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Warren is not speaking to Colin, who is not speaking to him back. But Colin IS finally speaking to Dr David about LDL. Colin has also told Warren, in a leaked email, that he wants to appoint Chris, Peter and Richard (amongst others) to become Assistant Exec Directors of the bankrupt city council at a cost of about half a million quid. But Colin doesn't have any money left in the kitty cos it's all been spent on Culture, so a few low-grade staff may have to be sacked instead. Meanwhile Colin has warned all the LIb Dim Cabinet (who he IS just about still speaking to) that he is taking expensive legal advice on the appointment of the new City Solicitor because they all think the current hopeful incumbent, Ken Unworthy, aka the bald legal eagle, is a complete fuckwit and absolutely useless and shouldn't get the £100,000 job. Lib Dim Councillor Marilyn Fielding, one of Dr Dave's very many blonde female friends, has just read Colin's warning email over her Sunday breakfast and has, typically, hit the roof. She has reached for her £8,500 council computer - but it isn't working. So she picks up her blackberry instead. Now read on...)

-----Original Message-------
From: Fielding, Marilyn
To: Hilton, Colin (Chief Executive); Bradley, Warren (Leader of the City Council);/*Executive Directors
Cc: /*Executive Members
Sent: Sun Feb 03 11:48:54 2008
Subject: Re: Interim Appointments at Senior level

Dear All,

I will not be needing any advice either internal or external to advise me on my position regarding the solicitors position.

As you are well aware Colin I said in a meeting with you Phil Halsall and Warren Bradley that I would not appoint Mike Kenworthy to that position. I said at the time I made that statement that I was prejudiced and would not be able to take part in the interview

I have also told you about a conversation I had with an Ex Director (no doubt another cosy chat with Dr David McElhinney, chief executive of Liverpool Direct Limited and aka the hated rottweiller, eds) re this position so I am confident therefore by the comments in your email that prejudicial interest relates to officers as well as members.


Cllr Fielding
Sent from My Blackberry Wireless Handheld


Trying to follow said...

Surely if the Cabal think that Unworthy isnt up to the job then he's probably allright then isnt he?

My enemy's enemy is my friend and all that no?

Anonymous said...

Striking resemblance between Cover Up and the Carry on bloke Well done Tony's


EVERYONE thinks Unworthy is unworthy. Even his pet goldfish.

Anonymous said...

Savings will be made when they reveal the plans to get rid of everyone in the culture company.
The strategy has been written and will be put in place with a completion date of march 09.
they have even started informing staff of this in writing, very motivational.
Please work your bollocks off till next March when we will get rid of you.
I bet they take the piss and abuse the budgets, no one can stop them as the projects need to happen at any cost so its spend spend spend till you get the boot !!

Anonymous said...

Would I be mistaken in thinking all 3 original members of the evil cabal have/ had strong links with New Labour. Particularly the Prime-Ministers Unit and Deputy (mainly under Blair)?

Tori Blare said...

This is discusting, I've always disliked that woman Fielding, firStly because she is a Lib Dem and that is totally unforgivable, secondly is due to her bum licking relationship with Macca.
This just proves my feelong for this person.
The council need to look at the people who work under Unworthy, Gary Wormold?
He dislikes the Cabal and is a good solicitor to boot!

Cynic said...

Hasitall is a Daily Telegraph reader and cares about nothing but himself.
McElhinney has no beliefs whatsoever.
Henshaw is just greedy.
So they can all flit from one party to another with apparent ease.

Anonymous said...

Hasitall reads telegraph... Lord Black's exploits clearly inspired the cabal. When can we expect a similar conclusion?

snap said...

she's barking

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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