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THIS is the band 'SIRENZ'* who jumped the queue over other groups at the 2006 Mathew Street Festival.

The Crosby-based six-piece were at the centre of an internal council investigation into the actions of the Harbarrowboy and a second un-named senior council official.

It is alleged that both officials abused their public positions of trust to ensure that SIRENZ appeared at the Festival.

The Harbarrowboy, who was in charge of the 2006 Festival, and the second official are alleged to have used their positions to enable SIRENZ to circumvent the official judging process.

Unlike every other local band which appeared at the Festival that year, SIRENZ were not approved by an independent panel.

They were simply given one of the best slots at the Festival.

It is not clear what relationship - financial, professional or personal - the band have, or had, with either the Harbarrowboy or the un-named official.

Of course their is no suggestion that SIRENZ (dramatic logo above right, eds) paid any money to either official in order to appear at Mathew Street.

Nor is there any suggestion (yet, eds) that the Harbarrowboy stood to benefit in any way from making sure they got the gig.

But since Colin Cover Up has now effectively silenced the probe by paying off the Harbarrowboy with £250,000 of council taxpayers money, it is unlikely that we will ever find the answers to these questions.
NB Our enquiries are continuing....

*Here is some of their publicity blurb from MySpace

About sirenz

Davie Reid - Singer/Songwriter/Synth player, John Reid - Lead Guitar, Joe Swift - Bass, Karl Blower - Rhythm Guitar, Marc Guy - Drums, Keith Merner - Synth Player/Samples/Tech

Sirenz formed in 2005 creating their own material in a rock'n roll, electronic style. In this time realising the band has what it takes to make a career in the industry, the idea to expose their style to a wider audience is exciting and the goal of all members. in 2006, then with countless gigs and experience in studios, recording at their own expense they decided to get in touch with a friend with recording knowledge so that they could record off their own backs. The friend took up second synth player and this element gave the band new horizons and created freedom to uncover new ideas. 2007 now with a fully shaped sound scape, Sirenz future lies in the hands of record companies to take their sound and career into the music industry itself.

Sirenz are 6 young men who live and breathe music. Sirenz incorporate drums, synth, guitar, bass and stunning vocals to produce a sound that is unique in 2007. The music, of a rock/electronic genre, is innovative and creative and has helped the group build a strong fan base in the Northwest which is spreading to Southern areas of the UK. Touring the Merseyside area since 2005, they have performed on numerous occasions at prominent music venues across the area. Publicity has been gained through such appearances and interest in the group continues to grow. Their sound continues to develop and the commitment of the band is highlighted by their experimentation with recording and performing. Spurred on through Sirenz’ dedication to music, the growth of their musical talents and their emotional and life experiences, they will endeavour to be a success.


Bean Spiller says said...

mmmmmmmm now whose new step son is in this band then........

Anonymous said...

come on we dont all know, name names

Hack said...

Thought you might be interested in the Executive Team of the Culture Company as listed three minutes ago on the up-to-the-minute Echo's web site. Jase is still down as chief exec too. You couldn't make it up.....

Executive team members

Paul Newman: Communications Director

Former press chief for the Football Association, a television presenter in the 80s and 90s, he deals with the world's press.

Lee Forde: General Manager for Events

The ex rock and roll lighting designer brought about a scheme to architecturally illuminate some of the city's most famous buildings.

Claire McColgan: Head Creative Communities

While working for Arts in Regeneration in Speke, she was seconded to the bid team and is res- ponsible for developing the participation programme for 07/08.

Fiona Gasper: General Manager Arts

The former executive producer of Contact in Manchester is in charge of planning and delivery for the artistic programmes and cultural infrastructure.

Graham Boxer: Head of Heritage Development

Former director of St George's Hall, he co-ordinates heritage projects across the culture company and liaises with other council departments.

Chris Green: Head of Commercial

The former Rugby League marketing director generates income from the private sector to pay for the 08 programme.

Alan Southward: Head of Finance

The St Helens man was previously in charge of leisure finance at the city council.

Keith Blundell: Head of Tourism

Former tourist board development manager is in charge of information services, tourism development and marketing.

Neil Peterson: Head of Liverpool Welcome

The 48-year-old is in charge of ensuring the city is at its most welcoming as we approach Capital of Culture year.

Hack again said...

I had a look on the same Echo web site at the Culture Board, just in case, and would you believe this:
The Board
Daily Post

Prof Drummond Bone: Chairman

The poetry expert and motor-racing aficionado has been Liverpool University's vice chancellor since 2002.

Born in Ayr, Scotland, he first came to Liverpool in the late 1960s as part of his academic research but also has a strong business background. He was appointed to the post following Sir Bob Scott's resignation.

Warren Bradley: Deputy Chairman

The Liverpool fire-fighter served as the city council's executive member for culture until his recent appointment as council leader.

The father-of-two, who has been a councillor for just five years shooting quickly up the Lib-Dem ranks, vowed to make the city's reign the "best ever" Capital of Culture.

Loyd Grossman: Deputy Chairman

The self-confessed Liverpool-ophile first visited the city as a young student back in the early 70s.

He became hooked on what he considers its "unique vibrancy".

He is chairman of Culture Northwest and National Museums Liverpool and threw his weight behind the city's bid for the title.

Susan Woodward: Deputy Chairman

The Granada television managing director and former Daily Post & Echo reporter worked for Manchester's Commonwealth Games, where she was responsible for the opening and closing ceremonies, which involved 10,000 performers. She was recruited to mastermind the calendar of events for the Capital of Culture bid.

Other board members

Tom Bloxham MBE - Founder of Urban Splash and chairman of the Arts Council England (Northwest), Cllr Warren Bradley - Leader, Liverpool City Council, Prof Michael Brown -Vice Chancellor, Liverpool John Moores University, Wally Brown CBE - Principal, Liverpool Community College, Sir Neil Cossons OBE - chairman of English Heritage, Lady Derby - The Countess of Derby, Louise Ellman - MP for Riverside, Ruth Gould - Creative Director, North West Disability Arts Forum

Bryan Gray MBE - Chairman of the Northwest Development Agency, Roger Lewis - chairman of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, David McDonnell - chief executive of Worldwide Grant Thornton International, Roy Morris DL - chairman of The Mersey Partnership, Cllr Tony Robertson - Leader, Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council, Sir Bob Scott - International Ambassador, Liverpool Culture Company, Sir Nicholas Serota - Director of Tate Museums, Brenda Smith -group UK managing director of Ascent Media, Andrew Worthington MBE - chairman of Sport England's Northwest Regional Sports Board.

And this is at the bottom!!!!!

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'Are you having a laugh?' as Ricky Gervais might say!

ANDO said...


Bob Dylan said...

Oh dear, Sirenz are fucking awful as well!

What a bunch of c**tbags.

Anonymous said...

Did any one else know that Chris Green (Jase's mate)was a share holder in St Helens Rugby club.
a club that the Cap of Coc pays considerable sums to for having the Coc logo on there kit.
Is it just me or is that a conflict of interest? or just suspect?

Johnny Tightlips said...

Further proof, were it needed, that this city is run by corrupt clowns.

This city will constantly exposed during 2008 because we won't be sticking our heads up our arses so try and shut this down all you like Bradly and co because we're going nowhere.

Apart from that, 'I ain't sayin nothin'

J said...

Congrats and thanks to M for this excellent story and for all the hard work during 2007 in exposing the shower of shits currently in control of our city. You have made their demise much more likely.

True Scouser said...

Can i be the first to wish the Tonys happy new year - and all power to your collective elbows?

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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