Wednesday, November 21, 2007


CITY council leader Warren Bradley, birthday boy Mike Storey, chief executive Colin Hilton and Culture boss Jason Harborow all knew about the problems with Mathew Street at least SIX MONTHS before it was cancelled.

That is clear from a confidential email which, for some strange reason, was not included in the council's controversial and officially tampered-with report.

The email, written on February 28th, is by Culture Company Operations Director Chris Green to the Harbarrowboy.

It concerns the fateful meeting on February 21st when Green met with Fireman Bradley, Story-teller and CoverUp to update all three on Mathew Street.

Green explains to Harbarrowboy that the cost of the new outdoor event Storey wanted - Son et Lumiere - had risen to £160,000 and that the budget for Mathew Street would need to be cut by £100,000, as a result.

Green then tells the Harbarrowboy:
"Given that the closure of the Pier Head had already introduced logistical problems for operating Mathew Street at the same scale as previous years..."

So Harbarrow was obviously in the loop and knew that there were problems with staging Mathew Street again this year.
Green then outlines a re-vamped proposal for Mathew Street,which has been cut by £100,000.

Green says:

"This idea was presented to Warren Bradley, Colin Hilton and Mike Storey on 21 Feb and was not accepted. Warren and Mike felt strongly that we needed to find a way to run Mathew Street on Saturday and Sunday as well as Monday/Tuesday."

In other words, both Bradley and Storey were adamant that, despite the budget being cut by £100,000, Mathew Street should not be reduced from four days to a two day festival, as Green had proposed.

Fireman Bradley of course told the world that the first he knew of any problems with Mathew Street was when Hilton phoned him on holiday in July.

Not true Fireman.

Both CoverUp and the Fireman were at the same meeting in February when the problems were raised and proposals for reducing Mathew Street were put forward.

But according to Green's email, both the Fireman and Story-teller insisted that the Festival should go ahead as they wanted, despite them having cut the budget.

The email - which is reproduced in full below, demonstrates that both Bradley, Storey and Hilton too, have repeatedy and outrageously lied about their knowledge and involvement in the Mathew Street debacle.

The Harbarrowboy responds by promising Green that he will raise the issue at EMT - the city council's Executive Management Team which is chaired by Hilton, who reports to Bradley.

Perhaps Jase forgot to raise it?

Or perhaps Hilton was hiding under his desk with cotton wool stuffed into his ears?

Perhaps CoverUp had a severe attack of laryngitis and could not speak to Bradley about it for six months?

Perhaps someone could ask for the minutes of the EMT?

You may also find it strange, dear readers, that this email exchange is not included in the official report?

Why do you think it has not been included?

Perhaps the Gang of Four are suggesting that Green, who has since quit of course, is really the liar and that his email is a complete fabrication?

But what motive would he have to lie?

He wrote his email six months ago.

It is a contemporaneous account of what happened - as opposed to the convenenient memory loss apparently suffered now by Bradley, Storey, Hilton and Harbarrow.

This is the truth:

All four of them knew about the problems at least six months before Mathew Street was cancelled.

All four of them knew that the budget cuts had compounded the problems.

All four of them have repeatedly and consistently lied about their knowledge and involvement.

All four of them - because they are disgraceful , dishonourable and sickening cowards - have sought to blame Lee Forde for what went wrong.

Lee Forde is the one who has told the truth.

Lee Forde is the only man who has acted honourably.

And Lee Forde is the one who is now being scapegoated by these bastards.

Here is the email: Judge for yourselves.

-----Original Message-----

From: Harborow, Jason
Sent: 02 March 2007 00:06
To: Green, Chris
Cc: Forde, Lee

I will raise at EMT

Jason Harborow
Chief Executive
Liverpool Culture Company
PO Box 2008
Municipal Buildings
Dale Street
L2 2DH
Tel: + 44 (0) 151 233 5441
Fax: + 44 (0) 151 233 6333

----- Original Message -----
From: Green, Chris
To: Harborow, Jason
Cc: Forde, Lee
Sent: Wed Feb 28 11:31:01 2007


I've reviewed the overall events budget and the operational options with Lee and the following is a statement of where we stand.

Do you want this to be put to the Strategic Steering group this week?

