Saturday, September 01, 2007


CONGRATULATIONS (as Sir Cliff once sang) to Liverpool Confidential for its exclusive story on Lee Forde taking the city council to an industrial tribunal for constructive dismissal.

HERE IT IS if you have been asleep. (and very well done Angie)

Congratulations too to Mr Forde, for whom we have been rooting these last few disastrous weeks.

Good on you mate.

Colin Cover Up from the city council, the Harbarrowboy, and, we daresay, The Fireman, have all conspired to try and shove the blame for the Mathew Street debacle onto your innocent shoulders.

This is the kind of disgusting and disgraceful behaviour we have come to expect from these cowardly bastards.

We will repeat again:

‘if any one of the gang of three had an ounce of integrity in them, they would do the honourable thing and resign now’

We are told that you have enough evidence in your bottom drawer (a la McElhinney) to hang both the Harbarrowboy and The Fireman.

We hope you get the chance to use it.

Although frankly, why you would want your job back with such a fundamentally discredited and corrupt organisation must be beyond the understanding of all reasonable people.

We hope that this is merely a negotiating position and that you will be able to move on to a successful career elsewhere, after the satisfaction of giving this lot a good kicking. (Shades of Matt Finnegan wethinks, eds)
You might also get your legal representatives to examine the Echo's disgraceful 'gardening leave' story and bills which they also posted that day which read 'Culture Chief suspended' (we thought they were talking about Jase at first! eds) You may well find yourself trousering at least five figures from Trinity Mirror.

Whatever, what is abundantly clear - and has been to anyone pausing on the dock road for a second - is that the Mathew Street debacle is not going to go away, is it?

We resisted the temptation to comment on the way the city centre was left a virtual ghost town on Bank Holiday Monday. Has anyone asked how much has this spectacular own goal cost the city in lost revenue?

The Harbarrowboy did himself no favours by his ridiculous and arrogantly self-serving assertion that "it was as good as last year".

Does he really think the people of Liverpool are so stupid? (Obviously, eds)

We do not need to intrude any further into such a public pantomime.

The facts, at least those that have emerged so far, speak for themselves.

So Lee, we continue to be on your side - and at your disposal, should you wish to provide us with copies of any of the incriminating documents said to be in your secure possession.

Give us a call - no names no pack drill.

We should also congratulate you for the Liverpool Confidential story which makes it clear the contempt which you hold for the Culture Company.

Judging by the startling, but extremely welcome, chorus of boos from the crowd on Tuesday at the mention of the Culture Company, your view is shared by the people of Liverpool. (Tony started all this, eds)

So where does this leave us now?
  • We await Cover Up's whitewash report.

  • Labour's Joe Anderson will get the chance to stick the knife in again at Wednesday's special Council meeting. Ring side seats are available now to watch the Lib Dems try to keep the lid on the simmering rows and rivalries amongst them and justify the Fireman and Cover Up's woefully inadequate council investigation into 'why no-one was at all to blame for the Mathew Street thingymajig, which was really only a slight error of judgement, honest folks and lets forget all about it and move on to another great firework display next year'. It promises to be another great birthday show.

  • The Culture Company is going to be wound up before the end of the year when we will all be treated to another great show along the lines of 'what an excellent job we have all done' (Tony was right about that, too, eds)

  • The Fireman is today strongly rumoured throughout the city to have decided to quit at the end of September, presumably post another humiliating by-election defeat, but having administered the coup de grace to Bonehead's Blockheads.

  • Then the succession battle will start (that's another Storey, eds)

  • Redmond may well accept the Echo's poisoned Culture chalice and ride (or slouch) to the rescue and thereby lugubriously position himself for a subsequent shot at being Liverpool's first ever elected Mayor. (Not if Joe comes home in May, he won't, eds)

  • The Harbarrowboy will go off for a well-deserved siesta, manana. Strong and persistent rumours have it that Jase and his family have applied some time ago for dual nationality and that the family have already de-camped to Spain to enjoy his burgeoning property portfolio. (Bloody hell, 2008 is obviously going to be so bad this fucker is leaving the country! eds)

  • And Cover Up will award himself another Performance Related Pay rise.


Anonymous said...

bout time the truth came ou

lee forde said...

sounds good lets get together and share documents I am sure I have stuff you would be interested in will call sson :)

Anonymous said...

Well done lampie! About time...

Anonymous said...

Just heard old jase has enroled for event management classes at chester so that the next time he commissions a saftey report the management team dont get slagged off as incompetent !!

On that subject what happenned to searching the country for a replacement for lee forde?
maybe jase is happy with an incompetant management team that no one has any faith in?
Go jase !!
Any one want a time share in Murcia?

MILDRED said...

The Liberal Democrats, or better known as, Wet Nellie Party, has succeeded in totally demolishing all the hard work and determination of real and proud scousers, who had built up new respect from business', tourists and the media, our City could once again hold its head up with pride and show it off to the world, but then some stupid wheelie bin loving people of Liverpool, voted the Wet Nelly Party into power!
All the hard work and good publicity fell into a crumpled and embaraceing mess.
People of Liverpool if you want these tossers to totally ruin our City? Then go out and vote for them again, but don't dare raise your head and complain when they carry on raping the City of all the money and goodness that is ours!

If you like many of us are sick and tired of the EVIL CABAL getting away with it all?

Then get out in May and VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Is'nt lee forde teaching there? Whats going on?

The Tonys said...

Indeed he is. It would be fantastically ironic if the harbarrowboy was now being taught by the guy who quit in disgust at his incompetence. wethinksweshouldbetold.

Anonymous said...

So when to we get to hear about the program of events they are gonna cancel next year?
first it was march then june then aug now when ?
or will we get an arty retrospective? that would be nice it would say " you should have had this.. and that.. and the other.. "
We had more before that Capital of Cockups and Cacellations!

In Cider said...

Breaking news ! The plans for Mathewstreet Festival next year are: To get any and every pub or club in Liverpool and Birkenhead to say they are part of the festival !!
The Culture Co is gonna badge everything they can and say its better than before!!
Just like they have done all along, taking credit for other peoples work.
They are even going to try and move the other festivals to the bank holiday weekend so they can claim them too !!
What a joke, same old CoC taking everyone else's glory and badging it 08.
Money for old rope this mularky !!

Now then, whats happening to the big iconic pop event at the waterfront.....

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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