Wednesday, October 24, 2007


We have been reading in the Echo that Phil 'the great grey hope' Redmond has unveiled his secret weapon to make Liverpool No 1 in 2008.

Apparently, there is to be a new "Song For Liverpool" to mark our very special year.

(What a fantastically original and creative idea, absolutely guaranteed to engage and involve the people of Liverpool, eds)

And it's going to be a joint production by the Culture Company, (unholy)Trinity Mirror, Radio Murkeyside and City.

Doesn't that make your heart sink, pop pickers?

The song is destined, we fear, to be 'bubbling under' for a very long time (rather like our Salthouse Dock fish, ed)

Far better, in our view, to produce something which will be truly unique, distinctive and popular.

What about a once-in-a-lifetime Liverpool '08 compilation CD?

Featuring memorable cover versions of our favourite hits - but sung by some of the city's contemporary and most respected figures.

Mark Ronson could produce it - and blog readers could contribute the song titles and suggest the local personalities best equipped to perform!

It could be our very own version of the Liverpool X Factor!

So, to get the ball rolling and your creative juices flowing, might we make some suggestions about our very own top twenty?


1) We Don't Talk Anymore - Cllr Warren Bradley & Jason Harbarrowboy
2) It Should Have Been Me - Cllr Mike Storey(teller)
3) The Sound of Silence - Colin 'Cover Up' Hilton
4) Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now - Phil Redmond
5) People Get Ready - Claire McColgan
6) Say it Ain't So, Joe - Paul 'Randy' Newman (in the chart with a bullet, eds)
7) Art for Art's Sake (Money for God's Sake) - Phil Halsall, the smiling assassin
8) Life in a Northern Town - The Residents (of L4, L5, L6, L8…etc etc, eds)
9) Y Viva Espana - Jason Harbarrowboy (solo performance, eds)
10) I Shoulda Known Better - Roger Phillips
11) She's Gone - Robbing Archer
12) Take The Money And Run - Sir David 'Diddy' Henshaw
13) Happy Talk - Alistair Machray (Echo Editor, eds)
14) Let's Dance - Flo 'quick, quick' Clucas
15) The Great Pretender - Kris Donaldson (Donald Bullshitter)
16) Hanging on the Telephone - Carolyn 'snitch' Hughes
17) Starman - Tony Parrish
18) I Wanna Be Elected - Liam Fogarty
19) Hound Dog - Dr David 'rottweiller' McElhinney
20) How Long Has This Been Going On? - The people of Liverpool

Bubbling under: Born To Run (Chris Green), Money's Too Tight to Mention (Sir Diddy), These Foolish Things (Matt Finnegan), Suspicious Minds (Lee Forde), I Fought The Law (Rex Makin), You Better Go Now (Joe Anderson)

It's something which everyone can join in!
Send your song suggestions to the blog, nominating your personality songster.
We will ensure that the Culture Company spends millions of pounds of council taxpayers' money on hiring record studios and top notch producers for the CD.
Thanks L&J!


Tricky woo said...

I go to sleep - Joe Riley
Radio Radio - Jimmy McGovern
Make Me Lose Control - Paul "Randy" Newman
Tell Me Lies - Angie Sammons
Money For Nothing - Jason Harbarrow
Your Cheatin' Heart - The Rotweiller's Wife
Try a Little Tender (ness) - Chas Cole

Not bored now said...

well done Tricky Woo. My vote for No 1 (appropriately enough) goes to Chas!

Anonymous said...

Band on the run - Culture Co

Anonymous said...

Tramp The Dirt Down - Colin Coverup

Very Amused said...

(How Much Is) That (Rotweiller) Doggie In The Window ? - The Rotweiller 'imself.
Can't Buy Me Love - "Diddy" David Henshaw.
The Safety (Song And)Dance - Lee Forde

Anonymous said...