In the planning for 'one off' events for 2007 in the second half of lastyear we started to look at the feasibility of a major public event duringthe week commencing 23 April. The steering group agreed that we should progress the idea of a week long 'Son et Lumiere' event, the initial cost for which was estimated at c £70k. This was not in the year's budgets.

A more accurate costing has since produced a budget need for £160k.

This wasreported to the Mike Storey and he asked us to try to find a way of re-allocating budgets so that we could pay for this event and an increase in the budgets for the Pageant and Squares activity on 28th August.

Following the budget review at the Culture Co Awayday on 14th Feb all of the Events Budgets for 2007 had been reviewed and where possible savings made.
However, the only substantial budgets where significant savings were feasible were:

Mathew St Festival £500k
August 28th Fireworks £375k
Police Costs £250k

Given that the closure of the Pier Head had already introduced logistical problems for operating Mathew Street at the same scale as previous years, it was provisionally agreed that for 2007 Mathew St Festival could consist of five stages in and around the City Centre on Monday 27th August, with two ofthose stages being retained for the 'party' on Tuesday 28th August.

This would produce an estimated saving of £100k, which together with smaller scale savings fro some other event budgets would fund the 'Son et Lumiere'event.

This idea was presented to Warren Bradley, Colin Hilton and Mike Storey on 21 Feb and was not accepted.

Warren and Mike felt strongly that we needed to find a way to run Mathew Street on Saturday and Sunday as well asMonday/Tuesday.

Lee and I believe that if Mathew St is to remain in the City Centre there are only two realistic options and with both of these options there will still be a significant number of other agencies required to approve this before we go ahead.

Option 1
Two stages on Mann Island/the Strand for Saturday Sunday and Monday,increasing to five with the addition of Derby Square, Dale St and Williamson Square for Monday and the retention of the Derby and Williamson Square stages for Tuesday.
The main logistical issue here is the closing of the Strand for three days,which the police have already intimated will be objected to - not least byGrosvenor.
This would not produce any cost saving on the budget of £500k.

Option 2
A stage on St George's Plateau for Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday,with additional stages on the Strand and Derby Square for the Monday; DerbySquare to be retained for the Tuesday as well.
The main logistical issue with this option is that the capacity of St George's Plateau would be limited and it may require the closure of Lime Street at some times - this was objected to by Merseytravel last year.
This is unlikely to produce any saving on the budget of £500k.

We have looked at a third option where we operate MSF through indoor venues across the City on Saturday and Sunday and have the five stages as per Option 1 for the Monday, reducing to two on Tuesday 28th August.

However, this would require significant increase in admin effort to organise and ticket the events in venues and we do not believe the capacities exist in venues.

All bar venues already operate at full capacity and programme activity.

In terms of the major venues the only exception last year I think were the Royal Court and RLPO who in themselves would not produce enough capacity to deal with the expected crowds.

We have not been able to identify an option which would allow the festival to operate for 3 days and produce the saving needed to cover the costs of the Son et Lumiere event.
The only option therefore appears to be to reduce the budget for fireworks on the 28th August. However, this would undoubtedly create a serious PR issue if we were not seen to undertake a decent display.

Chris Green
Operations Director
Liverpool Culture Company
PO Box 2008
Municipal Buildings
Dale Street
L2 2DH
Tel: +44 (0) 151 233 1106
Fax: +44 (0) 151 233 6333
Mobile: + 44 (0) 7841 295 254

Liverpool - European Capital of Culture 2008

Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail. Thank you


Anonymous said...

Well Done Tony's Fucking Dynamite !!!

Anonymous said...

i would urge everyone to contact thier local councillors of whatever party and ask them what they propose to do about this .this will sort the men out from the boys. Then we can all also ask them to sack the lot of them for thier lies and deciept

Anonymous said...

congratulations lets see them try and get out of this one

worried badly said...

Shit! Now I'm really Worried Badly. If there's one email thread, there'll be others too. All these smoking guns pointing straight at me. And now Green & Forde are running wild, free to spill everything they know. I'm Worried Badly, a badly worried fireman - and liar! Mummy, where are you?

Anonymous said...

You can email your local councillor at

this is democracy in action - the lib dems needs to feel the heat amongst the public so they can disown bradley and storey. the opposition parties need to know they have support in going after them. don't foerget the media think all of this needs to be swept under the carpet because it is not good for the city. what's not good for the city is to have these bastards in charge.

