Wednesday, February 13, 2008


BELOW is an email exchange between the cowboy Fireman Bradley and Cover Up which has kindly been leaked to us.
It reveals the arrangements which the £60million-in-the-red city council is making to employ five new highly paid Assistant Executive Directors.
We don't know how much this little lot will cost, but we reckon in the region of half a million quid. A mere snip.

At the same time CoverUp warns of 'tensions' around the staffing levels of the plebs which will have to be 'carefully managed'.

(Basically he says 'we may have to sack some people because we ain't got any money and can't redeploy them or give them voluntary severance anymore', eds)
Of particular interest to loyal readers (and you are growing in number at a fantastic rate btw) are the arrangements to appoint a new £100,000 a year City Solicitor, a post currently occupied very badly by the bald legal eagle, Ken Unworthy.

CoverUp's stark warning to Bradley that certain councillors - no names, no pack drill - might be prejudiced about Unworthy and may need to be excluded from the appointment panel reveals the civil war which now exists between the ruling Lib Dims and senior officers (the off-spring of the cabal, eds)

CoverUp also reveals his plans to hire ruinously expensive legal advice to prevent the eventual appointment being legally challenged.

In other words, Hilton is hiring legal advice about a legal appointment which may be legally challenged by the bald legal eagle Unworthy if he doesn't get the job.

Still with us?

But it's nice to see a united team really working together on behalf of the people of Liverpool isn't it?

However, it is also of immense relief to see Cover Up and the rottweiller McElhinney are now having regular cosy chats about staffing matters. (Like putting a paedophile in charge of a nursery, eds)

The rottweiller McElhinney, who is now pulling more than £200,000 a year with Performance Related Pay, will be leading the charge to get rid of people.

However, Town Hall watchers will be fascinated at what the email exchange reveals about the relationship between Bradley and CoverUp.

Since Stilton Hilton refused to back Bradley's account of the Peroni meeting with Lee Forde, the pair have enjoyed a 'frosty' relationship.

More like ****king Siberia, we hear. The pair never speak and now only communicate on very formal terms. The Fireman is said to feel 'betrayed' and 'badly let down'.

But not half as betrayed and let down as Lee Forde feels, we wager.

For his part, Stilton Hilton has completely given up on the Fireman and now regards him as 'beneath contempt' and 'both childish and stupid' as he told his Executive Management Team recently.

At this juncture we shall make a daring forecast - we confidently believe that Bradley will have been forced to quit as Leader within the next month. We will treat you all to a night out if we are proved wrong. If we are right, the drinks will be on you!
Here's email exchange No 1....
------Original Message--------

From: Bradley, Warren (Leader of the City Council)
To: Hilton, Colin (Chief executive)
Cc : /*Executive Members
Sent: Sun Feb 03 09:27:43 2008

Subject: Interim appointments at senior level


Following the information provided by you regarding interim appointments at AED level, can I have a definitive timescale on each post and whether the post is necessary?

Also can I have an update on the HR issues that have been raised on several occasions by individual EM’s, and what process is being implemented to remove our unease.


Warren Bradley
Leader of Liverpool City Council

Sent from my Blackberry Wireless Handheld

-----Original Message--------
From Hilton, Colin (Chief Executive)
To: Bradley, Warren (Leader of the City Council); /*Executive Directors
Cc: /*Executive Members
Sent: Sun Feb 03 11:09:25 2008

Subject: Re: Interim appointments at Senior level

AED Policy and Programmes- Richard Nutter will take over from Mark Kitts on 17th March
AED Community Safety- Agreed by panel last week to advertise on a one year secondment basis to citysafe partners
City Solicitor – Currently out to advert and with recruitment specialists Rockpools. Provisional panel date is 28th Feb. We will need to ensure the panel availability also takes consideration of any member who may be viewed as having a prejudicial interest in respect of any applicant. I shall be using external legal advice in this respect once applicants are known.
AED Sport Leisure and Libraries – Currently held by Chris Briggs. This will be considered in bringing forward proposals in May for the post 08 structure of the Authority.
AED Chief Executive - Currently held by Peter Cosgrove. This will be considered in bringing forward proposals in May for the post 08 structure of the Authority.

