I struggle to use the word friend) of the mighty TTM, who will generally do anything to help him ,as long as it involves lengthy reports about the value of constant change, preferably under the stewardship of consultants with no experience in the business and no responsibilty.Otherwise known as, 'A fresh pair of eyes'. Most of the research work is conducted in the office of the mighty TTM.On occasion the 'consultant' will venture out into the wilderness to observe the creatures in their natural habitat, though, of course the mighty TTM is always at hand to steer them out of the course of danger. These consultants frequently suffer from cramp and constipation due to the need to sit still and generate endless pages of reports at the specially discounted rate of £xxx per hour but of course, the great TTM is very happy to help out with the editing.
Come to think of it, the term has been used in the normal sense.

The Tart with a Heart of Glass

On reading the comments about TTM I encountered another familiar but nebulous name in 'Cultural Circles', Jayne Casey. Admiring friends tell me that like TTM , Miss Case The Joint (Or Misplaced the Joint? What da ya mean!! I NEED IT NOW TO WORK IN THIS HELL HOLE (para phrased) THAT IS LIVERPOOL) also has a superpowers which can turn bull s... into pearls of wisdom, as white as her cosmetic dentistry. Her powers,more primative and from pre management course days, include shock induced brain trauma brought on by a torrent of obscenities delivered at caffeine or coke (diet of course) fuelled speed and top volume or failing that a very frank 'handshake'. In either case, her (these) breasts (are real. Just feel) reinforce the points and her (these) tears (are real) reinforce the emotion.After that, who knows or cares what the original question was. Though bed is her natural habitat, she will also extend her cultural activites to other areas , for the right price. This creature hones itself to infiltrate cultural circles living solely on a diet of black coffee, coke (diet of course) and regular joints (she enjoys a bit of red meat). She needs to look the part, talk the part and be thin enough to slip between the cracks in the pavement. Time will not fade the ex model looks of Miss Case the Joint nor her her vivid imagination.
Like TTM she possesses the power to make something BIG out of nothing. She is the mistress of BIG and for that talent alone an invaluable additon to the Culture Company Team. What ever happens in 2008, her imagination and powers of communication will create a spectacular event which becomes an urban legend throughout the land and more especially on her C.V. There is nothing this woman cannot achieve. Since the closure of Cream she has subsequently been promoted from its Communications Manager, to Director and more recently, per an '08 press release,'Co-Founder of Liverpool's world famous Cream'. Our survey says 70% of students chose Liverpool because of Cream. Caught out again. One example of Case the Joint mind control.
Another power this remarkable creature shares with TTM is her uncanny ability to repel flying merde and redirect it onto innocent bystanders but that is another one of many stories and I will spare the shy retiring CTJ from yet more accolades.
So, what a remarkable coup, for the Culture Company to secure her services for such a snip and what a statement of post modern irony to place her on a bed in a 'Tart's Boudoir'. Or maybe that was just her office. (Wonder if it's got a shower)

Note: 'Tart'

This term is used above, in the usual sense i.e. Something sweet and sickly that make you want to throw up.

So as you can see, there was no question of Silence money when the Culture Company employed the services of Mr Elliott and Miss Casey. Their Super Hero skills were just too compelling. Let's hope Case the Joint doesn't actually Take the Mick. I don't think Liverpool is ready for that progeny.Beam me up Scotty. I think the world is in safe hands.

Anonymous said...


Press Release
Tuesday, 11 March 2008

National Appointment for Liverpool Phil's Chief Executive

Mick Elliott, Chief Executive of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, has been appointed Director of Culture at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). He will take up his new role in June this year.

This key role has responsibility for advising Ministers and implementing and delivering policy across the arts, museums and galleries, heritage, architecture and the Government Art Collection and for maintaining relationships with the cultural sector.

Mick was appointed Chief Executive of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic in 2001. During seven years with the organisation, he has led its recovery and renaissance, implementing a programme of organisational change that has seen year on year consolidation of the Phil's artistic and business performance. As a result, renewed confidence in the organisation has secured increased investment from the Phil's funding, corporate and media partners and wider stakeholders.

The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra is enjoying artistic and critical acclaim for its performances and for securing the appointment, to 2012 of Principal Conductor, Vasily Petrenko; audiences for classical music have stabilised, with growth in numbers matched by financial return at the box office; Liverpool Philharmonic Hall continues to build on its reputation as one of the UK's premier arts and entertainment venues; pioneering learning and engagement programmes have earned the Phil national attention for demonstrating the links between arts, education and regeneration in building enhanced self-esteem and confidence in communities; initiatives such as the Phil's recent journey in the virtual world of 'Second Life' attracted global media attention and public interest in praise of its innovation in reaching out to new audiences.

As one of the Liverpool's flagship cultural organisations, the Phil is making a major contribution to European Capital of Culture 2008; and as a member of LARC (Liverpool Arts and Regeneration Campaign), the Phil is working with a range of key stakeholders and partners to build investment and opportunity for the arts.

On Mick's appointment, Lorraine Rogers, Chairman of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic said:

"On behalf of the directors, musicians and staff of the Phil, I would like to congratulate Mick on this major national appointment. He is an outstanding Chief Executive, whose contribution in steering the Phil's recovery and growth has been immense. Under his leadership we have established firm foundations that are now enabling us to fulfil our vision to be an innovative and creative music organisation, one which celebrates music and music making at the very highest level; and which is making significant contributions to cultural, social, economic and regeneration agendas.

"The Phil has assembled a highly-skilled and committed senior management team who have been key in driving our successes and achievements. Mick's successor will also inherit a dynamic and talented community of musicians and staff, who, together with our Board of Directors, look forward to an ongoing relationship with him in his national role during the the next phase of the Phil's growth and development. Mick will be with us until 6th June, during which time the process of recruiting his successor will be underway."

Mick Elliott said: "It has been a privilege to have been part of the leadership of this unique organisation. The programme of change we have undertaken has delivered excellence, innovation, learning and accessibility in our music making and made the Phil a "can-do" organisation and partner of first choice for so many locally, regionally and nationally.

"The Liverpool Phil has a very exciting future under the leadership of the Board, Vasily Petrenko and our exceptional creative and management teams. It has been a very tough decision to leave, however I have what will be a lifelong passion for the Phil, its music, musicians, staff and audiences, and for Liverpool and Liverpudlians. I wish the Phil every continued success and look forward to contributing to the development of arts and culture locally and nationally in my new role."


Mick Elliott

Mick Elliott joined the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic as Chief Executive in January 2001.

Mick is a former Chief Executive of the Heart of England Tourist Board and from 1989 until 1996, he was Chief Executive of West Midlands Arts, the Regional Arts Board for the West Midlands. He has advised successive governments on cultural policy and the creation of national and regional structures in both arts and tourism.

In 2006, Mick was appointed, on a part-time secondment from his position at the Liverpool Phil, as Associate Cultural Director of the Liverpool Culture Company to advise the creative team on planning, its relationship with the cultural organisations and practitioners in Liverpool and to build on the already close links with the DCMS and Arts Council England. He has also led the partnership of the major cultural institutions in the City which has attracted significant new investment of national funding in Liverpool.

Further information from

Jayne Garrity
Head of Communications & Corporate Affairs
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic
Philharmonic Hall
Hope Street
Liverpool L1 9BP

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