How about:
The Great Pretender - Fiona Gasper
In the Navy - Judith Feather
Please Release Me - Eddy Grant
Dont leave me this way - Kris Donaldson
If you wanna be my lover - Paul Newman.
I'm gonna run away from you - Chris Green.
Run for Cover - Jason Harbarrowboy.
Storey of the Blues - Warren Bradley
Wake me up (before you go go)- Mike Storey.
Dazed and Confused - Colin Hilton
If I only had a Brain - Claire McColgan.
Champagne Supanova - John Turner
Run baby run - Jen Curry and Alison Duckworth.
Place in the Sun- Zena Harrison

The Tonys said...


Getting better all the time!

very amused said...

An obvious one really...........

I Heard Through The Grapevine - Tony Parrish.

P.S. Who Fiona Gasper, et al ?

Helpful... said...

Executive Producer Fiona Gasper is in charge, with Claire 'if I only had a brain' McCogloose, of the artistic programme for 2008. That's why you have never heard of her.
Judith Feather appears to have taken over Events from Lee Forde (she used to run the River Festival).
Eddy Grant was Lee Forde's Number 2.
John Turner is a member of the Corporate Events Team (hence the champers)
Jen Curry was the Harbarrowboy's runaround.
Alison Duckworth was Head of Marketing (we think).
Both of the last two have escaped from the Fun Palace because they are (happily) expectant mums... Which has given rise to the cynical observation that getting up the duff is the only way now to escape from the Culture Company!
All the rest you know and love, presumably.
If I can add my own (extremely subtle) song suggestion...
Patience - Sir Bob Scott

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the House of Fun - The Culture Co

Tori Blare said...

Ghost Town- Norris Green and the Boot Estates,
Run Rabbit Run - Jason and the Haciendas
Everyone's gone to the moon- Liverpool Council Taxers

Return of the Mack- Doctor Death

Come back and finish what you started-The Protesters

Guilty -the evil cabalists

My Way- Henshaw and the Lazzie Bands

Run Away- The Harrowboys feat the Archers
Sittin' On A Dock of A Bay- The Echo's

The Sound Of Silence- The Liverpool Media.

Jase said...

God save the Queen - Kris Donaldson

Kathryn S said...

Mack the Knife - The Rottweiller

former spectator said...

ha ha yes bob scott Patience nice one !!
He is the running for commonwealth games patience champion, he practised enough ! really must face his computer where it cant be seen through the office window ! Still he is well worth the money and more especially if he wins the championship !

Anonymous said...

After the Goldrush - Sir Diddy

Anonymous said...

I would have thought nowhere man and fool on the hill would feature on the album. The lyrics read like they were penned by someone who knows Jason Harrbarrowboy personally.

Anonymous said...

Misery The Liverpool residents choir
Do you want to know a secret Tony Parrish
Money (That’s what I want) Sir David ‘Diddy’ Henshaw feat. the quango singers
I’ll follow the sun/Nowhere man medley Jason Harbarrow
Fixing a hole The big dig team
With a little help from my friends Chas Cole
The fool on the hill Roger Phillips
Hello Goodbye Robbing Archer
Everybody’s got something to hide except me and my monkey Colin Hilton

Anonymous said...

The whole lot of em
Money money money

Ged said...

Blonde on Blonde - The McElhinney rottweiller!

very amused said...

Thanks very much to "Helpful," for clarifying that.

Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent - The people of Liverpool.

Anonymous said...

Shoplifters of the World Unite - The Rottweiller McElhinney

JS said...

Nowhere Man - Sir Bob Scott

I get by with a little help from my friends - Chas Cole

If I ruled the world - Frank McKenna

The Leaving of Liverpool - Bill Kenwright and the entire staff of Everton FC

Gangsta's Paradise - David McElhinney

Tainted Love - Sir David Henshaw / Mike Storey

JS (again) said...

Material Girl - Jayne Casey

Money, Money, Money - Lawson, Lucas, Mendelson

Anonymous said...

Celebrate The Day ( After You )- The Electorate of Liverpool

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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