Wednesday, December 19, 2007


  • FIREMAN BRADLEY and the Storeyteller have cost council taxpayers £250,000 - the amount the ruling Lib Dems today voted to hand to the Harbarrowboy.

    Three Lib Dem Councillors - Marilyn Fielding (the Rottweiller McElhinney's tame poodle, eds), Dave Antrobus, and Bernie Turner (business colleague of Joe Riley snitch Carolyn Hughes, eds) voted to stump up the people's cash to Jase because of the blundering Leader and former Leader's mistakes.

    There were only two councillors - both Labour - who voted against giving the huge pay-off to the £150,000-a-year (plus Performance Related Pay, eds) Harbarrowboy, who:

  • failed over Mathew Street
  • failed over Capital of Culture 2008 and
  • failed the city of Liverpool

But Labour lost the vote 3:2 - and so failure and incompetence was once again again rewarded by the Lib Dem city council.

Expert employment lawyers (not Ken Unworthy then? eds) told the special council committee that the Harbarrowboy had a cast-iron case for constructive dismissal against the city council because of the words and actions of Bradley and Storey.

The legal eagles cited three specific areas where Bradley and Storey had left the city council extremely vulnerable to legal action:

1) Bradley's ludicrously insane email to Colin Cover Up demanding that Harbarrowboy be relieved of his duties for the Mathew Street fiasco (copied to all members of the Lib Dem group and thus instantly leaked by three of them to Labour's gleeful Joe Anderson, eds)

2) Public statements made by both Bradley and Storey - in particular a barely literate and seriously ill-judged article written by Storey, ironically for the Daily Post, which attacked the Harbarrowboy after the discredited Mathew St report.

3) The 'Perroni Plot' when Bradley and Storey tried to lure former Events boss and Mathew St scapegoat Lee Forde into their continuing schoolboy conspiracy against the Harbarrowboy (nuff said about that, ed)

The legal eagles said that the actions of both leading Lib Dems had made the Harbarrowboy's position as chief exec untenable and had given him a golden opportunity to sue the council for constructive dimissal.

They also warned that unless the council settled with him, Jase could easily bring a hugely embarrassing civil case against Bradley and Storey for harassment, with unlimited damages being awarded!

This explosive and devastating legal opinion will now be used as evidence by Joe Anderson when Bradley and Storey are hauled in front of the Standards Board next year. (Oh fantastic! What a great year 2008 is going to be! eds)

The pair of Lib Dem dunderheads have so far between them personally cost the city council's long-suffering taxpayers well over £1million through their weakness and incompetence.

  • paying off corrupt Sir Diddy Henshaw

  • paying off crap Robbing Archer

  • paying off the Harbarrowboy's side-kick, Chris Green

  • paying off CoC's first Operations Director, Kevin Johnston (who fell foul of the evil cabal, eds) and now

  • paying off Jase

(Can't someone pay them off? eds)

How much more will the Fireman and Storeyteller cost Liverpool in lost opportunity, public esteem and hard cash, before they are removed from office by the Standards Board or the voters? (Hope its the voters first, eds)

Meanwhile Mr Lee Forde - the only one with any integrity and any use - has not received a single penny from the city council.

We hope that the people of Liverpool make the Lib Dems pay for their incompetence, waste and contempt. Failing that, pehaps some public minded lawyer would care to sue the pair of them for wasting and abuse of public money.


God said...

Amen to that

Jase said...

uunly £250K wuts that all abuurt then? aaave gut a hacienda tuu paey fur tha knuurss

Try agaaain Warren


If Storey and Bradley had the slightest scrap of honour or integrity left, they would fall on their swords.

This really is as shambolic as anything Hatton and the Militants got up to.

Can we ratepayers not bring a class action for gross negligence against these people?

Curses to the craven Echo for not printing the £250k payout figure.

Kisses to Tony for bringing the truth to light.

Anonymous said...

this has come as no suprise to anyone and once again proves what a bunch of tossers are running this council

Anonymous said...

