Tuesday, December 11, 2007


FIREMAN Bradley has come out whimpering...

The foolish firefighter is blaming everyone but himself for the Mathew Street debacle, the Lee Forde plot and the repeated lies he has told.

Bradley went cap in hand to the Lib Dem group meeting last night after sending them a humiliating email pleading for their support (does this guy never learn? eds).

And surprise, surprise, guess what he gave as an explanation for this utter shambles?

He blamed a conspiracy against him by the two F's - former city council Events chief Mr Forde and former city council communications director Matt Finigan.

(Clearly Bradley doesn't know the meaning of the words truth and integrity, eds)

Bradley also instructed his flock not to read the Liverpool subculture blog anymore on pain of displinary action!

(An instruction which has obviously been completely ignored, eds)

Bradley again gave another tear-jerking performance about how his family had been upset by all the press coverage (although so far, he has never given a thought for anyone else's family, has he folks? eds)

He also completely forgot to mention that it was he, in fact, who first involved his family in all this by sending poor Pauline off to fetch Storeyteller for the secret rendezvous with Lee Forde.

The fireman has also been rocked by news of the prosecution and looming court appearance of fellow fireman, chief whip and Wavertree ward co-conspirator Steve Hurst for producing an 'anonymous' and disgraceful smear leaflet in the last May elections - see today's Daily Post and previous Liverpool subCulture posts (you read it here first! eds. Actually come to think of it, you only read it here - none of the tree-killing meejaa dared to even cover the story.) Bradley has so far failed to condemn this leaflet or to suspend Hurst, pending the court case.

There is, meanwhile, amongst his Lib Dem colleagues growing speculation that the remaining Wavertree ward councillor Mike Storeyteller - also known as Snow White in this pantomime season - has been the source for much of the information contained in the world-famous Liverpool subCulture blog (aw shucks, eds)

But a good blogger never reveals his sources (which are infinite and varied, eds)

Meanwhile Bradley won't lose any sleep about the de-selection of Beatrice Fraenkel and her replacement by friend (ok, ally, eds) of Inspector Clue-less, Paula Keaveney. Fraenkel should have quit months ago, when we first revealed that she was dabbling with crossing to Labour.

Interestingly the rottweiller McElhinney's poodle, the incredibly gullible and hysterical Marilyn Fielding, has been the only Lib Dem voice to publicly critiscise the Fireman for his 'Perroni and Parakeet' secret session with Lee Forde (obviously her master's voice at work, eds)

However Bradley remains in complete denial, seemingly unaware that he has done anything wrong at all, and believing that he is the victim of a terrible conspiracy. (Talk about the pot calling the kettle, eds). Reflect on your own behaviour Bradley and one day the penny might drop.

But we can also reveal that Bradley's Mathew St/Capital of Culture shambles will bring more sensational shocks very soon, folks.
And that's a promise....

Meanwhile for a further insight into how, under the Fireman's stupid stewardship, the city council will lie, cheat and steal to frame innocent employees read this amazing story about the behaviour, immorality and corrupt corporatism of the city council....

We told you so.


Dumbledork said...

Ah Yes, Finnegan and Forde conspired by writing a report that is factually incorrect. Then forcing Warren to edit it and publish it knowing it to be incorrect.
They conspired to ruin Forde's career in the process, they also made Bradley send e-mails repudiating the report and some how managed to get Bradley to arrange a secret meeting in his house with Mike storey, then using their magical powers got Bradley to deny it in the press and then make a liar out of himself and admit it later along with two other fabrications of saying Forde arranged the meeting and Colin Hilton was told al about it - both these accounts proven wrong.

The wizards of Conspiracy have with slight of hand made poor Warren out to be a liar and a cheat along with proving himself to be an embarrassment to the party and the city.

Quite how these to wizards managed it is a mystery to us but we all know Warren is a Puppet maybe just maybe they managed to get to his strings and make him do it?

Otherwise I am at a loss for words as to how else they could manipulate such a strong and effective leader.

Crawl back under you rock Warren no one believes you.

Jase says... said...

Resign you Tosser !!

Confused said...

Now just why on earth would they want to do that Warren? What have you done to them ?

Anonymous said...

this proves that this blog is getting under the right skins! keep up th egood work

Storeyteller said...

I'm saying nothing

Mike Storey said...

Opportunity Opportunity opportunity

Tori Blare said...