Critical considerations in respect of the last two posts will be the agreed priorities of the administration, decisions on commissioning, outsourcing and partnerships, decisions on the neighbourhood agenda, the legacy and cultural strategy and the medium term financial plan.

On Human Resources issues there is the general interface with LDL. David McElhinney and I have been meeting more regularly and embarked on a series of managerial actions to assist in better management of strategic and opertional (sic) matters. The single status and equal pay work is now better resourced and making progress.

Policy work has been prioritised to make the new Redeployment/VS/CR system effective and operational.

Sample case study reviews of matters raised particularly by Councillor Fielding eg the case involving employee YP have produced reports and recommendations leading to changes of practice where appropriate.

As I hope you will have seen particular high profile work eg Gladstone House has been thoroughly undertaken despite the attempts to portray a very different picture by the TUs although I am certain members were not naieve (sic) enough to take the statements made at Council at face value.

Finally I would point out that both the organisation and financial environment is different from a few years ago where large swathes of staff represented significant over manning, there was a tolerance capacity of hundreds of people permanently rotated on redeployment into wholly unsuitable positions and vs packages including enhancement were much more readily available. It is necessary now to be more robust but with less resource than before and this is going to produce tensions that will require careful management.

If there are specific issues continuing to cause concern at a policy level then I am only too happy to discuss them with the member concerned or through Peter as the responsible Executive Member.

Best regards

Colin Hilton
Chief Executive
Liverpool City Council
Liverpool, European Capital of Culture 2008

Sent from my Blackberry Wireless Handheld

COMING SOON: LEAK NO 2: Who says: 'I would not appoint Kenworthy'? Stay posted.......!


Anonymous said...

Its all true they will make savings by cutting jobs. Culture Co staff are gonna be hit first they have no need for them past March 09 many have been told this already.
Great Moral booster that! Please work your bollocks of for us and then when the year is over you can fuck right off.
Senior Manger in Cap Of Cult Co are plotting the Cull as we speak. Only the chosen few will survive.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news that the fireman will be away in less than 1 month but what can we do head off Stilton Hilton and the other Evil Cabal from regrouping and strengthening with all these other Cabal roles now?

In fact what can we do to make sure that Stilton and cohorts are off within a month as well?

Anonymous said...

The standards Board have never been known to work as fast as within a month. Bureaucrats after all.

jimbo said...

If the fireman goes, who is taking over? Storeyteller? Out of the frying pan.....

Sid Bonkers said...

Far sooner than a month, methinks ...

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the end of the fireman signal the strengthening of the evil cabal?

Clever work from them - Hilton and Mc whinny need to go! The fireman was limited threat - just incompetent - these guys are proper dark side emperor material!

How are they getting away with this?

When can we start putting energy into supporting a genuine alternative rather than NOT supporting idiots? I feel like a Liverpool fan spending all my not time not supporting Everton and criticising while the club I actually love rots around me.....

Oh well. I guess the authors as political as their subjects.

Anonymous said...
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Tony Parrish47 said...

