Friday, September 21, 2007


LOVABLE ex-moptop Ringo Starr jets into town next Thursday to help launch 2008.
The little scamp has agreed to join the great and the good - well at least Redmond, the Harbarrowboy and Fireman Bradley - to launch the Cultural programme for next year.
Ringo, who lives in Monte Carlo normally, has a new single coming out with Dave Stewart from Eurythmics and is anxious to give the disc a plug.
The Beatles drummer is also booked to take part in the launch ceremony on January 8th next year when, Surprise Surprise, he will join Cilla Black (you are joking, eds) and Mr Stewart (what's his connection with Liverpool then? eds) in a 'spectacular' sing-song from the roof of St Georges Hall.
(Come to think of it, what's Cilla's connection

with Liverpool? eds)
Ringo and Cilla will introduce a unique segment of the show called:'Professional Scousers Back in Town for the First Time in Fifty Years and Just as Likely to Disappear as Fast as They Arrived". (we made up that last bit, eds)
Ringo's contribution to Liverpool's culture is being touted as one of the highlights of the 2008 Programme. No one is making any similarly grandiose claim's for Cilla's contribution, Surprise, Surprise.
Next Thursday, just for old time's sake, Ringo may even exchange some of that famous madcap Beatle banter with Macca, who will appear in the city via video link to promote his Anfield concert. (Will anyone ask Sir Paul about the stunned fish? eds)
You read it here first...


A Young Person said...

Who is Ringo Starr?

Cilla White said...

Worra lorra lorra laffs we have had at Liverpool's expence!


George Martin said...

Ringo could sing Octopus's Garden at Paul's Anfield gig in memory of the forsaken fish at Salthouse Dock?

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Tarby part of this line-up then? I sincerely hope that Jase has booked Stan Boardman as the warm-up.

Tori Blare said...

Tarby can't come because of the bylaw that only allows 2 tories in town at any given time

Anonymous said...

hey mattie, you are doing a fantastic job exposing all this stuff - the pay off for Robbing is astonishing! keep it up please!

Macca said...

who's mattie?

Anonymous said...

Ringo's most recent achievement was narrating the Thomas the Tank Engine programmes. Perhaps he could Narrate the Capital of Culture program in a similar style?

"You have caused confusion and delay Jason" said the fat controller "I don't know what I am going to do with you"

Anonymous said...

Ringo's greatest work to date has been his narration of the Thomas teh tank engine programme. perhaps he could also narrate the capital of culture programme in a similar style.

"You have caused confusion and delay Jason" said the fat controller "I really don't know what I am going to do with you"

MILDRED said...

I think anonymous is as drunk as Ringo was when he did the Thomas the Tank Engine voices. Sending that comment in twice!
Who do you reckon is the fat controller?

Word on the street for World Exclusive 3 is Tom Slemmy will be doing a seance, he will be calling out for the dead comics of Liverpool, and Arthur Askey too.

I say just kill the so called Scouce comics such as Cilla and Tarbie, two bit good for nothing, phonies.

In Cider said...

Looks like Coc(K)are scraping the bottom of the barrel again !!
What happened to the ferry full of scousers that was gonna pull up along side the arena?
And what about the projections and musicians on the Liverbuildings? (even though no one could see them cos of the canal being built) ?

All these fab ideas put together by a genuine Mancunian ..

How apt for us to portray the city as others see us, cos we are not capable of original thought.

Redmond is the only scouser among them.
WE really are The world in one city aren't we!!
Not a scouser in a position of influence, Redmond will not make a difference until middle to end of next year whoopie doo !!

Oh yes what happened to Mark Ronson at the arena for the opening night?

Better get this lot sorted and confirmed ASAP as tickets go on sale on thursday when the new web site goes live !!!

Who wants to buy a pig in a poke?

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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