Tuesday, January 01, 2008


A SENIOR official at the centre of a second Mathew Street council investigation is the step-father of a member of the band which jumped the queue.
Chris Briggs, interim Assistant Executive Director and the Harbarrowboy's deputy, was being investigated over the appearance of the band SIRENZ at the 2006 Mathew Street Festival.
It is alleged that Briggs abused his position to make sure that the band appeared - flouting the established procedures which every other band had to go through.
Briggs is the step-father of one of the founder members of the Crosby-based six-piece, drummer Marc Guy.
It is claimed that Briggs repeatedly pressurised other staff to make sure that SIRENZ got the gig - abusing his position of public trust.
No action has been taken so far against Briggs or the Harbarrowboy who had also been implicated in the conspiracy to fix a top spot for SIRENZ.
It now seems certain that Colin CoverUp will close the investigation by the city council's discredited internal audit team without any further ado.
He may already have done so.
Paying off the Harbarrowboy with £250,000 of public money gives CoverUp the ideal excuse to say that the investigation can not be brought to a successful conclusion.
CoverUp will also probably have the brass neck to tell everyone that it would not be in the public interest to continue with the probe.
After signing Jase's cheque, he may even claim that continuing the probe would involve further unwarranted public expense!
So if nothing happens to Jase, nothing will happen to Mr Briggs either.
We will never know for certain whether Briggs abused his position of public trust to get a gig for his son and his mates at Mathew Street.
(Although we can make our own minds up about that, eds)
Meanwhile, any of the local bands who played by the rules and failed to get a place at the 2006 Mathew St Festival should now review their strategy for pop world domination.
It would certainly help their chances in future if they had friends in high places within the city council.


Anonymous said...

You have to give that Cover Up chap credit for covering so much up for his mates

Anonymous said...

Should have saved us the 250k and sacked the pair of them.
Seems that you get special treatment when you get high up in Liverpool City Council

Radiorogerside said...

Well what a surprise! Why can't any band who were refused an interview. Or who after interview were refused a look in at the 2006 festival have recourse to a complaint procedure and use this procedural irregularity as just cause for an investigation?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Radio rogerside but given the way they carry out any investigations or address any complaints you would probably be blamed for their failures !

Squash player said...

Well I never! Is it just a co-incidence do you think that the Leader of the Council Warren Bradley is a personal friend of Mr Briggs? Could this be why no action has been taken against this particular officer? After all he and Warren havebeenascloseasthis for five years at least, since Bradley was the Exec Member for Leisure. Do you think the Fireman would get into any kind of trouble if it was revealed that in fact he had already been made aware of Mr Briggs's role in getting his son's band a gig at Mathew Street? Or would Hilton just ignore it like everything else?

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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