Sunday, October 28, 2007


THE 'secret' Mathew Street report has been given to two council employees - but denied to Labour councillors.

Meanwhile council leader Warren 'I'm only a fireman' Bradley is still busily making amendments to the report.

He wants to be 'completely happy' with the report before the city council finally leaks it to the media.

Current chief executive Colin CoverUp gave the authorisation for copies of the report to be shared with two Culture Company employees involved in the Mathew Street debacle.

The first was Chris 'do I look that' Green who was given a copy of the report a week before he mysteriously departed the Culture Company last Friday.

The second was Events officer Judith Feather who was brought in to try and save Mathew St after it was cancelled by the Harbarrowboy and Coverup.

Both were invited to make comments and observations about the contents of the report.

However CoverUp is still refusing to give a cop of the report to some councillors (the elected representatives of the people of Liverpool, eds) especially if they happen to be members of the Labour Party.

CoverUp has been ordered by Fireman Bradley to restrict circulation of the report, because he wants more time to make 'amendments' before it is leaked to the meeja.

The Fireman has now had the confidential report - which council taxpayers have funded - for more than two weeks to make his 'amendments' (well English never was his strong point, eds)

So, this is what has happened since Mathew St was cancelled, for the benefit of new readers:

  • A city council report is comissioned into what happened over Mathew Street

  • Colin Coverup, who is heavily implicated, refuses an independent inquiry

  • Labour leader Joe Anderson is promised a copy of the council report by Coverup

  • The Harbarrowboy goes AWOL back to his hacienda in Spain

  • Fireman Bradley, who is also directly implicated in the debacle, stops the report going to Anderson after reading its contents

  • Fireman Bradley begins making his own personal 'amendments' to the council report

  • Chris Green, the Harbarrowboys deputy who is also heavily implicated, announces his shock resignation

  • Green who has already quit and is serving his notice, is given a copy.

  • Coverup continues to refuse to provide the report to Labour councillors.

So that's alright then. Perfectly proper and above board.


District Auditor said...

Astonishing, absolutely astonishing

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Bradley and Cover up cant tinker with it enough to get themselves off the hook doesnt it ?

Ben Dolan said...

When am I gonna get jase's job at the Fun Palace then?

let down resident said...

to district auditor

Its more than just astonishing and if youve been following Mr Parish and Parishoners blogs then surely you realise youve got some serious work to do to clean up this city.

Tori Blare said...

Nothing shocks me anymore, I totally expected this to happen, as most of Liverpool now know to expect.
Total and Utter CORRUPTION.

Anonymous said...

If I were Joe Anderson I would be knocking on CoverUp's door and giving him a very clear and direct notice to quit. Time is up for these gioons.

Joe Anderson said...

Yes the curtain is coming down on the fireman and coverup laurel and hardy show. No encore needed please

Anonymous said...

Waste of time this report now, too late to do anything with the findings any way its November 2007 the iceberg is upon us lets get the band playing and sink properly
Come on Ringo lets get on with it " Liverpool I left you but I never let you down ......"

Women and Children first lads !!
Donalson, Green Harbrow take those dresses off we can see you !!

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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