Going? Going? Gone. Thats from the Post. The Echo on the other hand tried to hide the story on the front page. Strange that a paper that based in the same building as the Post appears to actually be based on a different planet. I wonder what hold the Fireman and Storey have on the Echo management?

Jon boy said...

The Echo management are a shower of spineless twats, unfortunately, who know fuck all about the city or how its heart beats.
Why? Because they are too busy playing golf, sucking up to the notion of fake celebrity, scaring and alienating people with gangsta stories, rewriting PR handouts because they've sacked all the staff to impress the shareholders and massaging their egos with vacuous PR tits.
That's why they suspended Joe Riley, because people like lying twat Randy Newman and the awful Carolyn Hughes (who was after Riley's column, actually) wanted to do him in.
It is these people who pull the strings of the craven Echo and don't forget it.

Anonymous said...

Given the blame culture for the city can they now apportion the blame for the Mathew street Fiasco to the right people HARBROW and GREEN everyone knows it was their fault oh and the Merseyside Police a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Why pay him?
He can only get a maximum of £60,600 if he did take them to court over constructive dismissal any way. what are they afraid of can he drop them in it?
Does he have information on all the top councillors and officers?
Are they going to increase the offer in order to gag him?
I bet they wish they had gagged Forde and Finnegan now Ha Ha.

Anonymous said...

Why not let him stay on the sick? Noone misses him he did fuck all anyway? It would be cheaper to let him see out his contract

Anonymous said...

Should sack the tosser they have loads on him to do so, but being gutless snivelling liars and cheats with out and balls they would ratherpay him of and make the tax payer suffer in the long term.
Get these bastards out as soon as possible.

Usless lying corrupt serpents.

Tony Parrish47 said...

Bloody hell, and I thought it was ME who was the angry one!

Outraged! said...

They have allowed the person who failed at every level from; not securing the funding, to being promoted to manage a company which under the guidance of the Harbarrowboy has no direction, no leadership, lack of financial management and understanding of the objective to walk away with £250k.

Its obscene and raises the question what info does this person have which is worth £250k to keep his mouth shut?


Tori Blare said...

Although I am discusted at this pay off, it really does not suprise me.
If you make a mistake in the council and you are at the level of Jason Orange, you get a hell of a lot of money to keep your mouth shut.
If you are just a normal council worker, you get sacked immediately for gross mis conduct.
Double standards.

Anybody but the Nellies said...

Another gripping episode of spineless corrupt shambolic incompetence brought to you by .........................

..........The Wet Nelly Club

Y'all remember to thank them in May ye hear

Anonymous said...

To Storey is to Blame above

"If Storey and Bradley had the slightest scrap of honour or integrity left "

Thats a good one very funny indeed

Professor Y. Chucklebutty said...

By Jove, Missus! I have remained silent on this matter for too long, but only because of a gumboil aggravated by an underground yodelling accident. They can’t touch you for it! But Sir Diddy is back to tell you that this would never have happened when I was Chuckle Executive, by Jove no, the £250k would have gone into my account!

Poor Wee Hamish, the hapless fire bobby, clearly led astray by the master storeyteller, Dicky Mint, still doing his hair like a dogs bottom with sweaty haemorrhoids (as Lady Astor used to say about Queen Mary) He still has that same blotto hound-dog look crossed with some kind of terrier…first time I met him I thought he was a little Shitzu.

Wee Hamish wasn’t a bad little lad, when I was there, he used to run into my office all excited to tell me about a burny building he'd seen and how the fire engine made squirty water but that he always got the fire hose mixed up with the petrol pump and got shouted at. He used to help me play a little game I invented to hide all the money away safe in case there was ever a fire! He’d always forget where we put it, ha ha. Don’t tell Uncle Dickie, I used to say or Dr Mac The Marmaliser will be cross and lock you in the cold shower with the scary lady. He’d runaway as fast as his little legs would carry him as soon as I mentioned Dr. Mac. They all still do! Yes, I am pleased to say there is still a rich vein of yellow custard running through the jam butty mine. Made me rich, Ha ha, by Jove!

