Thursday, February 07, 2008



Jon Brown said...

Er, that's not quite what I had in mind.

Mat Street said...

They continue to use failures and corrupt people in senior places within the city, this is their downfall.
They never act even when they know who and what is at fault, they allow people proven to be incapable and financially inept to continue to run departments and teams.

In the Capital of Culture company certain people have just been awarded high positions even though a previous audit report stated that they did not undertake work that provided best value. I. E. they consistently overspend and do not follow council financial standing orders.
Not only that but an independant report has stated that they are incapable of running the city's largest event.

Bradley is well aware yet has done nothing, in fact has activley promoted them.

They only reward failure, incompetance and sycophants.

Now it will bite them where it hurts.

Its not over yet there will be many more revelations of their wrongdoings in the coming months.

Scribe said...

Well done Tony's - I am in no doubt that the blog forced the Echo to take a much more critical view this morning than council spin doctor Mr Brown would have wanted - especially since he has spent so much bloody time in here in the last few days telling the Editor what to write.

anon said...

Trouble is, the cabalists will ignore all this and still go on their merry way, raking it in. Nothing will happen to the bastards, even if Anderson were lucky enough to win next May. he hasn't got the bottle to sort them out either.

nil desperandum said...

I thought the Echo did the business in the end. Bradley, a cowboy from the Lone Star state is inspired. They even provide a downloadable .pdf of the front page. Circulate it to everyone you know!

These LibDem cowboys have now done more damage to Liverpool's reputation than even Degsy's cowboys. And I never thought I'd see the day that became true.

So what have we got in this city? A Council run by a dim-witted fireman; an Opposition led by a none-too-sharp barman; a Culture Company run by an egomaniac soap producer; Council services managed by a combination of doormats and criminals; housing estates where people pump each other full of lead, and themselves full of heroin; in a city where the most efficient and productive economic sector is the £2 billion hard drugs distribution industry.

Welcome to the capital of Scouse Culture

nil genitalia said...

For goodness sake nil desperandum and Mat Street!

Very well put both of you, but instead of only looking at the negative side of things why don't you put your efforts into designing a lovely bench.

I am and it really helps take your mind off things.
My design will be 20ft long and have Bradley,Storey,Hasitall and the rest of the cabal nailed to it by the scrotum.

The winning entry will be placed in the city centre you know!

The Tonys said...

The Echo's front page today was lethal. Well executed and well deserved. We are glad that our fears yesterday about the council spin operation apparently proved groundless. We are happy to take all the credit for the apparent trabnsformation of the Echo into a decent local newspaper. We hope the transformation is long-lasting.

Warren said...

What Comprehensive Performance Assessment?
What star?
What Audit Commission?
What report?

Have you seen my fireman's lift?
Have you seen how fast my shiny red fire engine can go?

nil desperandum said...

You're quite right, Nil Genitalia, we should all take up bench-designing as instructed by 'Our Lord' and Alistair McCrazy. I have some designs in mind too.

[1] a bench made from two short planks - to be known as 'The Bradley Bench'

[2] a bench made from the rarest tropical hardwood, armrests in 24-carat gold, covered in tasteless glitter and Ethel Austin 'satin', and designed as a single-seater throne - to be known as 'The Redmond Bench'

[3] a bench made from plastic and porcelain, designed with a large hole in the middle of the sitting (sic) area- to be known as 'The Liverpool Echo/Alistair McCrazy Bench'

[4] a diamond-encrusted, calfskin-clad 'chaise longue'-style bench supported by the backs of permanently kneeling citizens of Liverpool - to be known as 'The David (Sir Diddy) Henshaw Bench'

[5] a bench designed in the style of a street stall or car boot sale, from which the user can palm off bootleg DVDs, second-hand CoC t-shirts, and any other tat to gullible passers-by - to be known as 'The Jason Harborow Memorial Bench'

[6] a large rough-hewn log of wood, with plenty of bark but absolutely no polish - to be known as 'The Joe Anderson Bench'

And finally....

[7] a finely-finished, mid-Victorian bench, before which stand all LibDim councillors and their senior officers - known as 'The High Court'

nil genitalia said...

nil desperandum, you are truly an inspired craftsman and I withdraw my humble design. Although all of your benches would grace the city, I would like to submit my vote for design number 7

I was working on a lovely Guernsey Walnut and Scilly Beech Bench but it kept falling to bits.
So maybe you can come up with a McCogloose one.

nil hopus said...

What about a bench supported by two blonds covered in tiger skin with a built in shower known as the MCdogbench

Or one of large ordinary plank with a big wide smile carved out of the middle but with a secret dagger that cannot be seen but jabs the unsuspecting bench user as they get seated.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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