The Electorate said...

Its like Laurel and Hardy AND the Chuckle Brothers all rolled into one.

I would caution fellow citizens, do not be alarmed or even taken in, as I surely feel we are being wound up! Yes indeed its not a cock up at all its a clever and cunning municipal open air act/show a bit like Candid camera on the whole City, put on in the run up to next year when we will see curtain go up on the finale due in May.

Note the superb quality of the acting Bravo Bravissimo more please Bravo Bravo

Shocked-of-Liverpool said...

This is disgusting, it's an absolute disgrace!

Why are we not being listned too?

When are the powers that be going to answer these points?

They can't bury their heads in the sand and hope it will go away, a mans professional life has been severely damaged, he did nothing wrong and has been hanged for it.

This is a outrage, something must be done!!

stupidtwat said...

i have sent my protest to but all i get back is a user not known message.

Colin Hilton said...

We have received a number of emails to Councillor Name. Liverpool Direct say they have been unable to trace him - I wonder if you could help me ensure he responds by telling me which party he represents?

Anonymous said...

Email Cllr Beatrice Frankeal (Lib Dem, Cressington) She's the most decent out of them all. Let her know and ask her to take action.

Anonymous said...

As Zola said during the Dreyfus affair in his "J"accuse article. "The truth is on the march..." Lets get behind Lee and help get rid of these snake oil perveyers.

Anonymous said...

Ooh err matron! On page 22 of the whitewash the report on the meeting of 21st Feb names the four usual suspects and a mysterious unnamed person as attending. Now we all know that unnamed person was non other than Mr Greene.

Since none of the others attending that meeting appear to be able to agree on what they said to each other that evening perhaps we should look into exactly what the bar bill was that evening.

Sir Diddy said...

I've emailed Mike!

Anonymous said...

i have emailed every councillor lets see if any of them can bother to reply or do something

Tori Blare said...

Anti Cabalists are using their skills and getting their own back.
It is a joy to watch.
Truth and Justice will prevail one day and people like Matt Finnegan and Lee Forde joining forces for the common good of defeating the CORRUPT CABAL,is something the council should have saw coming, but they have been that busy covering everything up, they have not thought out the possible consequences.
AS usual Tony's excellent reporting , any help needed get in touch?

Anonymous said...

there are no decent lib dems they are all corrupt serpents.
Vote them all out they aer not worthy.

Anonymous said...

I think people should email the Echo and ask why they are not reporting this significant new evidence!

Anonymous said...

nothing is going to happen about this at all. hilton has stitched it all up to cover his own arse and bradleys and harbarows and no amount of stupid blogs like this or labour councillors demanding this and that is going to make the slightest difference. all of your stuff is just pathetic. get real and grow up - this is the real world.

Anonymous said...

yes this is the real world and if we all gave up trying to stop corruption like what is going on in this council what state would we all be in now.

Tori Blare said...

To last anonymous, if you are so sure of yourself, state your name.
If you don't like the blog then stay off it.

Anony Mouskouri said...

Oh don't be too hard on the "real world" anonymous. It may be some poor disgruntled lib dem or Sir Diddy or even Inspector Clueless.
Apart from the rather rude chastisement and this blog has never been at home to Mr Rude, they are probably right that nothing will happen. They have learned well from Sir Dildo Henshite, to brazen it out whatever the calamity or sleaze. That way you can keep taking the money. Without the press to publicise it, who have no balls or have been bought off, then it is left to the voters, who are sadly as apathetic historically as anonymous is in their real world.

By the way, another anonymous asked if we all gave up trying to fight corruption what state would we be in? Washington I think is the answer.

See! gags like that alone are worth the existence of the blog.

Poor Anonymous they are clearly feeling sad,defeated and powerless. If you get too low, give Care Line a ring.

I'm backing Anderson. said...

Keep the blog going-its an insight into the real goings on at LCC. I just hope more and more people learn about it so to help Labour back to victory in May!!

pete1 said...

first time ihave heard of this bradley i use to live in Bognor Regis. but i came back to this great city, only to hear about this little man bradley, thats why i spelt his name with a small b. Because thats all he is a Ba....d. let him hold a public meeting so he can not tell any more lies, and then hand in his notice. Pete1.

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