The man is more pathetic than I thought, and I never really had a high opinion of him in the first place!
Who or what can stop these idiots!
Bradley's family take the money he earns from his mal-administration, so therefore they will have to take a bit of upset when we find out where the money came from.
I do not recall Bradley or his family publicly supporting Matt when he was strung up as the sacrificial lamb?
Haven't noticed them making any statements about how Lee Forde must be feeling?
So why should we the people of Liverpool, who put their trust in Bradley to run this City for the benefit of Liverpool, who have been treated with contempt by Bradley and others, why should we feel sorry for his family?

backbencher said...

no reason

Anonymous said...

How will Bradley cope meeting all of the the Liverpool Labour MPs tomorrow? Dear me they're out to get him.

Polly said...

Bradley is a liar and not a very good one he has the attitude of a five year old child.
he may have got 36 votes at the recent council meeting from his fellow Lib Dem councillors but I doubt he will get thirty six vote in the may election.
Now the public are aware that he is a Liar and a Cheat.
His family should hang their heads in shame at his antics.

Christmas Quiz said...

A few things to ponder .....

If Forde had not resigned would Mathew street Festival gone ahead?

If Forde had not resigned would Harbarow and Green still be in the Culture Company ?

If Forde had not resigned would there have been the need to alter the board?

If Forde had not resigned would Brian Gray and Bearnice Law been brought in?

Why do the Culture Company have a 20 odd million pound short fall on some thing they have yet to deliver?

Is this good financial management?

Do other city council departments behave this way financially?

Who allowed it to happen?

Why does Bradley have selective memory, or is it the onset of dementia?

Why can the culture company spend £1.3 million of taxpayers money putting Ringo on the roof of St Georges Hall for the opening event and not give the correct funding to Mathew Street Festival 2007?

Why has the Culture Company been working on putting the Culture year together for four years yet it has only just put out tenders for the opening event?

Why is the Culture company putting out requests through the Echo for people to perform in the most dangerous part of the out door event - hanging from buildings -when it is less than four weeks away?

Why did the Culture Company spend Five hundred and five thousand one hundred and sixty three pounds on Mathew street festival 2007 and not put on the outdoor stages?

Why did it only allow £400k for the event in 2007 with stages?

Why after working on the opening event for 14 months is it still not designed ?

Why is Bradley such a liar?

Who put Harbrow in position?

Who really cancelled Mathew Street festival and why?

What part did the Police play in the cancellation of Mathew Street?

Why is the Mathew street report called a preliminary report?

When is there to be a final report?

What are the lessons learned from Mathew Street Festival 2007?

Why did Mathew Street festival ask the city to stage the event from 2001 onwards?

Why do Mathew Street festival limted get paid £25,000 each year?

Why is it called Mathew street festival why not Liverpool music festival?

Would we/could we, save £25,000 per year if we changed its name?

Why does Bradley want Harbarow out so much that he is prepared to risk his political career over it?

Why was a former trinket salesman with no qualifications, made CEO of the Culture Company?

Who managed Harbrow and failed to see the mess he had created?

Why was Harbrow allowed to submit a budget that was 20 odd million pounds short?

Why did Hilton and Harbarow state in the press that everything possible had been done to try to stage the Festival in 2007?

Was this a lie?

If not, why did the report not mention that everything possible had been done?

Indeed if it had, then how can anyone be blamed?

What if any measures have been put in place to make sure this does not happen again?

Why does the city have to go cap in hand to the government begging for a hand out in order to sort out this financial mess?

Will this have a knock on effect if we ever have to go begging to the government for funds for something really worthwhile in the future?

Why did European Regional Development fund claw back 100,000 pounds from the Culture Company late 2006?

Was it for poor financial management of granted funds?

Who was in charge of setting budgets for the Culture Company?

Where has all the money gone?

How much will it increase our council tax?

Is it acceptable to cut other services and to reduce their budgets when obviously wholesale financial mismanagement has gone on in the Culture Company?

Why have such an ambitious program?
why not reduce and save 20 million?

When will Bradley resign ?

Why are there no Liverpool people in the top jobs in the culture company?

Are scousers crap at this type of work?

If any body can help with answering the above questions I am sure the culture company can sort out some cash prizes and brand this quiz as part of the 08 Celebrations?

If you can get ten right Cap of Cult Co will give you a couple of million !!

Naive person said...

Er, i think the answer is...if only we knew!

Little Donkey said...

Could anyone give us an answer to the questions raised by Christmas Quiz?

These are very valid questions which require answering if we are to save any face over the incomining disaster which is 2008.

As council tax payers we deserve answers.

Kennylad said...

Why was Jason also appointed as the City Council's Executive Director for Culture just a few months ago, when by then it was manifestly clear the Culture Company was dreadfully mismanaged?

Why have established cultural facilities like the Neptune Theatre and Lister Drive library been sacrificed to subsidise the embarassingly naff 08circus act?

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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