On the subject of custard, again let me put the record straight about a hurtful rumour. Doc the Marmaliser has never had any shenanigans with Blondes, all a misunderstanding, it wasn’t Blonde ladies, it was Yellow Birds. The stuff running through the spines of the whole administration.

Anyway ladies and gentlemen, I can tell you now, the Tattynefarious Two, Hamish and Mint, will never fall on their tickling sticks. Oh no! They want to meet Ringo first and get their Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs autographed. Don’t know if you’re aware, but Ringo’s appearance is another one of Harbottles mix ups, he was actually trying to get Bingo from the Banana Splits…Tra la lar, tra la la la lar…….Ha ha you’re all singing it now. But ladies and gentlemen, their greatest fear is if Hottlebottle starts to sing. And I don’t mean Prokofiev’s For the Love of Three Orange-shades. But I’m sure if he started, it would be the Last Tango for quite a few. For now, I have heard him offering only one simple ballad

“Now aahs flyin off teh Sunny Speeeain, eh Viva Espagnia.
Another quarter million dahn the drain eh Viva Espagnia.
Ahrs not fookin comin back again teh this shaite compania
Thah’d be dangerous eff tha ‘ad a brain, now pay oop, pour favour”

Good for you Harbottle! You have helped make sure that the Cultural Legacy for 2008 is firmly the one left by Sir Diddy and the Knights of Cashalot. And once again the Chuckle Brothers will be placed in the stocks on the village green and maybe this time be banished from the Municipality of Mirth. What a lovely Christmas present this is for me. Two complete puddings in a dish best served cold!

By the way boys,if you are thinking of doing a Thelma and Louise, don't think you can do your getaway in another Forde Musthang, that's why you've ended up in a wheelie bin. Hate to see your skidmarks right now.

See you all on St Georges plateau in January, I’ll be disguised as one of the St Johns Ambulance, going through the wallets of the unconscious abseiling volunteers…just trying to identify them!

Tatty Bye Everybody Tatty bye
Happy 2009

BUS DRIVER said...


Comedy Tit's said...

Bring Back The River Festival !

Anonymous said...

Johnstone is gone
Archer is gone
Green is Gone
Harbarrowboy is Gone

Its common knowledge Newman is desparately looking for a new job.

When will Donaldson fuck of and the horse he rode in on?

Then we need to look at who the fuck employed this bunch of Tossers and get rid of them.

Clean Sheet for 2008, this will be our finest hour.

Anonymous said...

Hands up if, like me, you rue the day that our City ever got awarded the booby prize of Capital of Culture

Anonymous said...

chucklebutty just gets better and better.
I think that he should be given an award for still being able to make us laugh while this shambles is going on. still if you didnt laugh you would cry.

Tori Blare said...

Prof Chucklebutty for next head of culture club!
He has the wit, the words, the talent.
I bet he could have staged the festival in my back garden.
All praise Chucklebutty.

Marilyn said...

Funnily enough, Bernie Turner is going around boring her colleagues by telling them that she no longer has any connection with Carolyn Hughes. She still hasn't denied tnat she is fat and stupid however.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have an answer as to why £126k was promised (without any recorded decision) for the "Rhys Jones" Community Centre yet there has been nothing since?
Original story:

Decisions since confirming this? Er...none.
Note that it is trying to state that the equivalent will be donated from the Council as had already been set aside from a "dowry" paid by developers. That'll take the campaign to a quarter of a million (as Cllr Moffat kindly states later in the piece). But wait... the Council has no such record. No decision has ever been ratified. No minutes exist to back this up. Have Bradley and his acolytes just set him up for the worst PR disaster (capitalising on the sad death of an innocent boy) he could imagine?
Methinks we should be told.

Tony Parrish47 said...

A word to anon - if you emailed us first with this, we would do a bit more digging and post this to make sure it got a bigger audience - rather than just a comment. As much as we appreciate those. We could have made more of this, if you had tipped us off first. But thanks. Very good and interesting comment - hopefully Gentleman Joe Anderson will take it up (if he spots your comment.

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