Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The list of professional Scousers and 80's has-beens being lined up for the Culture Company's launch 'ceremony' is growing.

Latest addition to Jase's "team" is Pete 'button yer lip' Burns - unless fate hits him with another plastic surgery disaster.

Brave Pete has promised to turn up on January 12th, whether Dead or Alive.

His loyalty to Liverpool has already got the Harbarrowboy and his Culture Crew spinning right round, baby, right round, like a recor....(oh shut up will ya! eds)

Any suggestion that Pete has been booked because he is still mates with Jayne 'Mersey Tunnel' Casey would be totally without Foundation. (Of course, eds)

We are sure he will be worth every penny of his appearance fee - it may even pay for some extra plastic surgery so that Pete can celebrate 2008 with another new look.

But Christ knows what Burns will do on the night - perhaps a reprise of his legendary appearance with George Galloway on Big Brother?

Perhaps a sparkling duet with Cilla? That would be a lorra, lorra laughs.

Perhaps he will just do his gobby Scouser "act"?

Whatever Jase decides on, we are sure it will show Liverpool's unique contribution to 21st century culture in the most positive global light.

We now are beginning to fully understand what Redmond meant when he promised the people of Liverpool 'Scouse culture.'

(When are Sinbad and Jimmy Corkhill being announced then? eds)


Anonymous said...

I think the CofC Co would dig Arthur Askey up if they thought they could screw some champagne and canapes out of it.

crestfallen said...

Why aren't Gerry and the Pacemakers part of the line-up as well?

Jase said...

They will be

In cider said...

no they wont cos they are not mates of Jane casey !!
she is gonna get Holly and Ian Mac and Pete Wylie to do it.
shows how in tune with the music scene she is Ha Ha !
has any one ever heard any of the so called music that big in japan made ? I have and it sounded like some one fisting a cat to me !!

Tori Blare said...

If we are bringing back 1980's public has been's then why don't they go the whole hog and bring back HattonVHenshaw, battle of the midgets!!!???

I like Pete Burns anyway, he made Probe the in place to hang round looking wind swept and interesting, in the early 80's.
No-one really bought records much though.

Why not start a readers suggestions board for artists they would like to see at the party, that none of us lower class minnions are invited to, we just paid for it, and will carry on paying for some years to come!

Anonymous said...

good comment on poor joe. nasty little bastards are trying to do him in. well done for exposing them Tonys.

council taxpayer said...

Well that's £114million of our money well spent, isn't it?

Che said...

where are the 14,000 jobs we were promised - or is it just jobs for the boys?

MILDRED said...

what 14,000 jobs?
There are not that many employees in the council at the moment, please tell me more about these jobs????
What has gone on with Joe Riley?
Why has he been suspended, I don't understand how this can happen?
He is there to represent the people of Liverpool and report accordingly, how can someone complain about how he does this???
Why are trinity taking notice of the culture club?
What happened to freedom of speech?
Have we been taken over by a huge production of Grange Hill?

Joe say what you want when you want, sod the culture club, George Dwyer is not with them now anyway.
Pete burns does not replace Boy George just coz he thinks he is a girl as well!

I have always been concerned at the power of the culture company but I am more concerned about this lot!
They have just taken over the whole kit and kerbuddal!
Who do they answer to????

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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