The end of the fireman signals his stupidity and arrogance. That's the first thing. The cabal have gotten away with it because the institution of the city council is now fundamentally corrupt - and more evidence of this is probably going to emerge. Hilton may not be corrupt - but he is certainly incompetent. And he has shown no willingness to sort out the cabal - after all, they are his mates. They probably also have stuff on him that he doesn't want to give a public airing. And you are right, yes, if the fireman goes the cabal will love it. So be it. The fireman needs to go. He has done wrong and he should pay the price. The fact that Hasitall and McElhinney et al will be laughing all the way to the bank is neither here nor there. The only hope of sorting them out properly is a change in political administration - we make no bones about that. The Lib Dims have fluffed this. They don't get another chance. The only alternative, apart from a people's insurrection and storming the Town Hall, is Labour. That's the way democracy works. And pressure must be put on the politicians to sort the bastards out. Simple as that. For a start Joe Anderson could pledge to the voters to make public the secret Liverpool Direct report which Hilton Covered Up. And which the people of Liverpool are continuing to pay for. McElhinney's activities need to be properly exposed. Why protect him? To save the city's reputation? Henshaw killed that off with his blackmail shenanigans and greed. When you are at the bottom of the league table and the worst local authority in the country - the only way is up. Then at least we could start to hold the politicians properly to account. It would also finish off the Lib Dims in this city for a generation. Tough. The fireman's mates are probably burning the evidence as we speak. No one can say we have not constantly warned Labour and Anderson about this - as Big Chief Chucklebutty has already noted, elsewhere. But it's up to Joe Anderson now. We can't do anymore than we have been doing - and will continue to do. Here endeth the lesson. Apologies.

Anonymous said...

The Lone Ranger said...

Hi-ho Silver Away! (with head hung low in shame!)

Anonymous said...

There's no way that Bradley is going as a result of this email - its the ususal dysfunctional exchange between him and hilton. nothing unusual about that.

The Tonys said...

We never said he would go as a result of this email. Did we?

The Tonys said...

But he is going....

Anonymous said...

Good speech about Bradley and Anderson though.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, but is anyone out there alive?

Sexy Sadie said...

Can I just wish all the Tonys a very happy Valentine's Day. You have made my life so much fun. I hope you lose your bet about Bradley going in a month, cos I would like you very much to buy me a nice drink or two. And have you noticed by the way, that blog rhymes with snog? Funny that...

Tori Blare said...

is he going with a pay off though?

Anonymous said...

Ah,Valentine's Day. It's so good to hear of husbands making that special effort to bring joy to their wives, isn't it? Are the Tonys aware of any husbands who've made that extra effort to include their wives over the last year, even at public expense?

Anonymous said...

Screw democracy and Labour!
Let's storm town hall

Jedi said...

Hi Tony thanks for the reply and lesson! :) Apologies if I'm being all 'fireman-like' but I am still a little confused!

Politics aside, lets start with the very practical point that we want the best for this city and at the very least the people should have representatives who genuinely serve their best interests (and are hopefully wise and talented to boot!). I think we agree on that and of course what you are doing and involved with i.e. expose, is like you say part of the process of change.

So I think we also agree - Incompetence, arrogance, abuse of power and corruption all need to be exposed and dealt with. I thank all those who've had the courage and will to share information in the spirit of truth and justice.

Now, in my mind 'truth and justice' don't sit very well with politics or politicians. Is labour our only real solution here!? That is depressing. Hasn't Labour had its time also and I remember that didn't go very well? And as for the New Labour Bush poodle, please! A blog about the ruthless, idiotic incompetence would well outshine the fireman! At least he hasn't got blood on his hands along with a compliant party faithfull and rat infested PR machine. So again, for us the stupid public it should also be lesson learnt? So forgive me if I can't too excited about a New Labour saviour here.

All that being said, a solution and way forward is needed. Perhaps it is time to take in back in the hands of the people. My vote is storm the town hall then! If its one or t'other?

Most people want to be inspired by potential and options (not spin versions) - with little interest in schoolboy name calling. Hence low turnouts and no trust for politicians. Perhaps Liverpool can lead the way somehow with an alternative?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.......

Anonymous said...

I almost missed the story to the left of the main page concerning the benchmark competition. Wanting to find a way to participate in the culture fest this fitted the bill quite nicely. I'm no designer but I spent an hour or two with paint to create my entry which I believe is controversial and thought provoking but may strike a chord with some of the cities residents.

I have submitted it via email to Catherine Jones but, as yet, have received no reply.

You may view my design at the following website.

Anonymous said...

cabalists beget cabalists

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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