Monday, November 12, 2007


FORMER city council leader Mike Storey is threatening legal action to prevent the secret Mathew Street report being published.

Storey-teller has told the city council he will sue if they make the report available.


Because it is Storey who has been fingered by the report for giving the go-ahead for £150,000 to be cut from the Mathew Street budget.

The finger is also pointing at him for being present at a meeting with the Harbarrowboy when he was told the event would have to be cancelled.

Labour Leader Joe Anderson has already established that as far back as last November, Storey was warning that the Mathew Street Festival might need to be moved from the city centre to Sefton Park.

He was the least surprised person in the city when the Harbarrowboy gave Mathew Street the chop.

The secret report is amazingly now in the hands of an incredibly expensive top QC at Fireman Bradley's insistence.

It apparently makes it clear that Storey is ultimately responsible for cancelling Mathew Street.

So now the great Cover-up by Colin has become crystal clear (shome mistake, shurely? eds)

Chief executive Hilton has been protecting the Lib Dems from another monumental political disaster.

If the report is published it will immediately become clear that Storey-teller is heavily implicated in the Mathew Street debacle.

Storey would have to resign both as the city's regeneration boss and 700th Birthday Boy.

It would be a second political humiliation from which he could never recover.

And he would probably have to also go as a city councillor (Sir Diddy must be loving this, eds)

His resignation would be a hammer blow to the Fireman's credibility - Bradley has given constant preferment to Storey, who has always been his political mentor.

And it would be another astonishing political defeat for the deflated Lib Dems.

To misquote the immortal Oscar Wilde, losing Storey once may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose him a second time looks like carelessness....


Anonymous said...

Bloody hell Tones, there's a turn up!

Anonymous said...

How disgraced ex council leader Storey manages to control his fireman puppet when he has fingers in so many lucrative pies has always eluded me.

Anonymous said...

You can always rely on the Wet Nellys (To mess things up that is)

Anonymous said...

When is Feather going?

Anonymous said...

" Its not the leaving of Liverpool that grieves me but Mike Storey when i think of Thee..."

Echo Ed said...

another seriously good exclusive Tonys

Tori Blare said...

Can we sue the City for this balls up as well?
Storey should never have been allowed to carry on as a councillor at all after his fight with henshaw, let alone in charge of such a high finance operation!
He must be gotten rid of officially, as should ALL Lib Dems.
Vote Chucklebutty in May!

worried badly said...

Thank God for this. Now will youse all stop blamin' ME for delayin' de publicashun of the Mattchoo St repurt

A nonny mouse fireman

Anonymous said...

i didnt think this was a secret report anyway, surely it belongs to us the council tax payers of the city. Can someone demand a copy under the freedom of information act?

Not a bald legal eagle or Sexy Rexy either said...

Rather bizarre story in the Daily Post today about this.

Seems as though the Fireman is doing his best to protect Storey. Admits he has had a solicitor's letter in from one of the witnesses, which is obviously Storey. Obviously the letter was threatening legal action, solictors don't normally write to anyone asking 'how are you doing', Normally its along the lines of 'my client has instructed me that it has come to his attention that a document has been produced by the city council which makes grave accusations against my clients standing and reputation as a councillor. Unless you burn it publicly in a ceremony outside the Town Hall, we shall have no alternative but to commence proceedings against the city council for defamation of character, publishing secret reports and being generally incompetent.' What are they so afraid of I wonder - the truth?

Henshaw said...


Very Confused of the Council said...

Now, I am confused there was me of the understanding that Jase had cut the Matthew Street Budget from 600 thousand to 400 thousand all on his own with out telling anyone else along with completley cutting other events from the 2007 programme and reducing the birthday fireworks budget by 300 thousand, I must have been mistaken.

I also thought Mr S insisted some of the program was put back in, after all guys, it is our birthday, so I heard old Jase told him if you want stuff back in you will have to cut Mathew Street budget by another 150 grand.

That meant Jase would have raided the city's 800th birthday celebrations for 700 grand and tried to force Storey to reduce Mathew Street by a further 150 grand! Surley not !!
As according to the press old Jase,is completley admonished from any responisbility in the cancelling of the Mathew Street festival despite apparently cutting its budget which obviously cant be true.
Mike Storey apparently tries to ensure we have some celebrations and now he is at fault for the lot.
Very confusing ......
I am obviously wrong in my understanding of the whole period.
ah well never mind Roll on 2008 only 48 days left !!

The Tonys said...

Look Mike, we appreciate your loyal readership, but its all very well trying to absolve yourself of any responsibility for any of this but, firstly, you either agreed that cancelling Mathew Street could happen, or you allowed the Harbarrowboy to get away with doing it all on his lonesome. Either way it was your fault. If you and the Fireman gave the go-ahead, case proven m'lud. If you allowed Harbarrowboy to do it alone, you and the Fireman are just as culpable as him. Who runs the council - democratically elected politicians (like yourselves, sadly) or an evil cabal of officers (who you fools appointed)? We think you have already answered that one about the cabal, sunshine...You can't win this one, Mike.

Tony Parrish47 said...

Well the media are finally being briefed this afternoon, after the Fireman was forced to finally agree to publish the report, so it will be all over the place tomorrow morning. Can't wait.

Kenny Lad said...

And it was just as you predicted weeks and weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

I always believed it was Judith Feather who ran the council.
Or was it Jase after all?

Anonymous said...

Captiva Symond's report clearly stated that Green, Harborow and Feather were not competent to safely deliver an event like Mathew Street.
Lee Forde and his team have done exactly that for years!
What more is there to tell in yet another "report".

One down, two to go!
Let's start a petition to bring Forde back and make 2008 a success.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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