Saturday, September 15, 2007


PAUL MCCARTNEY is to play at Anfield during Capital of Culture, 2008.
And the ludicrous scheme to stun fish and drain Salthouse Dock for a concert has finally been abandoned (More on this in subsequent posts....)

The McCartney gig - which is the answer to the Harbarrowboy's prayers - will be announced on September 27th.

(Unless the fact that we have just announced this world exclusive forces some of the papers to suddenly wake up, or that bloke whose name we always forget who is the Culture Company's highly paid Communications Supremo gets his arse into gear quite unexpectedly, eds)
Macca had been due to travel to Liverpool for the special announcement in two weeks time - but now has a prior engagement and sadly won't be attending. Jase will be bitterly disappointed - he was hoping to bathe in Macca's reflected glory.
Incredibly, some terribly po-faced cultural bores were also opposed to the McCartney gig being announced on the 27th, because it would take attention away from the rest of the cultural programme for 2008 which will be revealed at the same time.
But then they are labouring under the misapprehension that the second rate fare they have cobbled together matters more than the city's most famous son turning up in 2008.
Originally it had been hoped that McCartney would headline the ludicrous Liverpool Sound concert at the Salthouse Dock.
But, as we exclusively predicted ages ago, the Culture Company have now been forced to admit that their plan to dredge the dock and stun all the fishy inhabitants, is a non- starter.
It would have cost £6.5million to get the fish out safely and biff them over the head safely before transporting them to a giant tank.
So now attention will switch to Anfield. We doubt, however, that McCartney's arrival will suddenly undo all the damage caused by the incompetence of the Culture Company.
Or help save the necks of the rapidly disappearing Lib Dems...


Sally said...

The Daily Post is splashing on this tomorrow - the Culture Company's Salthouse Dock plan going tits up. Well done, Tonys.

Steve Jobs said...

well done Tonys - the blogosphere is humming with this tonight

Kennylad said...

As ever, we read it here first, well done Tone. This really is the blog for breaking news.

Do the BBC still have any journalists left in Liverpool? If so, what are they spending their time and our license fee on? If not, why are they here at all?

MILDRED said...

I have been dreaming for the last year or so that Paul McCartney would come to Liverpool and play at the back of the Collediate School!
Maybe they will have Macca on a Hill?
If he comes to Liverpool, I'm setting up business as a fortune teller!

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