Monday, December 24, 2007


THE Harbarrowboy has escaped a second internal city council investigation into Mathew Street.

The probe was ordered by chief executive Colin CoverUp just two weeks ago after fresh allegations were made about the running of the Mathew Street Festival - in 2006.

But now that the city council has decided to pay the Harbarrowboy off with £250,000 of council taxpayers money, it is unlikely that the investigation will ever be concluded.

(How convenient, eds)

The probe is likely to be mothballed, hidden in a drawer and covered-up for eternity.

(The city council are, at least, consistent, aren't they? eds)

The investigation by the city council's Internal Audit department had originally centred on the Harbarrowboy's role in promoting a particular local rock band who were suddenly given a prime spot at the 2006 Festival.

It is alleged that Jase abused his position and authority as chief executive of the Culture Company to unfairly ensure that the band were given the gig.

A second senior city council official was also being investigated after he was implicated in bringing pressure to bear on staff to make sure that the band appeared.

It is alleged that both Jason Harborow and the senior official intervened to make sure the band appeared.

The Harbarrowboy's £250,000 deal also now makes it almost certain that the un-named official will escape any disciplinary action.

(How convenient again, eds)

Local bands who appeared at the 2006 Mathew Street Festival had to go through a rigorous vetting procedure by an independent panel of judges.

But it is understood that the band at the centre of the probe had not gone through the same procedure.

They were able to jump the queue of local talent and never appeared in front of the judges - but were suddenly given a prime spot at the Festival.

It is alleged that both the Harbarrowboy and the senior official repeatedly pressured staff to give them a slot on the band's behalf.

Whether there was a financial, personal or professional connection between the band and Jase and the other council official is not clear.

Nor is it clear what the justification was for allowing one band to get around the established procedures.

Rather than getting to the bottom of all this, (as would befit any open, transparent and proper public organisation - which obviously rules out the city council under CoverUp, eds) the city council decided instead to opt for a Christmas pay-off for Jase.

So Colin CoverUp decided to turn a blind eye to any potential wrong-doing (not the for the first time, eds) and give the alleged culprit a big fat cheque instead.

Meanwhile the blog will continue our enquiries into this new cover-up (despite the festive season, eds) and will keep you up-dated on developments and any further details we can discover.

Stay posted.
PS Some may notice that this all bears a remarkable similarity to the original Tony Parrish's legendary expose of the smiling assassin's involvement in fixing bands for the Summer Pops. Regular readers will recall how Hasitall's son Liam's unknown band 'Abe' suddenly found themselves propelled to playing support for Status Quo at the Pops, thanks to the 'close relationship' between Halsall and CMP promoter Chas 'show me the money' Cole. We can confirm that this second investigation DOES NOT concern 'Abe' who predictably disappeared without trace, after their appearance.
PPS This is the 100th post by Liverpool SubCulture. It's our anniversary. So let's celebrate!


Anonymous said...

This is typical of old Jase's management style :- do it or fuck off.

Tosser and a Bully.

Tori Blare said...

tell us who the group was Tony's, please!!!!

liverpool muso said...

what band was it?

Epstein's son said...

I have emailed you about the band concerned. It is well known in Liverpool that this particular group went around the city telling anyone who would listen how they knew people 'high up in the council' who had got them onto the Mathew St bill. They seemed to be quite proud of it!

Living off the Beatles says... said...

Who was the other officer concerned?
how high up is she/he why are you not naming him/her?

Are they being disciplined?

This is a sackable offence why did they not just sack the pair of them for this ?
It would have saved the rate payers £250,000.
Is bradley involved ?

come on spill the beans !

Tony Parrish47 said...

patience!!!!!!!!!we are trying. can't reach our usual impeccable sources because of the holidays!

prof. Chuckberrybutty said...

By Jove, missus! Damn it, damn it, damn it, can't a man make an honest living? Alright maybe not me, but if you must know it was my new band. A musical
collaboration. P.Diddy and Sir Diddy. Just a little leg up.

Correspondent said...

According to an article on the BBC Liverpool website I Googled on the 2006 Matthew Street festival, the "prime slot" went to local band (& 90s has-beens) the Lightning Seeds.

Christmas Cracker said...

Why is this being allowed to happen? It's riddiculous, who is this person and band involved?

What is being done? As a tax paying resident I am watching this city sink further into the quagmire yet I can't do anything about it!

Tony's please tell us who these individuals are!?

AJJ said...

I'm a little confused as to why the uproar? Although I'm glad this has been exposed I wonder has this story made the local press? This is the first I have read on the subject.

This kind of favouritism is commonplace within the music industry and the old saying 'it's not what you know it's who you know' seems to be epitomized here.

The band are just lucky and the councillor is abusing position within council. You do right to expose this kind of behaviour but I am unclear what the £250,000 is for? His resignation?

Thank you.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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